20 years

>20 years
Why are we still at it?




Because I love you, user.

How many years has its been since its been 20 years?

>tfw Eva is almost exactly as old as I am
>mfw I've grown up alongside the waifufaggotry
>shaped by it
>molded by it
>mfw no end in sight

Do you think anime will ever die?

I know right?
Asuka literally has no redeeming factors, so it's just a battle between Rei and Misato.

>Thanks to netflix its popularity is growing exponentially in the west
>Normies of all manners and varieties embracing anime
>Read an article about Sailor Moon being LGBT friendly etc

No, it wont die, not before normies ruin it.

But, neither is actually legal yet
They will be next year

>2ch is still posting the fish even when we can't
This is the worst timeline.

>>Thanks to netflix its popularity is growing exponentially in the west
I live under a rock, is this actually a thing? They made one anime last month, how can that already have caused this? And what's so special about Netflix that somehow makes people watch stuff that they wouldn't watch even when it was dubbed on TV? The more people post about Netflix recently, the more I realize that apparently the whole world is obsessed with it in ways I don't understand.
Lurk more.

Sure sucks to be a burger.

Asuka actually has two years. She was 13 at the start of NGE.

whoever banned the sakurafish needs to have mod removed. it's fucking absurd.

Sup Forums is dead and has been since moot departed. The old feelings will never come back.

This shit is autism incarnate. I'm glad the mods got rid of it.

>autism is bad
Hello, Reddit. Welcome to Sup Forums. Please kill yourself posthaste.

>This shit is autism incarnate
So it suits Sup Forums perfectly.

we prefer seibaburgers in these parts


At latest when the universe dies its heat death in a few billion years.

/vg/ has a general for that garbage?

It doesn't surprise me, but it's still sad.

>a general
I fucking wish. It has TWO. One for the Japanese version and one for the English. Utterly fucking disgusting.

Not Netflix, but streaming in general has ballooned anime’s popularity. It used to be you could watch Pokémon, Yugioh, Digimon, or Dragonball after school if you were a kid, and maybe stay up to watch Toonnami. Now you can pick up almost any series whenever you want.


Anime is getting increasingly more socially acceptable in America, from minor things like rappers talking about shonenshit to the increase in ironic weeaboos stemming from eceleb shit.
Then here comes Netflix carriying a bunch of popular series like LWA, Death Note, Fate: Apocrypha, Blue Exorcist, and in the future getting the Ajin adaption and a Saint Seiya series. After Castlevania ("anime") and Devilman it seems Netflix can hold its own on hosting original series'. And the worst part is normalfags are eating this shit up and then coming here with about 5 shows under their belts.

>tfw asuka will never look at your pathetic dick like this

Why even live.

Everything felt more creative back in the day.

>Shirou is clueless about sex xD
You were just more easily amused because you were an underage b& teenager like the rest of us. Sup Forums was never good.

I tried to watch that Castlevania japanime but it was so shit I stopped. I thought Castlevania was about fabulous line of Van Helsings continuing their father's work of wielding a whip name with which they whip the vampire lord Dracula back into his coffin whenever he wakes up (the exception being Shanoa who is OH GOD SO HOT), but instead I got a story about dracula a gud boi the church are the REAL villains. where the FUCK was Belmont and why wasn't it a bad night to have a curse? Dropped that shit hard.

well put together bait

it was based on Castlevania 3 not 1 or 2