Is he the worst MC in recent anime history?

Is he the worst MC in recent anime history?

What's wrong with him?

appears out of nowhere
self-insert MC
no personality
gets pussy and dick for no reason
asspulls after asspulls


>can win vs amakuza even after not being able to transform into siegfried and after having used most of mana against Karna


it means when the good guy power up and become as strong as the bad guy for no reason and wins the fight


I see, ty

I don't know how they did it, they created a Fate protagonist even worse than Shirou

Not even the worst fate protagonist in recent anime history.

they actually foreshadowed it happening, but yeah it was still kinda an asspull

But fate is Asspull:: the franchise

one of the worst without a doubt

>>asspulls after asspulls
The same way Shirou your average highschooler beating Gil.

He is better than Shitrou

How recent are we talking?


but sieg doesn't even show any emotion
he just rides the plot while... well... being there
idk post 2000

>post 2000
Then he's not even top 10

Because homunculus are supposed to be poker faced. He did gain emotions near the end.

its not even close