I can't believe she's fucking dead.

I want to fuck a boar.

I want to fuck a sheep!

I can't believe uri-tan is sleeping.


Why is she so cute

I want to be friends with uri-tan!

All for lewd butt things btw



Shit, this looks cute af, I gotta watch this.

100 paths

Etotama was great and used 3D well. I genuinely mean that, most anime 3D is fucking awful, but Etotama used it well.

I want to fuck the bunny

That looks really well done.

Why sesame oil?


post brown snake



I want to fuck the Chicken

Why did Etotama flopped so hard whilst shit like kemono furriends was a hit?

Acceptable taste

He wants the cock!


Idk but pic related

We live in the worst timeline.

Fuck the bunny

Burd is the sexiest etotama.

Who Wood Boar here?

Who /metalsheep/ here?

Thick thighs save lives!

Is this character design by Rock?
I might have to watch this.

god shes so cute and fluffy

Sheep a best.

I can't believe

The little boar is a main character right?


I need to watch it for her.


Des des

>they actually thought pig died

Looks like a combination of CG and 2.5D. Some of the best I've ever seen. Why can't most CG look like this? Too lazy or muh budget?

Who cares if what flops or what don't.

I miss Futa-nyaa-tan

I want to taste her succulent pork.

What happened? who died?

Don't forget that Shima-tan is best girl.

Lanka died.

The bacon

This anime was made because it's an anime. So they actually tried to make it look good.

This was also the far superior animalgirl based show with CGI that season. The other one got a second season because nips have garbage taste.

Her VA?

This didn't get a second season because it ended.

Did it though? We had a open ending for the Ox restoration arc to begin.

Fine mutton.

>You will never be leglocked by Shima-tan


God damn I love poyoyon's style.

Don't be hating on the other show. It took everyone completely by surprise with everything. It had songs, it had funny guys, it had cute girls, it had surprise CGI at great quality that nobody expected at all, it had good 2D animation, it had more characters. SB69A's director Ikezoe obviously did put a lot more effort into the show than Oizaki did for Etotama, because Ikezoe wanted to leave a great impression for his first directorial debut.
An effort that did pay off, since Ikezoe is now directing Shinkalion.

I need to catch up. First episode was pretty fun.

>it had surprise CGI at great quality that nobody expected at all
It was coming from Bones. The fact the CGI was there at all is disgusting.

Gooneys is a good CG studio, but probably below Shirogumi. However, it helps that CG director Sasaki knew how to play instruments and put all his soul and passion into it as well, giving Gooneys a slight edge over the nominally superior Shirogumi studio.

An extremely dedicated staff can help quite a lot.



God i wish that were me


Why are dog and monkey so gay?

>it had good 2D animation
Shame about S2.

I wanna kiss this leg so much.

I didn't think that S2 was that bad. It just lacked the focus S1 had.

I found the first half of season 2 to be alright. It's the episodes that came afterwards that I had problems with.

I just realized I haven't post in this thread!

I'm more than sure that the reason SB69 become a "success"(first season simply sold very well) was because it got a HUGE fanbase following the anime, remember that the anime is based on a cellphone game and the game at that time was popular as tits.

S2 was fine, it just had some really shitty animation at times.

I'm still mad about the lack of Glasses Cyan though.