Buyfag thread

One week til Wonfes. What are you expecting?

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Why is she sitting on the chair like that?
It doesn't seem comfortable

Did anyone get her?


Is Rem still in? You'd think the peak would already be past at this point.

Alter still hasn't showed their Rem.

First of all waiting for my display case. So is Emilia, in her box. Damn postal service.

>Alter still hasn't showed their Rem.
Probably scrapped her. She was revealed almost two years ago.

I won't mind Fateshit if we get a FSN Illya and Sakura scale.
I can dream, can't I?

>What are you expecting?
Basically this Fateshit will mostly just be Saber, and Saber clones getting scales by good/decent companies while majority of other servants get shitty companies or prize figures.

gimme the fateshit

>no ginko scale to put next to my mononoke and natsume ones



Nothing, I wish this WF to be worst ever since I ran out of money to buy anything until september at least.

Nothing announced at Wonfes is even going to be available before September.


Aniplex already announced a new RIn.,

This another of those Chinese guns?

I'm most looking forward to paint on this. There's also a bit of anticipation for colors on Iowa along with Aquamarine's Gwendolyn and a sculpt for a certain fat-bottomed elf.


Hence my "mostly" meaning majority, but not all. We'll get a few exceptions here, and there.

Could be sep or even dec at worst.

>At worst
If GSC keeps up what they've been doing you could easily see things with a release date after NEXT September.

Too bad this won't be displayed even painted, I already want a release and MSRP ffs

A+ just announced a scale to be released at april.

I hope we get some good VC4 stuff.

god I wish there was a non-lewd version of that one.
there are so few figures in haikaras, especially this pretty

Hell no, fuck you.

Lots of FGO stuff but i really hope there are some Darling announcements.

I want a sniper figure

What did VC4 do to piss in your cereal? You just mad after Revolution?

She is super cute. I like her hat "ears", and the way her poncho hangs over her chest is excellent.

Same. Main reason I wanted it.


For the most part:
>Tony prototype
>painted Sakura
>painted Ai Chan

No, although I kind of like the bondage theme.

Cute elf.


I fucking wish

>has cow tits

>cow tits

It would be nice to see Ms.X get a fig but that might never happen

She was already hinted when the Homura figure was announced.

Hinted where?, idiot.

On the GSC blog.

That's not how commas are used.


GSC mentioned if sales go well they have a surprise.

Nintendo mentioned the figure having heavy features to the left and said they would like to make an announcement to heavily empathize the right side.


Lurk more, faggot

More Fate.

Pic related

I hope we get at least one more PORKCHOP fig

>shokugeki no soma anything

I know it's really early, but given that Trigger is usually pretty close to GSC I wonder when we'll get the first 002 scale. I don't think a prototype will show up in this WonFes, but maybe an announcement might.

>sold a figure off to someone recently
>see it on /r/cummingonfigurines within the same week it arrived at their location, hot glued

Not sure how to feel about this

Meat and Erina have a couple of figures, its not impossible.

>browing reddit.

Pretty sure they have announced deals with some companies to make models of the robots ( not even MF), and sega has the figures of the chars.

GSC is not involved this time

>see it on /r/cummingonfigurines

>Browsing reddit
>Actually knowing about that subreddit

No sympathy for that fig or its previous owner

found your MFC account, are you really a girl?.

The IVE succubus on the left-middle square was already painted.

That's odd. I hope Sega does a good job. 002 has the potential to have some really good scales.

wow youre a creep


I never knew about the hot glue concept until browsing this thread, so eat a dick nigger. I was just surprised to see it again.

Sega does not make scales per se though, just prize figures which are far from the standard of statues

>that Katalina face

I remember someone posting it here but there's no images of it painted on MFC. Do you have it?

Are you new here or something?

fuck off, take that crap elsewhere retard.

Creep why?, I have nothing else to do, you shouldn't post your POs if you want to stay anonymous that much.

>Even hoping for more Raven/Laben
Take the figma like I did and deal with it

God I wish these figures weren't so expensive... there's no way to justify buying them.


Yeah, it's so fucking bad. I just wish a good brand picks her up and fixes her.

If people can drink that in under an hour I sure as hell can pay for it.

No need to look for justifications when you like it and have the money.


>openly blogging about being a redditor
Imagine being such a faggot that even the pork lover looks down on you.

15k is now close to the norm for 1/7 high quality figures so 20k isn't really that far from that, plus it's an exclusive, which tend to cost 1 or 2k more.

She'll bin right? I didn't order her on the assumption she'll bin.

I'm expecting great disappointment. No figures of anything I care about, and no progress on the ones I'm waiting on. Not even going to be able to try and snag GKs on YJA since I blew all my Feb budget.

She was made to order though

Even PH had no extra copies available at release

Worst case is she's the same price on release, in my opinion anyway

>Made to order

you suck at assumptions

If we do, I hope it's one that's fully clothed. There's more than enough figures of porkchop in swimsuits. We need some variety.

Neptunia isn't that popular in Japan. It's more an EOP thing. Alter's Black heart looks better and although it's not "binned" it's still cheaper than it was to preorder.

GSC insider here
Were actually going to announce the release date of this Pochaco at this years wonfes

>it's still cheaper

What? Her price is way above MSRP even when opened

it won't bin by definition, returd. since it was made to order plus limited+exclusive.

BH was available for sightly more than preorders ( no discount) at amiami, and er price has only gone up since then. The fuck are you smoking?

stop replying to shit baits.

You guys think well ever get figs with shit coming out of their ass?
We already have tons of figs with insertable dildos and cum dripping out of their cunnies so this shouldnt be such a crazy idea right?

Jesus you guys took his bait hard. The absolute state of Sup Forums. If you knew he was such a huge faggot, you shouldn't even have replied to him once.

I saw something of her in Twitter, but maybe it was just a GK.
Didn't bother looking into it because I don't really care for the show though.

>I was only pretending to be retarded!

I'm expecting nothing but I'm hoping for another Ann figure announcement or her figma to get a prototype.

Smol version.

ready to be disappointed

>15k is now close to the norm for 1/7 high quality figures

cast off when?

I'm not fan of her boots.
I would have preferred traditional shoes instead.

Didn't Idea Factory tease that they were gonna have PH on their online store last year?

I like the contrast personally, the slightly trashy edge complements it well

They are having it for some countries only, which are the ones amiami are not shipping to (United States and China IIRC)

Let's be serious here, PH is arguably more popular than BH.