What class would Jesus be if he fought in the Holy Grail War...

What class would Jesus be if he fought in the Holy Grail War? He's the most famous man to ever live so he should be pretty OP, right?

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Why would Jesus fight for his own cup?

This. He'd most likely be a Ruler or even Saver.

Maybe a caster shooting fucking wine



I was immediately reminded of this.

He wouldn't be summonable right? Because he's not connected to the throne of heroes or something because he was spirited away by God. Same thing happened with Buddha I believe he can't be summoned because he's elevated above this plane of existence the only thing that might happen is them coming to join the war because YOLO why not?

I don’t see why he would join at all. If he’s coming down again, that means it’s Armageddon.


I don't know why nobody has considered this before, considering the fact that he is a fictional character...



>He's the most famous man to ever live so he should be pretty OP, right?
Wrong. He'd easily be THE worst Servant, bar none.
He has zero fighting experience or any way to fight, so he has to rely on whatever new NP is granted to him, which would likely be healing NP. He's also a Divine Servant, so he'd be nerfed in a Grail War. He's weak enough already, nurfing is not helping anything. And lastly, he doesn't fight. That's his whole deal. He does not fight. He'd just get killed by whoever comes his way first.

(You) can probably beat him in a combat situation.

Typemoon would find a way to make it a HGW, I am sure.

>heroic spirits had to fight to be strong in a HGW

Nigga Jesus leads armageddon with a flaminh sword.

>E rank is 10x human
>Beating a guy from a era where normal humans ranged from D to B

Jesus can't be summoned because he isn't dead

Tanto is actually a really good knife design.

Grand Ruler.

>can't be summoned because he isn't dead

99% of atheist scientists still agree that Jesus actually existed.

The jewish ruling class, the pharisees, brought him to Pontius Pilate, the Roman Prefect ruling over Judea (modern day Israel), they begged Pontius to kill Jesus, he eventually granted their demands, and ordered him to be crucified.

This is considered historical fact.to almost every single scholar and historian.

People who claim Jesus never even existed at all are an extreme fringe.


>He thinks I was being sincere...

I'm not exactly an atheist, user...

he died in the future, Jesus doesn't. Plus he's a counter guardian which has weird rules

Saver, and he will be a cute girl.
He did teach Saint Martha the anti-angel martial arts called Jacob's Limbs though, so he'd definitely not be defenseless.

>turning greatest heroes of human history into cute little girls
Why is this meme so popular?.

Didn't Nasu say something like it would be impossible to summon Jesus in a HGW because he would absolutely refuse to be summoned.

Because I can't jack off to beefcakes or men who aren't feminine enough to count as traps.

>he doesn't realize that history rewrote Jesus as a man because society couldn't accept a cute girl as the son of God

Jesus is the Son of God, while also being God. He cannot be summoned.

Yes. He would not answer the call.

Jesus is a man of peace and love. He would refuse to fight.

>Grail can't summon Gods
>Or the living

Well, until the Last Judgment. Then he comes to wreck shit.

he's dead tho

>Saver Jesus would be weaker than Buddha

Christianfags seething

The revelation is stupid fanfiction written 100 years after the relevant part of the new testament bible and was only canonized because the early chirch was completely retarded and thought that the world would end in the next decades.

Even if by some circumstances against all odds that Jesus were to be summoned, he would easily be the strongest guy around.
Ignoring the fact that he is The Son of God, the entire New Testament is basically him performing countless miracles one after another and overcoming evil.
In fact I wouldn't be surprised if him being summoned in Nasuverse to be interpreted as the Last Judgement in which Christ will come again.

Throne would just record him before he becomes super saver

Last time i checked,
Arthur, Roland and even Sir Francis Drake was all mythologically alive. Mostly by growing beards, and waiting for the end times

Buddha being capable of high level cqc is bullshit anyway

Arthur entered the throne by choice while still alive according to the end of Fate. Can't comment on the others as I'm not familiar

Weirdly enough I don't think that if he were to appear in fate he would be a grill. Don't know why. but he doesn't strike me as the type. I keep picturing him as a goofy oji-san type os character for some reason.

I mean, the guy did turn water in wine for the sole purpose of keepping the party going.

He wouldn't since the He is God, and outside the Root. The whole concept of the HGW goes against His teachings.

you're right HE doesn't fight. His army would, though.
Remember when they ambushed him in the gethsemane garden, Peter drew his sword, cut a dude's ear off and then Jesus said to him, to calm down, because if he'd so desire, he could summon more than twelve legions of angels?

He's way too OP to be ever included in a grail war.

Also a reminder that in early Christianity Jesus was always depicted as a boy(girl) with childbearing hips and modest breasts. He didn't became the badass we know today until the worhsip of the Virgin Mary came into he picture.

I thought she was inside Avalon?

Definitely Saver.
Good half of Servants would outright refuse to fight him and concede. Possibly join him and overthrow the competition.
I mean, do you think that people like King Arthur, Jeanne D'arc, Lancelot, all hardcore faithful Christians would even dare to do anything?

She is... after the events of Fate. Not even the grail can pull her out of Avalon IIRC.

At the end the Battle of Camlann, a fatally injured Artoria made a contract with the Throne. Let her fight for the Grail, in return she'll allow herself to be summoned. Even after giving up on Grail and living in Avalon, that contract remains.

