How will history remember Urobutcher's masterpiece?

how will history remember Urobutcher's masterpiece?

the masterpiece of urobuchi, it is called madoka magica

The worst of the 2010 Godzillas.

Made me respond.

Excuse me. I'll admit the Eren clone isn't the most original or engaging protagonist in the world, though he's far better than Ford Brody of Godzilla 2014.

>watching godzilla for the "protagonist"

Part 2 when? I need more of that moth pussy

already forgotten his godzilla. honestly, the 2014 one(which was mediocre) was far more memorable.

Urobuchi's masterpiece was Kamen Rider Gaim.
Madoka was just Kamen Rider Ryuki with girls.

>ignore 2/3 of a film and it'll be good

>watching a godzilla movie for anything other than godzilla

When Godzilla himself has about 5 minutes of screentime, it's hard to watch it for him.
Even if you do, all 2014 Godzilla had going was visuals. As far as being a Godzilla goes, he was shit.

If your Godzilla movie has that little actual Godzilla in it, it is the worst one.

Any reason I shouldn't treat Godzilla movies as legitimate cinema and judge it as such? I don't fall into the "only watch for the monsters" camp.

when did it come out?

Hello there

One of Anno's greatest achievements. Who knew he still had it in him.


>Urobuchi: Hey guys, I know the CG already looks like shit, but what if we reused the same hoverbike scene five times?
>Polygon: FUcking genius

To be fair, he didn't direct it. He only wrote it.

Me too user

People forgeting this will be trilogy, so we getting a fuckton of Godzilla fighting next time since first movie was just introduction

Part 2 - Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

Part 3 - Mothra and more kaiju gang?

Idk I think the Rebuilds really are just milking it. He's said before he even liked the TV ending, and he ofc likes EOE. I haven't seen his other stuff than Gunbuster, but he seems to be at least good all-around

>people actually like this thing

Then why are you watching Godzilla movies?

>less than 1 million at the box office


>Godzilla literally has 5 minutes of screentime
>is a motionless statue
>Is a fucking plant for no reason
>humans are shit
>generic waifu thrown in there
>an interesting backstory that could have been an entire movie that was much better than this is gone over in 2 minutes

Every Godzilla movie of the 2010's has been absolute trash and the series ispretty much dead to me at this point

Because there are good or amazing films like Godzilla (1954), Shin Godzilla, Mothra vs Godzilla, and GMK.

They should have kept it a TV series.

godzilla was never good

>5 minutes of screentime
Definitely more.

>is a motionless statue

>Is a fucking plant for no reason

Godzilla being so big is kinda pointless, it's hard to convey his size when you are in a jungle

>definitely more
Barley, youa re deluding yourself if you act like G was prevalentin the movie at all

the """fight""" was him just standing there shooting his breath as ships flew around him
and shot him

The fact that you are unaware of this is amazing

It's a credit to Shin Godzilla that you still take it seriously despite the goofy puppets of the few first phases (especially Googly Eyes McStompy).

If you want to troll, go to Sup Forums. Kindly fuck off from this blue and pure board.

>stating facts about the thing we both have watched is trolling

Oh noes, someone doesn't like something you like! Grow up. I timed the screentime with a stopwatch, the little one had 5 minutes and the big one had 2.

If you are going to fanboy over this turd go to reddit

>Godzilla is a motionless statue
This is what hurt the most about the anime Godzilla. Here you have new possibilities with what you can do with the character thanks to switching to the anime medium and you choose to make the most lifeless incarnation yet. And you further devalue him by placing him in a jungle, leaving in with no cities to destroy and nothing to compare him to size-wise. What's the point of making an anime?

>What's the point of making an anime
Because making it an anime will make dumbass otakus jerk off to it until they start bleeding, it's working as this thing has people who will swarm you if you say the slightest thing negative about it

>barely show Godzilla in the first one
>already introducing a new monster in the second one
What the fuck?

