This kills the Kuroko.

>mikoto about to hit misaki with a book while Misaki hits her in the "boob" with a spatula

I welcome our new Misa+Misa overlords.
A chad like Mikoto wouldn't settle for anything less than a perfect 10/10 level 5 rich girl.

LeaderLeader when?

After KamiKami

At the rate this is going, these two will share their first kiss long before they get anywhere with Touma. How mad would Kamikoto/Kamisakifags get if the madman actually makes MisaMisa canon?

Daily reminder that shit pair ToumaXIndex is the end game.

Just one day to go.

Misaki a pile of shit

It should be pretty obvious why they're even on the same team.

I really wish Kuroko was never written

>Mikoto wants to be the cute girly girl
>becomes the handsome ikemen who rescues cute girls instead

More like Cuckroko

I hope Sawashiro voices Stephanie and not Mordred 2.0.

I'm ready for the anime to turn into a manime.

I don't think a single manly character is enough to overcome a literal decade of an urchin-haired fuckboy getting abused by women.

Will Kanzaki ever win a fight again? It seems like kicking Touma's ass was her career's death sentence.

Othinus in the mmo soon

She beat up some people in ww3, was on the winning side for carissa, and beat mjolnir. She has won most of her fights since then. The only lost was getting beat up by Carissa in NT10.


>Misaki flipping pancakes.jpg

Is that a FAMAS?

So it's confirmed that Misaki and Misaka's increasing partnership in both manga and novels is a deliberate attempt to replace Kuroko?

It's a desert eagle.

Underrated comment right there.

I guess Kamachi realized that Kuroko was a mistake.

Looking sexy there.

>Kamijou Touma Story
>Peace has returned to Academy City after the A Certain Magical Virtual-On novel and the Virtual-On tournament Boosters Cup is being held. Kamijou Touma participates in a tag team with Index and continues winning against powerful opponents such as Level 5s and magicians. He is relieved to find Virtual-On is peaceful and safe this time, but then the Blue Stalker, who was supposedly defeated last time, appears again.

>Shirai Kuroko Story
>Shirai Kuroko planned to participate in the Boosters Cup with Mikoto. But when Mikoto left her behind and formed a team with Shokuhou instead, Kuroko's anger explodes! Driven by jealousy and vengeance, Kuroko begins attacking participants to gather companions so she can defeat Shokuhou and prove she would be more useful to Mikoto. If you want to know why Mikoto formed a team with Shokuhou, read the new story by Kamachi Kazuma that begins on page 50 of this magazine!

>Kanzaki Kaori Story
>To resolve the problems occurring around the world, Necessarius has sent Kanzaki Kaori to Academy City which is thought to be the center of the problems. To gather information, she tries to contact Tsuchimikado who is a fellow Necessarius magician that infiltrated Academy City as a spy, but she runs into various magic side criminals instead...

>Kuroko is getting replaced but Index is still here
Yo, what the fuck!


Tch, latent Accelfags are dumb, but cute

Index has the booty, Kuroko does not.

Kanzaki's story just sounds like they needed to fill the magic side quota despite them not really fitting the theme of the crossover.

If that was the case she wouldn’t even get a story arc in VO

Whoever invented the psycho lesbian archetype should be shot. I’m a fuckin yurifag and I can’t stand them.


I don't want to disagree with those quads, but Kuroko has a pretty nice ass in the manga.

Double tch.

That kills the Kuroko

Kuroko has a canon fat ass, shitdex lover

She's a fan favorite so her presence is guaranteed, but the fact that her subplot is based around being cucked by Misaki shows how he really feels about her these days.

Not yet*

Wait, didn't the world end in the Virtual-On novel?

>Fat ass
Tell me, how often do you eat potatoes?

He’s just setting up for the KamiKuro end

Junko is the secret character.

The world got reset

Do French fries count?

I don't know if the intention is replacing Kuroko since the nature of both relationships is different in the end, ad there's no reason why they can't coexist. I think Kamachi just realized MisaMisa has way better chemistry and decided to roll with it.

Misaka is a slut

Dunno why but the thought of girls eating potatoes makes me hard as fuck.

Should i start watching a certain magical index, Y/N?

Yes so you can get in on the memes when S3 drops.

>Should i start reading a certain magical index, Y/N?
Fixed for you, and yes. You still have time to read everything leading to S3.

PV soon.

Are you polish?

but why though
That takes alot more effort, and feels awkward to do without a phone available

Is that a newfag thing?

No, poles just have hardons for potatoes

Polish ancestry here, can confirm. Steak and taters is great.

