Just finished this. Can we talk about it? Did you like it? I found it really refreshing...

Just finished this. Can we talk about it? Did you like it? I found it really refreshing. Short and fun to watch with good soundtrack.

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Yeah can we talk about how fucking gay Ryo's haircut is?

I like it.

Maybe it was the hype and expectative, but I didn't like it as much as some people seem to have. Should I watch it again?

na, i preferred the manga myself

Found it refreshing too. They don't make anime like this too often. What's your favorite OST Here's mine.


I thought it was a great anime, and the meaning of it was really moving

Late to the party boi, but it was nice piece of show.

It was too short.

Where does the series go from here? Will Devilman Lady get a netflix series? Do wr even want that?

There really needs to be more anime with actual endings.

Why? There is already an anime of it.

the anime is standalone, and is different from the manga which is a sequel to the og Devilman manga.

Didn't realize how influential Devilman was before seeing this. Griffith and Guts are pretty much just knock-offs of Ryo and Akira respectively.

it's fine for a binge watch but the minute you give some thought into it, it all falls apart rather quickly.

also the pacing is completely incompetent, it's like they cut the budget halfway through and was meant to be at least 3 episodes longer.

Is anyone going to watch Mazinger Z Infinity in the cinemas?

Between this and Yamato 2199 I find myself wanting more adaptations of older works.

Cutie Honey Universe and Mazinger Z Infinity for Go Nagai

The anime called "Devillady" instead of Devilman Lady has nothing to do with the manga.

that's just us licensing

>everyone talks about devilman crybaby
>crickets for nagai's mazinger z infinity playing in US theatres

How is the OVA adaption released in parts in 1987, 1990, and 2000?

Same. I thought the beginning was very promising and the last two episodes were great, but everything inbetween was meh.

Crybaby seemed doing more the clichés Akira and Ryo birthed than Akira and Ryo themselves. The best thing about Devilman was that the original defied the stereotypes that spawned. Akira gave up on humans, Satan regretted their destruction, Miki was the narrative third wheel who didn't get an important follow up in the sequel. The stereotypes they birth beefed the girl's importance too much and makes the pretty "boy" more evil and in the 'wrong' while making the mc more heroic, Nagai avoided those troupes which Crybaby missed the memo of because the guy who wrote the script keeps doing them in every single work he does.

This and SMT: Nocturne are awfully similar.

Devilman has been cited as a major influence on SMT.

Because SMT borrows from Devilman a lot.

The animation/action sequences were pretty good. The story and characters...not so much. I know that they were trying to tug at the heartstrings with the whole "everybody you know dies" ending but I just ended feeling close to nothing because I didn't really for much for any of them.

Oh yeah, and the rapping was cool.

>Sequel to the devilman manga
How the FUCK does that work? Does God just bring everyone back?

The world of devilman is an infinite timeloop designed to torture Satan.

God changes details every time to keep it fresh, and I believe it is suggested that Psycho Jenny is aware of the loop.



Wait, so is the world in Devilman just Satan's own corner of he'll to be punished in, or does literally all of creation exist for the sole purpose of Yahweh dicking the one angel who disagreed with him?
Either way, harsh

No it isn't, that was just some bullshit theory made up by some bible thumper youtuber who wanted Crybaby to be more than just an loose adaptation.


This so much.
Although I really enjoyed crybaby, I really wish they would have had Akira giving up on humans like he did in the manga.

The only time there was a time loop was in Violence Jack and that was created by Satan himself. And in Lady the most direct sequel there also isn't a time loop, the events of Devilman only happened once.

All adaptations of Devilman are non-canon.

I honestly think that Yuasa himself missed the point of Devilman.

It was a wild ride. It's the best adaptation of Devilman there has ever been, but I wouldn't rate it 10/10, even though I would say it's a 10/10 piece as a hallmark achievement for anime. The last 3 episodes are a bit too rushed and don't make sense, particularly the bit where Psycho jenny was controlling Satan, or was Psycho jenny following Satan? Miko and the rappers were a superb addition to the story and repay time invested unto viewers that took care to memorize them. I noticed a lot of anons were taken by surprise, when those side characters turned out to be really important to the plot, main characters, story and drama of Devilman.

Anime viewers shouldn't be delightfully surprised when side characters turn out to be more than back ground decorations, but it exemplifies how SHIT anime has been the last decade. Anime in general has been so shit lately, that long time anime fans like me, just mentally block side characters and don't bother to remember their names or faces because they are never worth the time it takes to memorize. Devilman is an anime that needs to be experienced, not just merely watched. Yet, it's too rough around the edges, edgy, outlandish and stupid to be considered an achievement of all time... yet despite all that, it still is.


Well Ryo is pretty gay, fantastic rack though.

But still, how do you have a sequel to a series that ends with everyone dead?