He's great at holding together productions, if you watch Nadia and Kare Kano you can see how they went to shit without him. And his really cinematic sense of style which also places focus on mixing gothic and hard sci-fi elements creates visuals that are astounding. As that guy said, Shin Godzilla proves he still has it in him to make something great.
So my theory is that the Rebuilds aren't really his doing at all. The credits for Rebuilds 1 and 2 list 3 different people as director, and the credits for Rebuild 3 list 4 different people as director. I think that Anno really doesn't have that much creative control over the Rebuilds.

There are more kaiju otaku out there than anime otaku, and this movie was marketed as very mainstream. Stop projecting.

I'm just waiting for Tohokingdom staff reviews at this point, they are always a good read, and odds are at least one of them will trash this fucking thing

>the fanmade anime that was shut down by Toho looked better than the official one

worst timeline

>He's great at holding together productions
Anno was only supposed to be the co-director of Shin Godzilla. He was working with his friend, Shinji Higuchi. But he allegedly took over production because he didn't trust Higuchi to deliver the results he wanted. He also antagonized members of the crew in order to get the best work out of them and scrapped most of the practical effects half way through production which resulted in them rushing like crazy to complete the film in time.

I don't know how much of that is true, but I do know the end result was a complete, cohesive film. Whatever he did, he did it right and for the good of the film.

Because some of them are actually good, if often of B variety movies - beyond a basic guilty pleasure factor. They DO hit legit gold every decade or two.
>Mothra vs. Godzilla
>vs. Biollante

There won't be second monster in part 2, only Mechagodzilla

Yes and in that aspect that movie didn´t delivered either. Godzilla is only there for 5 minutes.


Wouldn't he be only 50m? How would he even be a match for Godzilla? Unless we're going to get some Shadow of Colossus type matches.

That is ugly as sin.

Better than this

Still, introducing Mecha when Godzilla still hasn't done anything is dumb.

It probably won't, unless the sequels are a MASSIVE improvement. This has all the flaws of Urobuchi's writing, characters with little to no depth, and too much exposition, but almost none of the stuff i like, like accessible pseudo-deep stuff, conflicts based on opposing ideology, the plot affecting the characters' state, and grey morality. The only place where i felt like i was watching a decent Urobuchi thing, was the sequence where the MC resorts to terrorism to achieve his goals. Even Expelled from paradise was better than this. This was bland.

I'm hoping that Mothra appears alongside MechaGodzilla in 2 to get those sweet Tokyo SOS points, with 3 having Ghidorah and Gigan as the final bosses.

It really isn't

What was that line again when they were preparing to warpjump?

“Converting irrational numbers to integer”?

A throwaway technobabble line? An excuse for why they are able to warp was needed. This line is certainly not why the movie is sub-par.

That's. not. Thunderbolt. Fantasy.

And that's not psycho-pass.

No love for Godzilla vs Hedorah?

Oh wow, Sup Forums has shit taste even when it comes to Godzilla.

Gentards on suicide watch as usual.

Now leave Sup Forums and never come back.

Psycho-Pass is indeed the best work that Urobuchi wrote for, but given that it had a talented director and scenario writer making most of the creative decisions, I definitely don't think that Urobuchi's script writing is why it's great. In fact I think it's precisely because he had guys reeling him in and offering better ideas to the table that it worked so well.

I'm going to post all the kaiju that live in the Monster Apocalypse Monster Planet timeline, OK?

>faggots don't know about my grapes

>Kamacuras appeared on the island of Manhattan on May 4, 1999, and proceeded to destroy the World Trade Center and devastate much of the city. Kamacuras continued moving northeast over 330 kilometers. At the same time, Kamacuras larvae appeared in the subway system under New York and preyed on people. Because Kamacuras appeared in a densely populated area, the military response was delayed, resulting in an estimated 2.5 million casualties. Kamacuras was finally destroyed by United States Air Force bunker buster bombs in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 72 hours after making landfall. After Godzilla raided the United States in the 2030's, the presence of multiple Kamacuras living in the U.S. was reported.

>Dogora was the second kaiju to appear on Earth. It first made contact with the Russian space station Mir in the atmosphere, then appeared over London in September 2002. Dogora absorbed thermal energy from the attacks of the British military and moved on to Manchester. Dogora was eventually defeated when chemical plants throughout the United Kingdom and European Union mass-produced chemicals containing active ingredients from spider venom and sprayed them into the air. By the time Dogora was defeated after two days, major landmarks such as the Tower of London and Big Ben were destroyed and an estimated 3.9 million people were wounded or killed.

