Devilman: Crybaby

Am I the only one who found this to be an absolute drag?

Decent overall but many people think it is much better than it actually is.

i loved it lmao, rated it a 9 on mal
reminded me alot of EoE and berserk

I didn't like it as much as other folks but a 'drag' is probably the last thing I'd call it.

A drag? Sounds like you're getting desensitized, user.
>heads rolling
>demons burning
>user yawns
>"What a drag."

>it´s goood because it reminds me of pretentious shit like EoE

Story wise it's pretty dumb but the setting is great and I adored the technicalities of the show. It's an 8 in my book

that was clearly bait, buddi

Probably because both of those ripped Devilman off

i didnt know about devilman before crybaby but yeah its clear that berserk and EoE borrowed alot from devilman

I get Berserk but what did EVA rip off exactly?

you're joking

haha yes i am but my friend wants to know (he is retarded pls forgive him)

Possibly, I watched 6-7 episodes before I just started skimming through the other episodes (possibly a big mistake on my part)

Then I read something about the ending being great so I'm watching the last episode now.

How far does the manga go? Does it end where the anime ends? Is it worth reading?

Sure, it's a quick read.

Not really, the anime indeed does go to shit after the demon reveal.


check out go nagai's other anime adaptation

delinquent in drag

>Netflix not only does something good for once but also saves anime
Wtf i love netflix now

>implying netflix had anything to do with it
Produced by Aniplex and Dynamic Planning, animated by Science Saru.

Netflix just funded it and allowed them to put in all the tits they wanted.

Devilman > eva in every way

Plot, waifus, music, action, use of angelic/satanic themes, LE EPIC ENDING, and artistic merit

>Netflix just funded it
That's debatable.

Eva just slapped Christian imagery everywhere because it looked cool, there weren't really any actual themes being used.

Where can I download this