>It's the best adaptation of Devilman there has ever been
i prefer the ovas, all 3 of them

That's not true to my knowledge. I've never seen word of God from Nagai, but the existence of the time loop is something I've seen cited constantly in material about the series.

It is the apparently what the baton sequence just before the end is alluding to, that the events happen again and again and Satan/Ryo never fails to make the same mistakes.

I found it fun until the last episodes. Last two episodes were incredibly ridiculous and felt out of context with respect to the rest of the series.

The dub was classic.


Those were my first experience with Devilman and they jump all over the place in terms of the time line and plot. They only serve to further confuse those that haven't read the manga. If you read the manga, then the OVAs make more sense and they in part become pretty good, but by themselves, they falter. Crybaby tells a more complete rounded story with a beginning, a middle and a end.

Easy, Akira is in hell and Ryo reincarnates. In Devilmanverse God didn't create the Earth or humans. So the world just restarts itself. Lady is basically where everyone gets their heads out of their asses and fights the common enemy, God and Michael. In Violence Jack, its Satan that puts the world into a time loop before Akira ends it, and they dissappear together.

Also originally, Satan defeated God and Michael the first time. So the theory is simply impossible given the story.

You might want to try reading the other series yourself, because in Devilman itself there is no time loop, and ditto for Lady. Only Violence Jack had a time loop and that was caused by Satan not God.

At no point in time in the series is God ever stated to be punishing Satan, in fact in Devilman, God is evil.

The baton sequence was just used to show Ryo not understanding love until it was too late. Basically, the time loop theory is bs.


Did we watch the same show?
I didn't get that feeling at all. An integral part of Griffiths character arc is the loss of guts, and how that drives him mad. ryo doesn't lose akira until the final scene of the show in which he doesn't even seem to register he's gone.
Akira is almost nothing like guts. akira eventually doubts ryo, but only after he's committed a number of heinous acts that should have each individually made him distance himself from ryo. Guts leaves Griffith to pursue his own goals and dreams only to return to find his friend a broken man.

Devilman is not Berserk. It’s a kid’s manga, while Berserk was for adults from the get go.

Haven't seen the show yet but is the anime heavily different from the manga? And how does the anime handle the ending?

are you retarded? He still got the point across
why does Sup Forums have such shit taste?

It covers some of the manga's events, but characterization, and themes were changed to suit the fancy of the new staff.

>implying he didn't give up on humans
He even said himself that he was going to stop crying ie doesn't feel anymore empathy. Just because he still held on to Miki's earring just means he was desperate to cling to something human but he ultimately gave in to destroying Satan and payed with his life.
Crybaby really is a pleb filter, all the people saying "it missed the point of the manga" and thinking it changed everything are just brainlets that either never actually read it or didn't read it recently

imagine being this stupid

>I've never seen word of God from Nagai,
Read more Go Nagai.

Your "knowledge" must be shit, because Nagai wrote a lot about God and he's always a fucking evil alien who wants to control Earth with the demons are the misunderstood guys, always good or not as bad in the general specter of things, humans usually get portrayed worse than demons or as inferior to them.

It is the apparently what the baton sequence just before the end is alluding to, that the events happen again and again and Satan/Ryo never fails to make the same mistakes.

This was just the times AKIRA wanted to reach out for him to grasp the concept of love within the series and he failed to get it only in the end, when Akira dies, he finally did. It has shit to do with a "loop". Stop buying some meme from youtube.

this but unironically

Considering how he tried to make Akira seem like a hero towards the end, removed the parts of Akira acknowledges the darkness and gives up on them. Removes the argument between Ryo and Akira before the shit went tits up. Removed Satan acknowledging that she was being a hypocrite. Removed the reason why Satan devided to help the demons as well as the reason why demons disliked humans. And the fact that literally everyone whose only seen Crybaby needs to be told what the story was about and what it was focusing on, I'd day that yes, Yuasa missed the point.

Hell the man himself proclaimed that he emphasized Miki in the anime because he honestly wanted to focus on his waifu and thought of her as a main character should have clued you in.


It was hard for me to really get into it because of how it changed a lot of the things in the manga and I thought the beginning episodes were boring until the actual fight scenes happened. The ending was still pretty good but. also the character designs were garbage compared to the manga


She has tits, a womb, unlike Japanese English doesn't have terminology for hermaphodites.

The planet was remade, without the events of Devilman (or any instances of demons in history) which were erased, all the people linked to Akira stopped existing in the world records. The dead demons and devilman, Akira among them, are in Hell.
The protagonist of Devilman Lady, Jun Fudou, travels to Hell at some point due to a ritual and meets Akira. They both fall in love in their quest looking for Satan to get some answers about what the fuck was going on without realizing she was Satan.

The ending has Satan order Xenon to destroy Hell, so everyone trapped there under God's orders is released, and together with Akira, they go to fight Michael's forces for the planet.