>The first Kamoebas appeared in the Philippines in 2002, just two days after Dogora's defeat. The second Kamoebas, designated "Kamoebas II," appeared in Guam. The fourth Kamoebas, Kamoebas IV, washed ashore dead on Odo Island in 2030, and was the first evidence for the existence of Godzilla.

Is this guy serious?

>The fourth Kamoebas (Kamoebas IV) which washes ashore dead on Odo Island is actually stated to be a different species from the other Kamoebas individuals in the novel. It is described as being a 60 meter-long monster which, among other injuries, had its right arm missing. This description, along with it being described as a "turtle-like" species, aligns with both the Showa Gamera's 60 meter height and the Heisei Gamera having his right hand destroyed in Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris. Coincidentally, the novel is published by Kadokawa, who are Gamera's owners.

>Rodan: The first Rodan emerged from Paektu Mountain in November 2005 and flew southwest to Beijing, where it was joined by Anguirus. Both monsters were exterminated by the Chinese bioweapon Hedorah, however after Godzilla attacked the Eurasian continent flocks of Rodans appeared and preyed on European refugees fleeing through Siberia along with Megaguirus.

>The first Anguirus emerged from the frozen soil of Siberia in November of 2005 and traveled southeast to Beijing, where it joined Rodan. Both monsters were exterminated by the Chinese bioweapon Hedorah, but a second Anguirus, denoted "Anguirus II," emerged in South Africa the following year. A fourth Anguirus appeared from the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles alongside Baragon II and Varan II in 2030, and all three monsters were killed by Godzilla.

> Hedorah originated as a colony of sludge-like microorganisms that consumed chemical substances in water. It was first discovered by the Chinese military inside a waste mine in Hebei, Chinain 1999, and subsequently studied in order to be converted into a bioweapon. Hedorah was finally unleashed to combat Rodan and Anguirus when they attacked Beijing in 2005. The colony reconfigured into a giant black mist-like figure with red and yellow eyes, and killed both monsters. However after this point Hedorah went out of control and destroyed Beijing and Tianjin overnight. It then disappeared after consuming all pollutants in the area.

>Gabara was a 10 meter-tall monster that lived in the Amazon rainforest and frequently slaughtered local wildlife such as crocodiles. It was reported to have been injured in a thermite explosion and then fell into a river, where it was eaten by crocodiles and piranhas.

It's hilarious how Madoka still makes faggots mad.

90% of Butcher's fame comes from Madoka no matter how much you hate it.

>Dagahra was credited as the monster that caused mankind to lose the continent of Australia. Dagahra first appeared in late November of 2017, and made contact with the American nuclear submarine Seawolf at the point of 47 degrees 9 minutes south latitude, 126 degrees 43 minutes west longitude. Two weeks later, the U.S. Navy, including the USS Saratoga, engaged Dagahra in American Samoa and successfully injured him, but could not pursue him due to the presence of Barem in the water. Three days later Barem arrived at the port of Pago Pago, and eventually caused one-third of its inhabitants to die of bacterial infection. Two weeks later, on Christmas Day, Dagahra approached Australia, but the Australian Navy did not attack out of fear of releasing Barem into Australian waters. Dagahra made landfall in Sydney and devastated the city before moving on to Newcastle. The government was thrown into chaos and in the confusion gave the ill-advised order to attack Dagahra. Dagahra was fatally wounded and flew out to sea, where it died and contaminated the surrounding waters with huge numbers of Barem. This led to a pandemic and famine later known as the "Red Christmas Scourge," which by 2018 claimed the lives of 3 million people. Australia's waters became heavily polluted by the Barem, and it received no foreign aid and eventually collapsed. An estimated 6.7 million people were killed or wounded in Dagahra's attack.

