Is mecha the most intellectual anime genre?

Is mecha the most intellectual anime genre?

Just second to CGDCT.

Pick one

This. It doesn't get truly intellectual until you start going into visual novels.

That picture doesn't even work. Only the outer line roughly lines up with her hair which is pretty much pointing out the most anime girls' heads are generally round.

Nah brah I’m doing a schizoanalysis of some “cyberpunk” for my masters. The only people who say anime isn’t intellectual are brainlets who unironically think Women and Men is a good book, or pretends to read Gaddis

Heh, they sure hand out degrees like candy these days.

Sorry to hear that

On average no, it's just a coincidence that all of the most intellectual anime are in the mecha genre. Probably because it lends itself to experimental ideas and is aimed more at hardcore otaku than casual viewers.

Only these


More like the most primitive. Literally giant robots punching and shooting at each other.

Ah yes girls with Down syndrome playing instruments is truly the thinking man’s anime

>He thinks anime can be intellectual

I have a PhD and I would confidently say the average anime is intellectually on par with James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.

those are great series tho

where is Code Geass?

When NGE can be characterized by Agamben’s whatever-singularity, then one could posit that it’s somewhat intellectual

only Cross Ange

nobody said otherwise

Why does /m/ hate Eva so much, because it steals the spotlight of their favorite shows like UC Gundam or Ideon? or is it just because they can't get on a complex character like shinji?

It´s actually the opposite

Perceived intellect correlates with age. Most mecha stuff is old. Therefore...

t. Kyoanifag

i agree that anime is smart at times but i doubt that shit like citrus or any average anime is on par with Finnegan's Wake

the most intellectual anime "genre" is literary anime like Angel's Egg, Night on the Galactic Railroad and things like that. Which don't make arbitrary concessions to "genre" at all

You need a genius level IQ to fully appreciate and comprehend Char's Counterattack.

in the trash where it belongs

overrated shit

Yes. Just look at the master's top ten.

1. Yamato (1974, TV)
2. Mobile Suit Gundam (1979, TV)
3. Gundam–Char’s Counterattack (1988, movie)
4. Legendary Giant IDEON (1980, TV & movie)
5. Animal Treasure Island (1971, movie)
6. Fight! Pyuta! (1968, TV)
7. Future Boy Conan (1978, TV)
8. Aim at Ace (1973, first TV series)
9. Tom & Jerry (1944)
10. Ann the Red Hair [Anne of Green Gables] (1979, TV)

glad we agree

Citrus specifically is probably the most intellectual show of the season. What could possibly prompt you to use it as an example of a dumb show?

Just because literary anime like Angel's Egg wear their intellect on their sleeve doesn't make them any more intellectual than the average show, just less subtle, which is ironic given the value subtlety is given.

you are right how could i have been so misguided

I've actually read Gaddis though.
You're still a psychobabbler. NGE is trash.

Genre is not a bad thing, you moron. Angel's Egg has a genre.