He doesn't have a womb

Yuasa said Ryo was the main character. It's just Okouchi who fucked up the script.

It was a fun and really stupid ride for the first 7 episodes or so.

>Gotta make sure people don't know Akira is a Devilman
>Except when making everyone aware that there are Devilman and sowing panic and paranoia was all I was going for all along
>Here's a very poorly censored video of "Akira" killing people, please ignore the obvious and faggy blonde haircut above the censorship line
>I also recorded this footage while doing the killing somehow

It was kind of a disappointment since so much of the show's frenetic energy was built on crazy animation, but then it got more and more tame until the very end because I guess they had to conserve that budget. They just kept reusing that really striking psychosexual imagery from the first few episodes instead of making new scenes.

And while I appreciated the side characters being relevant, I was so confused by them at first. The runner guy and the rapper guy with Butterfly on his knuckles looked so similar that his friends thought it was him, but with the story being about how devilman change appearance afterward, I figured that he had just changed too, but didn't catch on it was a different character until like a full two episodes later when they finally gave that guy a backstory. I actually thought it was still the guy when he was having gay sex since all that was known about the other guy is that he didn't really like his posse because they took his name away from him and didn't see much potential in him (which is why I thought he was calling the cops on them in a vindictive move), but nah. I guess he just died? I can't tell if he died at the club and the girl just brought his body back with her, since his tattooed hand was laying in an alley outside, or if she went back with him and killed him after sex, like she did with that random guy. Shit was confusing. Just stuff like that where the show requires you to just completely turn off your brain.

It got real muddled and dumb, but I guess it was a fun watch.

Not everyone. Just the demons and devilmen, humans stay dead or reincarnate into completely new people, so it's the same.

Akira appears around the middle of the story and takes over as Jun's love interest.

Considering that Satan can in fact give birth and become a fully functional woman, to the point that she gave birth to Akira in Lady..

Akira is so dense, but Satan was playing cool and hot on him so I can't blame him that he didn't Get It.

Akira "motherfucker" Fudou.

He only has a womb when split apart and he goes by male pronouns anyway.
It's ok to be gay for Satan.

Why are you posting crybaby that shows Miki without a vag? Nagai has said Satan is functionally and biologically BOTH in concept because is meant to be a full creature without lacking anything, same as all angels. That is perfection to him.

That's why sometimes when he wants, he draws Satan without a dick and with simple bushy vagina like with Sylene.

Clearly I'll have to read the original manga, but in Crybaby and the OVA I've don't perceive the demons to be effectively portrayed as "less bad" or sympathetic in the least.

If anything, I just get a Warhammer-esqe "everyone and everything is shit, fuck you" vibe.

>he goes by male pronouns anyway.
Not really, that was added by the translators because they didn't know how to call Satan in english. When they speak of Satan is always gender neutral.

"Ano hito/kata", "Satan-sama," etc, never as a guy.

Start with the spiritual prequel: Maou Dante to understand a lot of Devilman ideas. Demons are violent and they are ruthless because they are in a war and perceive humans as the invaders of their planet (Jinmen is evil, fuck that turtle guy, though). But their violence is effectively less fuck up than humanity cruelty toward themselves. At least Nagai didn't make humans glorified apes who are only intelligent because god's hiding in them and demons the "real humanity" as he did in Maou Dante but he was close to. Now is simply "humans can evolve to be demons."

Wasn't it Yuasa who stated that he wanted to focus on Miki so much? Alternatively Yuasa must agree with the script since he didn't tell the writer to change what he wrote.

Yuasa simply said he wanted to show why Akira was attached to Miki. He probably had his own interpretation. I just didn't see a lot of attachment on Akira's side to Miki outside his desperation when he literally had nothing left.

No in Japan Satan is always referred to with gender neutral pronouns.

Nah that shit is Psycho Jenny's fault.

Usual 'great' series for 'grown up' normalfags.

After reading Devilman Lady, I'm convinced that Satan chose to be male as Ryo because when they get only a vagina, she becomes the target of demonic rape.

There was something really satisfying about seeing Psycho Jenny get rekt.

That's a terrible shame. Fuck Yuasa

I thought the ending was a meh and the in between felt like it was saying something.

Not as good as Kaiba/10
But that's a pretty tall order anyways, as Kaiba is the best anime ever created

I heard it was pretty shitty.

It's basically every other Okouchi anime (Valvrave, Code Geass, Guilty Crown) but trying to get the basic outline of Devilman plot, the characters are his style.

>And how does the anime handle the ending?

But Devilman is for teens

Not really. It was far better than a Devilman Crybaby

It can go wherever you want it to go, user.

Watch them and find out.

The English dub is fucking hilarious.


I have such a problem about it being so rushed at the beginning and Ryo being such an obvious psychopath.

>character designs were garbage compared to the manga
Manga designs are so unbelievably generic, it hurts.

Fucking A