>In December 2017, several Barem were released into the ocean during a confrontation between Dagahra and the United States Navy in the waters near American Samoa. The presence of Barem prevented the Navy from pursuing Dagahra after he fled. Three days later the Barem arrived at the port of Pago Pago, and caused one-third of the city's inhabitants to die of bacterial infection. When Dagahra was fatally wounded by the Australian military on Christmas Day, he flew out to sea and died, releasing countless Barem into Australian waters. These Barems not only infected Australian citizens with a terrible plague, but heavily polluted Australia's waters and killed the majority of marine life around Australia, in an event that would come to be known as the "Red Christmas Scourge" and claim 3 million lives.

It was crap. Generic and predictable as fuck with incredibly shitty cast. Not a single character is interesting.

That's a funny way to spell Fate/Zero.

> Orga landed in Turkey on May 11, 2022. At that time Turkey had accepted a great number of refugees that had fled Africa, with Orga's landing point of İzmir possessing the largest refugee camp. The military's response was delayed, and the monster reached Ankara before it was finally defeated. Officially only 1.15 casualties were reported from the attack, making it a relatively minor kaiju disaster, however the death toll likely exceeded 10 million if refugee deaths were taken into account.

>Megalon was credited as the monster that caused mankind to lose the continent of Africa. Megalon landed on the west coast of Africa in 2012 and crossed the continent, destroying several small nations along the way. Megalon returned in 2022 and destroyed the Republic of South Africa.

>A flock of Griffon attacked Egypt in June of 2021, resulting in the fall of the capital city of Cairo. Failure to eradicate the early Griffons resulted in large numbers of them

>There's a territorial monster in South America that's "friendly" to humans, explaining why it wasn't attacked by many kaiju.

This is 10x more interesting than the movie itself.

>Gezora appeared in the Mediterranean in the latter half of the 2010's and hindered refugee movement out of Africa to Europe.

Madoka sold 2x better and made 5x more money while taking 10x more awards. F/Z is crap for fatetards.

As the first Godzilla movie to feature Eren Jaeger

> The Giant Octopus lived in the Pacific Ocean, where it sank several fishing and transport vessels every year. Ships started to go missing faster then the Octopuse could handle, and even a nuclear sub went missing.

Shin Gojira had a really scary design

> Multiple individual Ebirahs appeared, but the third individual denoted "Ebirah III" was killed by the USS Saratoga in 2015.

>Ganimes appeared in the Bering Sea and attacked American crab fishing vessels.

>Manda appeared in the Atlantic Ocean in 2022, and continuously terrorized it for more than a decade. In 2039 humanity launched "Operation: Eternal Light" to regain control of the Atlantic from the kaiju. Manda was engaged and destroyed by the Gotengo in the Strait of Dover as part of this operation.

>Multiple individual Varans appeared, but the second individual denoted "Varan II" came ashore in Los Angeles in 2030 along with Baragon II and Anguirus IV after they were attacked by Godzilla in the Pacific Ocean. All three kaiju were then killed by a single blast of Godzilla's beam.

> The second Baragon, denoted "Baragon II," washed up in Los Angeles in 2030 after being attacked by Godzilla in the Pacific Ocean, alongside Anguirus IV and Varan II. All three monsters were subsequently killed by a single blast of Godzilla's beam.

So next time the protagonist wont be a fucking idiot who gets everyone killed right?

>Maguma attacked and destroyed North Korea in 2024, then began moving south and approaching Seoul, South Korea. The United States launched a tactical nuclear missile at Maguma and destroyed it, marking the first use of a nuclear weapon against a kaiju.


>Kumonga lived in the United States in the 2030's alongside several Kamacuras following Godzilla's rampage through the nation.

>Megaguirus: Megaguirus appeared in 2036, preying on refugees fleeing Europe, alongside a flock of Rodan.

So why didn’t they just set up a moon base in the beginning instead of going into deep space?

>Biollante was a new species that appeared off the coast of Normandy in September of 2039. G-Force battled Biollante when it arrived in Normandy as part of "Operation: Eternal Light," but its weapons were ineffective against Biollante due to her incredible regenerative ability. Biollante was finally defeated when the underground combat vehicle Moguera destroyed the "heart" in her root cavity.