Why is it that no other girl can even come close to competing with Asuka?

why is it that no other girl can even come close to competing with Asuka?

Competing in what? Being the bigger bitch?

Do you have to spam this thread every time?

heres another question. Why are reifags so insecure?

Mommy issues

>why is it that no other girl can even come close to competing with Asuka?
Isn't that exaggerating a little bit? I actually think Rei and/or Misato might be better than her.

I'm a Misato fag tho.

Great character. Hot too. You'd put with her shit in order to hit that.

Even in blue she's still the best, how does she do it ?

Good enough to be pumped a few times, bro.

Misato is a slut and Rei's a sack of meat that very rarely does something to remind you that she is, technically, a human being.

Reminder that Misato is a faithful and loyal woman that only had sex with Kaji

This is rei now.

Reminder that the only way Misato knows how to emotionally comfort people is through sexual activity, and demonstrates this by trying to bone Shinji and french-kissing him before he gets sent in the elevator

Most of have refined taste and think all of the Eva girls are garbage. Its annoying seeing the same thread every few days.

Fucking kill your self retard

Asuka is so ugly


Real talk: How can anyone who watches the series ship Rei/Shinji? Its like you ignore the entire story to ship it.

Oedipus complex. I accept Asuka/Shinji, however Rei's actions in EoE make her best girl forever and always.

Bitter resentment at the fact that Asuka won the Shinjibowl and they rooted for the losing girl.

the first six episodes nigger

>shipping any of the characters
there is your problem

> not shipping any of the characters
evangelion is not about how love doesn't exist and life sucks you know

>the only way Misato knows how to emotionally comfort people is through sexual activity
>implying anyone aside from Kaji knows how to comfort people in Evangelion

Kaworu doesn't do a bad job.

>literal Angel in disguise set off to destroy humanity
>knows right from the start the only person who will be able to stop him is Shinji
>gets close to him to maximize the pain when Shinji will unevitably forced to kill him off
>his actions lead to Shinji trying to off himself and being completely emotionally destroyed
That's not a bad job indeed, that's beyond worse.

I'm not, but at least nobody else is dumb enough to think fucking can actually solve emotional issues

>why is it that no other girl can even come close to competing with Asuka?
Because Eva only has one (1) other girl to compete with and said rival is an autist.
Asuka is trash and would get demolished in any other show with more girl characters.

Not when she offers it of course, but it usually helps a least a bit you know.
Also the "Misato is only able to offer support through sex" is only true in the last episodes after she breaks down and shuts off as well.

Evangelion is a completely cynical take on heterosexual relationships, it portrays Asuka and Shinji as abusive, Rei/Misato and Shinji as a Oedipus Complex. Kaworu and Shinji is some how perfect, only relationship with a genuine love confession.

All of its relationships in this show disgust me, and I refuse to ship anyone.

But Asuka was escapism after running out of other escapism routes.

You forgot to switch the eyes around.

Your waifu a shit and you a shit.

how english you speak

Sure, if you want to slap a simple label on these relationship and miss out on what makes them complex, interesting and realistic why not.
Funny thing is, the only relationship you portray as perfect is the only one that has a purposefully unrealistic character in the pair.

>implying that a relationship between a broken husk of a person that wanted nothing more in the moment than to be loved by anything or anyone and a fundamentally inhuman thing with a tenuous grasp at best on the human condition is perfect

tfw asuka will never look at you like this and bully you for have an inadequate dick

I actually (and quite poorly) switched them back from to the original pic.

Asuka's still the best though

>tfw you want asuka to antagonize you instead of having a loving, heartfelt relationship with her

I'm all for jabs and insults but there's a line that needs to be drawn

>Sure, if you want to slap a simple label on these relationship and miss out on what makes them complex, interesting and realistic why not.

I'll think I'll stick with shipping anime couples that actually love each other, not a mixture of hatred and lust.

>Funny thing is, the only relationship you portray as perfect is the only one that has a purposefully unrealistic character in the pair.

Did I say I liked it? Anno did this on purpose, Evangelion has an anti-het message.

I literally want crazy Asuka to beat the shit out of me

What does everyone think of the theory that Asuka/Shinji had sex at some point in the series and Asuka is carrying Shinji's child?

I personally don't believe it. But its an interesting theory nonetheless.

If its true, it makes Asuka look really shitty.

How so? She goes batshit either way. And Shinji doesn't show her shit for affection.

