Aikatsu and Pripara thread

Yui vs Shuuka episode tomorrow

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Only a few episodes left until PP dies in magma!

Rola wearing that uniform when?

PP will NEVER die.

Why do you guys think Rola is emotionally unstable? She's great at keeping how she feels to herself. That's the point if emotional walls.
And she wouldn't cry during sex if it was consensual.


is Yurika here? I have some questions about Kaede's clussy.

Nobody has impenetrable walls. If you shit on someone enough their wall will break, and Rola has been plenty shat on in the past 2 years. We've already seen her break down once before recently, and we saw her trying desperately hard not to break down again two weeks ago.

Is there anyone as dumb as Rola?

To die is to be forgotten.
Thus Pripara will live on.

Crying to yourself doesn't necessarily mean you're broken though, just that she was upset. Everyone cries once and awhile.
Except me, because I've been shat on my entire life so my walls are a locked titanium vault.
But for as much as she's been hurt she's doing pretty well.

>check torrents
>jymmy uploaded episode 138
>nice time to download
>its episode 138 with seiyuu commentary over it

Roller is incredibly smart and beautiful

Youtube Idols are a pretty good idea after all.
Just think about the possibilities.

I wouldn't say she's not doing well, it's just the number of times she's been shat on both by Elza and the writers lately seems like it would have her ready to cry at a moments notice.

True, assuming shed ever again let her walls down enough for others to see it.
But that's being sad, not emotionally unstable.
When I think of emotionally unstable I think of yandere who snap and try to kill someone

Maybe there is a separate audio track?

Rola's definitely not that kind of unstable. I probably wouldn't call her unstable either, just very burdened at the moment.

I thought about that but there isn't any nor a separate subtitle track either.

I hope Prichan flops and PriPara or Pretty Rhythm returns.


When are they getting their song in Photokatsu?

Why are people saying she's gonna die. I'm no caught up with Cocotama yet.

Yet she still tries to empathize with Elza

I hope that Prichan flops and little girl shows die for good.

She's going to be performing a magic act at some famous magician's show or something like that and she can't get the trick right because she failed her original contract when she was a kid, cursing her to never get her wish of being a professional magician. She can fix that old contract and undo the curse by helping Cocotamas, but she's onky about half-way done and only has a month left before she's cursed forever.

The month is a time-limit like the one Nozomi had before she left, and the likelihood is that she'll end up succeeding and becoming the magician's apprentice, travelling with him and leaving the show for a new girl with new eggs.

The Photokatsu8 song was for the May event so it'll probably be then again, maybe sooner though since I doubt it'll be as big as a thing like with the Twitter accounts and such.



>5 year old gets cursed for life because she acted like a 5 year old
This show can be pretty fucking brutal. Imagine if it was Nozomi, she'd be cursed into never growing up ever

I hope Kanae Itou plays more than just Megnaee in PriChan.


I heard that this thread was full of lolicons.

Lalacons mostly.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

>Photokatsu and Star Anis/Aikatsu Stars are dying so they'll let the songwriters do whatever they want with the Yurika/Kaede duet
>it's Sakura Trick OP levels of gay

I'm literally Mimika in this situation.

Nah, just lalacons and rolacons.

Rola has the chest of an 8 year old girl.

>Nozomi stays a perfect loli forever
I like that idea.

Not seeing the problem here.

I wonder what WOULD happen if someone got a crazy wish like "I want to stay a kid forever" granted.

oh your one of those Australians who thinks small breasts = pedophilia

>Rola has the chest of an 8 year old girl.
Doh..and even as an adult she's flat


Flat is justice.

Flat girls look better in suits.

Does this count as a suit?

Does it look like a fucking suit?

Well, it has a tie.



So does Aikatsu S2.

So what ? It suits her perfectly.


She should give it back to the 8 year old girl.

This never happened.

>Reona missing his beauty mark

I really want this





Let's go swimming ainon!

No way, I know that you're planning to drown me.

How does she keep her hair perfect?

Her natural sweetness.

I want to eat her.


She's so perfect it's literally impossible for her hair to not be.

I'm only going to say this once, stay away from Akari.


Here's Kokoro in a suit.

I'm intrigued.


I’m looking forward to the new colouring books a long with a few more colouring books iirc were said to be uploaded next week as well! Can’t wait to colour Lillienne and Saaya!


Who will be saying "Is this even Aikatsu" in Friends?

>untucked dress shirt
Come on man, Nozomi doesn't do that.


>This is Akari's stalker

I'm a prankster gangster.

Will there be idle activities as well as idol activities?

That's funny, because I'm Madoka's stalker.

>This is Ichigo's stalker

Post my stalker.


>This is ainon's stalker

Ichigo is a pure girl who has never seen a dick in her life, and if she were my stalker she would see it every time she looked in my window because I refuse to wear clothes in my own home.

Boys wash her feet.


>shares a room with Raichi
>thinking she wouldn't have seen his dick

better be with their tongue

Does Raichi fap to Ichigo?

But Lychee is a girl

No he isn't. He very clearly has the sharp-edge underwear, indicating that he is a male.

Stars coloring book will be done today.
Precure book will be done later in the week.
To do list
2 regular precure coloring books
Mini precure coloring book
Deka precure coloring book

Looks like a girl to me.