He whipped some jews good for mocking God

Jesus is broke as fuck

forget Archer and Gil this fucker is just plain OP
infinite blade works? well how the hell you going to get 500 sandwiches from 2 fish and like 5 loaves of bread


don't get me started on the wine

>the image
>fast backs last night intensify
God that thread was a shitshow

Even Vlad the bad would refuse to fight is lord and Saviour. Fuck, ALL the Hessian would refuse to go against Christ because he is important to Muslims too and King hessian would very much show up to wreck any hessian who'd attack Christ.

What? No, the contract was with the world for her to change her past. That's why she got sent to the HGW, and because she failed to change her past, the contract is nullified.

Shiki can kill him. If God is reachable, she can kill even God.

You don't enter the throne by choice you nitwit.

And yet she couldn’t slay a single demon pillar, curiouser and curiouser.

>berserker arturia will never fuck you with a strap-on
why even live?

she made a deal with the grail, did you even play Fate? This is why Arthur's an unusual servant, for example it's why she can remember the 4th grail war when summoned to the 5th

yolo doesnt apply to him. He already died once and came back.

What if He came just to put an end to the HGW once and for all?

please link

No she didn't, you're the one who hasn't read the VN. She, like Emiya, made a deal with the world. She didn't make no fucking deals with the grail. And the reason why she's an unusual servant is because she hasn't technically died yet.

Unless he's fighting gamblers and moneychangers, he probably wouldn't do too well.

Utter shitshow

OK so what you're saying is she did enter the throne by choice, by making a deal with the world. You just refuted yourself

No you moron, entering the Throne and becoming Counter Guardians are separate things entirely. The point of my post is that this guy:is wrong because she entered the throne naturally. By becoming a legend like all the others. And not by choice.
And this guy:Is wrong because she did not make a deal with the grail.

>If God is reachable,
But He's not.

>she entered the throne naturally.
You have to be DEAD to enter the Throne naturally. Artoria isn't.

Nigga Jesus personally destroyed hell and then kicked Satan's ass (with lightning). He is like a doomguy.

No you don't, I originally thought you had to be. But because Charlemagne, Artoria and Drake are all in the throne. That doesn't seem to be the case. Or maybe it has to do with that alternate dimension bullshit that allows for different versions. Fuck if I know.

Nigga Jesus' a stand user yo

They are dead. Drake died of dysentery at the age of 55. Artoria died, and only after that was she carried off to Avalon. As for Charlemagne, we don't know shit about him. And since he's being summoned in Moon Cell, none of the rules apply to him. Moon Cell recreates Servants based on its own recordings.

Is it even possible to summon a Saver outside of Moon Cell?

Alright. Is she dead or is she not dead?

Artoria is DEFINITELY dead.

I doubt a lot of fedora tippers like Eva

It basically says we're intelligently designed/the abrahamic god is real in a way

Then we're done here I guess?

The argument was about whether or not she's in the Throne, user. Not her death.

Not even that, the cup he drank from once. it became the grial because he touch it.

He blessed it before hand, so its more than "drank once"

But if she's definitely died already, then doesn't that invalidate the argument against her naturally being in the Throne because she hasn't died yet? Then I'm done because that's pretty much all I had beef with.

He blessed the contents. It's holy by general association.

he's already been summoned pic releated

Nasu would make Jesus a woman with Saber face

Rider. Because rides the cross.

Fuck you, I was going to say this. Jesus is the very antithesis of YOLO.

Jesus would be too powerful. I'm not a christian, but he performs some pretty crazy shit. Pretty sure he will kill the anti-christ with a spear as well so add that to the list of shit he could do.
That's not all, I'm pretty sure Jesus has an islamic interpretation as well under the name of Isa. Don't know how he's represented there but it could provide him another set of abilities too.

Ruler or Saver. I seriously doubt it would be possible to summon him, however, since he's way beyond a Heroic Spirit. Not only is his Divinity too powerful for the Grail to reach, and not only would he by default possess the Grail anyway by nature of who he is, the very concept of a "Holy Grail War" is not one that he would be willing to heed a call towards.

If there is a "Throne of Gods" he'd be in that, but given the Holy Trinity aspect he'd be beyond the Root anyway. The point of the Grail, or at least the Fuyuki system, was to use the Servants to open a path to the Root. However, because as a Divine Spirit (as low as you could really take him) he'd have Authority, if it were possible to summon him then there'd be no point to the Servant and Grail system anyway.

Why dumb fuck atheist keep confusing God and Jesus?
Jesus is a confirmed historical figure.

Are there any records of this? I'll convert to Christ if you can provide it.


Tell that to the dragon who got cancer from overheal.

Then he'd go to typemoon office and face Nasu and Takeuchi.

Jesus might be based on a real person, but the biblical Jesus is a fictional character.

The earliest depiction of Christ is that of pretty boy(?), often associated with Apollo by the Romans. Later depictions gave him a modest bosom and hips.

But he can make more tho


This is how it would go: He'd refuse to fight anyone, they'd attack him, he'd heal himself, and heal them too.
Eventually this leads to all of his enemies either defeating each other or joining him once they see that he is the only one worthy of following.

Remember he can heal. He can come back from death. He'd be an unstoppable force, except he does not use offense against others.
He can even bring forth unlimited mana to heal allies too.
Jesus would be an OP force but very unconventional.