I'm finally getting around to the Lupin franchise, and I really love it. I've seen the first three TV shows, Mamo...

I'm finally getting around to the Lupin franchise, and I really love it. I've seen the first three TV shows, Mamo, and Cagliostro. They were all really good.
I just got started on part 4, and I have to say, it's really disappointing. What is all this victim of the week sob story shit? Why would they turn Lupin into this melodramatic shit? I'm 5 episodes in, and it's miserable so far.

Fuck, episode 6 is even worse. Literally child prostitution now. This is garbage.

>Why would they turn Lupin into this melodramatic shit?
Shouldn't you have come to this conclusion way, way sooner, son?

The tone definitely reminded me of Cagliostro, in a bad way.

Glad i'm not the only one who thought Part 4 was boring. Just watch Jigen Gravestone and Goemon Bloodspray and you're done with Lupin until they release the next movie.

Part 4 was great though, really fun and nice sakuga.

>tfw I'm probably one of the 5 people who liked the Fujiko anime

what? people don't like it? it was pure kino

I agree about the animation and art. It is great, and second only to the first series for me.
This writing is shit-tier though.
I'm a completionist, so I plan on watching everything.

I love it, but I remember people here disliking it.

i'm one of them

People don't like the Fujiko and Zenigata thing.

I liked a good chunk of it.

It only got really shit when it focused on the stupid main plot.

I don't like it either but it's inconsequential.

That part I don't mind at all. Because it's first class trolling.

Plus the characters are so different, that it's basically an alternate universe of regular Lupin III.

I felt that way for part 4

it's better than part 4 and part 1

>it's better than [...] part 1
Fuck no, it is not. The only things comparable to Part 1 are the pilot film, Dezaki specials, and Mamo.

>no one in here realizing lupin III source was a murdering rapist gentleman who didnt give two shits about what other criminals did as long as it didnt get in his way.

monkey punch lupin is teh best

Notice how that's completely unlike the Lupin in Part IV, who is basically a touring do-gooder, out to help unfortunate steroid addicts and child prostitutes.

the franchise is like 60 years old, it will change over time

Doesn't make it good.

that's why franchises are cancer

Fifth here reporting in.

People complain about that, but iot's just one episode. The main issue is the whole plot about Fujiko's identity which just wasn't fun and takes multiple episodes to end in a self-negating reveal. The standalone stories are fine, aside from the Oscar stuff.

That's Lupin since Part II. At least Part IV Lupin was never an idiot and the writers remember that Lupin likes Fujiko because she's a hard catch, something that seems forgotten most of the time in part 2.

Pretty much evry entry into franchise is the current director's take on it. This is wonderful, there is a Lupin for everyone.

It's a shame Dezaki didn't make any good Lupin specials. Even Liberty and Hemingway don't come anywhere near his top game.

He uses Walther.

I wish I could watch these for the first time again.

Lupin is Japanese James Bond.

They both swing wildly between complete asshole and chivalrous hero between different incarnations.They also alternate between really violent and kid friendly.

I'll agree though that Part 4 Lupin might be a little too much of a nice man. Even Miyazaki's Lupin was a thief first and had to be badgered into doing the right thing by circumstance.

I liked all of it except for the last episode. Fuck that twist in the end, I thought were actually going somewhere with Fujiko.

What makes it aggravating is that the show acts like the audience is the asshole for expecting anything, when it was building up expectations for some kind of revelation. If they hadn't made a big deal about Fujiko's past, nobody would have given a fuck.

If it had been an episodic Fujiko-centric show without a lot of connective tissue, it would have been a very decent show. It's almost like a master class in shooting yourself in the foot.

I'm more peeved that of all people the one she didn't approach sexually was Lupin. What the hell?

Lupin is her beta orbiter lad

But he does in the manga REEEEEEEEE

Lupin is French though

He's a monkey man.