I thought that was the Irish.

It was mostly Nagai's fault anyway. She's pretty calm in both the manga and anime.

You can always buy a kindle or a cheap tablet to read it.

That's implying i have any kind of disposable income

That'd be Nagai, at least in this specific example.
To be fair to him, Kamachi is to blame for Mikoto at her worst in Index.

Its a moderately nice butt for her age I guess. Though she's also cheating with this pose.

The world and Europe's biggest potato eaters are Eastern Europeans. Russia and Belarus beat Ireland. Not even sure Ireland falls in the top 10 these days.

So many inconsistencies between artists.

Something came over Fuyukawa in the past year. He joined the world's thigh fetish.
Haimura is born to make stick figures.

News Time Dev Blog repost
>they are currently reflecting on how to "speed up content" as they understand that they're currently a bit too slow
>they've been trying to avoid putting in all the new year content in one update
>at first they was very strict on following the original view of the world in making of the characters, following the timeline of the series(from Stiyl-Acqua was in order of appearance)
>but having looked at Virutal On and saw the appearance of thing such as New Testament characters, Lessar and Ascalon Acqua along with the recent experience of other IP games with a relatively free game world setting(I would assume one example is Fighterz)
>So in 2018 they decided that they will also think of ways to make player favorite characters as soon as possible instead of restraining characters based on plot or sequence
>Of course this means they will be less likely to do a original character(I would assume something like Gekota Man)
>The city story(I assume open world quests) will be fully adjusted this year
>and alongside this content they will make adjustments internally to improve productivity
>after the new year update the game will become synchronized with the anime(?)

>make player favorite characters as soon as possible
Niang niang coming next month confirmed

Didn't Miki tell Kamachi to make the headcrab the star of the VO game this time? Or was it the people from PS that wanted it?

>free world game setting
Pardon the Sup Forums interjection, but Fighterz is a (very good) 2.5 D fightan, with all the limitations that implies in terms of free roaming. The story mode also more or less fits into the current timeline. I think a far better example would be DB Xenoverse.

>gekota man

they said recent, and the only reason why I named fighterz is because they effectively included any character they(arksys and/or namco) wanted instead of following the timeline


They don’t mean changing the story user, it’s still a adaptation, they mean including fan favorites even when it doesn’t really make much sense to put them in yet

Fair enough. An actual fighting game with Raildex characters by Arc Sys would be great though. They have tons of gimmicks which is basically the company's shtick.

I don’t think Niang2 is in high demand in anywhere user

surely a girl that good has some fans. Junko was wallpaper before getting a solo.

For me his art peaked during the sisters arc

kamikotofags on suicidewatch.

Really? I think it keeps getting better. What's wrong with the Daihaseisai or Dream Ranker art?

Does the last panel imply that he got hard?

His overall paneling and choreography have gotten better though. All around, he's a better manga artist now.

No, it implies that he's wasting his time looking after her.

Junko's popularity skyrocket with Astral Buddy. Meybe in a not long future, she will be playable.

What is a good comic or anything for Level 5 SoL?

The Idol Accel spinoff?


When the fuck is Academy City going to send a car into space?

Nah, we all know the ship is sinking anyway thanks to Shitdex.

>Hates Kuroko
>claims to be a yurifag

Why would you lie on the internet

They sent a skyscraper into space, Musk needs to top that first.

He’s been trying to get rounder and thicker, but some times it just looks off. Mikoto looks like a troll on the Kuribot cover fe

If the level5s were an actual rock band as opposed to a shitty idol group, which instrument would each of them play? I'd say
Accel: Vocalist/second guitar
Kakine: third guitar/alternative vocalist
Mikoto: lead guitar/ chorus
Mugino: Bass/ chorus
Misaki: piano/synthetic keyboard/ chorus
Gunha: battery (the Niel Peart of espers)
Numbuh 6: ???

I think that's just because she's hunched forward. She looks pretty normal in the chapters.

3 lolicons and a stalker.

Kamikoto is good for the heart!

>impenetrable windowless building
>can't withstand crashing from space
>can't withstand a casual attack from sun god
>can't handle a jackhammer
>can't handle fraulien
>can handle a railgun covered in mikoto's sweat

I'm starting to doubt the nuke thing. Accel probably just picked the worst attack to hit it with. Plasma probably would have did it.

No, not really.

Probably because Mikoto has great chemistry with people who are her equals. Touma and Misaki are both her equals in a sense (or at least that's how she thinks of them), Kuroko isn't.