Using Shinji for sex, continues go about her business lusting for Kaji. Its NTR, makes Asuka look really bad.

It boggles my mind to think that either of them would be in any sort of suitable mental state to try to engage in sex with the other desu

Nobody else wanted to be the world's biggest sack of crap except Bono.


The ending that we truly deserved.

>there's a timeline where instead of getting the Rebuilds, we got a sequel/epilogue film to EoE about Shinji and Asuka learning how to survive and eventually enjoy the apocalypse while grappling with and attempting to help each other get over their respective hang-ups and issues
>we aren't in it

EOE came before the last two NGE episodes.

It's left ambiguous as to whether humanity actually came back or not. I like to think that they didn't, and that Shinji and Asuka are the last two people in Japan. It's more poetic like that.

Just imagine you are Shinji, you have sex with Asuka and she just drops you. It seems very fucked up.

Maybe, but we already know how it ends, as we saw it in the last episode of NGE.

I think Shinji is the damaged one here. Her hints were obvious to everyone. He was too scared to hold her.

Asuka was just using Shinji there, she never cared about him as a person.

It ends with Shinji realizing that he can learn to love himself and that he wants to live in the real world and humanity given the possibility to come back.
Nothing ever states that they actually do come back.

Nope, Yui says others can come back if they have the will to live.

Great file name. Would be an interesting view into the recovery from depression. It ain't like flipping a light switch on/off.

I think that Asuka is romantically interested in Shinji and really grapples with her desires throughout the series - in short, she is learning that she cannot control who she loves.

Kaji aside, she doesn't treat anyone else in the series like Shinji. And Kaji is more about her desires to be "grown up."

Yes. They CAN come back. Not that they WILL come back.

They all look like Shinji in drag. Lore just keeps on giving.

>literally no eva thread started about rei ever
>one yesterday, but was deleted by mods
>every eva thread is about asuka and how great she is, or how bad

Here is your summary of the Rei threads.

I love discussion about Eva. But that was just trolling/mental illness.

Asuka is just horny, that isn't the same as love. There is no inclination she loves Shinji, she doesn't even try to get close to him or get to know him. Exhibitionism isn't a form love, its just attention seeking.


Anno once talked about a potential sequel for NGE before Rebuild happened, and in it everyone back game. So that's not true.

All eva threads are terrible

Kaworu was literally just using Shinji. Honestly, the way he leads Shinji on when he KNOWS that they'll end up fighting to the death is one of the biggest dick moves in all of Eva.

Fujoshits will defend this.

In his own, less abusive way, you could argue that Shinji is also just using Kaworu... but I think it is too harsh to blame him for that.

More people should be discussing the current and upcoming anime and LNs, not this dead franchise with garbage waifus.

I think if it was just exhibitionism Asuka wouldn't have been so upset. If he's nothing but bait, why would she care?

Because Asuka has histrionic personality disorder, is why. She craves attention and praise all the time.

>anno once talked about a potential sequel, one that never came to light anyway, in which people came back
>this single isolated instance shows that the ending isn't up for interpretation and that it's canon that everyone came back

Consider the following: Death

Welcome to Sup Forums.

I'm not sure she does. Spoiler: I'm not a psychologist. I just think she's damaged and terrified of rejection not attention.

The only time Asuka is ever exhibitionist towards Shinji (consciously anyway) is the pool scene in episode 10. Asuka craves attention and praise for validation. She craves Shinji for deeper, more emotional reasons, and this is very clearly shown during the Arael sequence, where she yells that he won't do anything, help her or even hold her.

>its Sup Forums culture!!
not an excuse for shitposting

This. Also note that she only loses her shit when its Shinji that won't hold her, despite Kaji never holding her.

>people keep calling DitF a eva knock off
>actually is the inverse, showing the MC wanting to pilot and showing that heterosexual relationships between a faithful man and woman are necessary for the survival of all humans
bravo Abe, undoing 20+ years of Anno turning people into gays

Because no one is ready for Asuka.

This one's pretty good desu

Shut up queer

>Reifags literally admit they have an Oedipal complex


I'm ready

Asuka and Shinji kiss when?

Episode 15 dude.

Yeah but I think he means a good one

Let's hope 3.0+1.0 fulfills us.

Didn't they make Shinji really gay in the Rebuilds? He's never shown any attraction for Shikinami.

>elongated pic
this triggers my autism, have a normal sized one