Cardcaptor Sakura

>it's another "Tomoyo can't record anything" episode
Really getting sick of this shit


It's almost like the show is bad or something

Well it looks like next episode will remedy that problem.

eh it's ok

Interesting fuckup here

Oh come on, it might have been just her worried for them. And it was just a hint anyway, not the whole “waa waa can’t record your heroic antics” skit. Cut the gal/show some slack.

Sakura has record now so it's all good

He really had a hard time

>implying it's over


Damn she carries over this mess


I don't know If want to marry her or keep her as a daughter.


Meilin is a great character though

>it's another "anime changes something that makes people mad but they still don't read the manga" episode

What if I think the anime's writing is shit

Then at least you recognize that not all problems in the anime are problems of the arc itself.

>Meilin finally gets screentime

Shit taste.

I'm reading the original manga right now, chapter 6

You know, the art is actually pretty good, the original anime though, it was too slow and full of filler, fuck that

The art at the beginning of the manga sucks compared to later volumes when it's actually good

I'm liking it so far, so if it gets even better that's nice to read

I don't think it sucks, it's just a different style. There's a lot more white space than later on and in Clear Card. And the manga was (and Clear Card is) monthly so they have more time to draw, plus the chapters are longer than weekly chapters.

>it was too slow and full of filler, fuck that
how about fuck you?

That's what the drone is for, duh

I mean I think it's fine as long as user found a way to enjoy the story, but if I think about my favourite parts of CCS most of the time I'm thinking about something that happened in a filler so he's definitely missing out in some ways.

I think the filler shines more when watching it after it's finished when you can watch more than 1 episode a week. That's basically what that user would be doing right now but like with Clear Card I imagine a lot of people just want them to get to the main plot. Though they can't because the manga is also slow.

Who cares

I love it when big Kero is so overdramatic

>CCS ratings continue to grow
>But oldfags hate it for some reason

What gives

if the ratings are good could we get a second season? because i really don't think they'll be done with just 22 episodes

We could, doesn't mean we will

I don't hate it at all. I don't care that the plot feels rehashed, it's like picking up right where my childhood left off and it's always comfy.

So Meiling didn't seem surprised to see Kero in his true form, that means that she must've seen him in the sealed card right? All the hints we're getting is that it definitely counts as canon as far as the anime goes.

>you will never sing about rape blossoms with Tomoyo and Akiho

I was missing Onosaka Masaya's voice

>rewatching episode 60 because I was feeling nostalgic about Meiling
>tfw I had to try really hard not to tear up when she was crying on Tomoyo's lap
So good.

>that wink
Wew, Yamazaki is one lucky guy.


In the original manga Sakura actually asks Chiharu (and Rika) for relationship advice so this kind of makes more sense with that having happened.

It's not as fun if she can't be there in person

>Sakura's visión/dream with all those clocks
Are they related to Yuna D.'s stopwatch or whatever or are they different? Ffs Clamp, please don't pull your time travel bullshit on CCS.

This is also why I suspect she will reject using the Record card to do exactly what she's doing now.

Yuna says his objective is to "stop time for that book".

Depends on how the cards can be used. Syaoran never used any cards in the original manga but the Clow cards at least had innate magic in them. But Sakura and Syaoran both have magic powers anyway. The question is if someone with no magic power like Tomoyo would be able to use them.

Record card doesn't simply record though, it's actually pretty cool, and no, only Sakura can activate/use it.

I meant sakura using it to record for Tomoyo, but yeah.

>it's not the same
>I didn't feel anything
Is Li-kun impotent?

He's an eunuch

He certainly sounds like it in the English dub.


>first meiling and big kero-chan

Next week we'll have our big queen back

Whew what a time to be alive! Is Miki Ito still voicing her?

She's still active so why not

Yeah I checked and she will be voiced by the same va.

Li should be a bottom, hence why he should've stayed gay

Literally only hangs out with cute girls

>implying Sakura won't make him a bottom

I like how the friend totally thought they were leaving the room so that Sakura and Syaoran could fuck and encouraged it.

Fuck you. Meilin is best girl and it's a travesty that it's taken her this long to show up.

I wonder if Sonomi will ever tell Sakura that she is related to her mother and that she and Tomoyo are cousins.

That just shows how kinky she probably is with Yamazaki if that's the first thing that entered her mind.

I think Sakura knows, she told Tomoyo in ep. 10 that there were a lot of unresolved situations between Fujitaka's family and Sonomi's.

*autistic running*

She's a cute autist.

This is after Sakura visited Tomoyo's mansion right? If so, then those unresolved situations were mostly towards Sonomi's hatred for Fujitaka for stealing Nadeshiko away. So I don't Sakura knows she and Tomoyo are related, just that their parents just know each other.

fic when?

I'm pretty sure she knows now, Clear Card chapter 20 has her visiting her great-grandpa after a call from Sonomi.


What chapter is the anime at?

also is there fanart of hooded figure with the hood removed showing Akiho?

We're in the middle of chapter 10

What episode do you think they'll capture Blaze?

Sakura knows that Tomoyo is her second cousin and that Sonomi is her mother's cousin, iirc she finds out in the original when she captures the Flower card

Yeah Kero states that in the valentin chapter

Not to mention chapter 20 where they all seem to know how they are related, I just hope they show how Sakura found out that great granpa is the nice man who gave her the dress in the original

>Fuck you. Meilin is best girl and it's a travesty that she'll barely show up if at all from now on.

It hasn't even been officially revealed in the manga though its close so obviously there wouldn't be anything official showing it.

Maybe we'll get a summer ova with Meiling... I still have hopes

well she confirmed she's gonna visit on summer break so expect at least an anime filler episode with her

>Sakura's VA is also called Sakura
They chose her because of her name?

Tell that to Touya

Yeah but the manga still hasn't reached summer, they were wearing long sleeves and all in the latest chapter. Unless the anime randomly decides to do a time skip.

Seems like knowing CLAMP is more important, for example Akiho's va is a huge CLAMP and Maaya Sakamoto fan, she must be delighted to work in CCS.

Syaoran with his harem.

>ignoring the Yamazaki/Chiharu otp
You fool

Hm... Ep 15 should be it. We're still yet to see 7 cards from the manga, although we should have another '2 cards one ep' scenario again. But since they're adding anime-original episodes and cards again they'll stretch the things just so the anime doesn't catch up with the manga.

So next episode is labyrinth + flight, right?

I don't think they're moving Labyrinth to next episode. It does look like two cards next episode just because of that portal thing in the preview but maybe that's something else.

>that portal thing in the preview but maybe that's something else.
It's Gravitation. That tree from the picnic had the same visual effect.

Oh okay, that makes sense. Cool that they're actually using it.

Yeah but it looks like Sakura is in a maze, that's why it could be labyrinth, unless the garden at Tomoyo's house is just shaped that way.

>aggressive nodding
How can a kaiju be so cute