What's the longest amount of time you spent watching anime or reading manga in a single sitting before giving into...

What's the longest amount of time you spent watching anime or reading manga in a single sitting before giving into sleep deprivation or boredom?

40 minutes

Back when I was a teenager with nothing better to do I used to watch everything in 12+ hour sessions.

Half a day or so.

all of Jinjou Ito's short stories in one sitting
>no sleep

I don't even know how you could even sleep after reading those in one sitting.

HxH in 2013 when there were like 116 episodes
I think I watched 1-42 the first day, then 43-83 and 83-116

I used to watch anime daily, keep up with shows etc but getting older I just can't anymore.

By the time I was 20 i'd wait for a year then go back to all my shows.

For example in a single setting I was on bleach season 2, and naruto season 3, so i'd rewatch season 2 and 3 of bleach naruto, then watch anything new, sometimes that'd be a season, or two seasons per show.

This wasn't just naruto and bleach, but all shows. I follow manga religiously though.

So probably my longest sessions was like 36 hours of anime then sleep during my weekend off.

I never stopped watching anime.

>Tfw you could watch 24-26 episodes in one day

I'm 27 now and it feels like my most maximum output is like six or seven episodes if I'm lucky.

I'm pretty sure I've sat down and watched anime from dawn to dusk before.
Now I can't even watch more than 2 episodes in one sitting. Not to mention binging an entire series like that makes me really emotionally unstable for some reason and I'll tend to get really pissed off at it, probably more so than the show deserves.
Happened with NagiAsu for everything after the timeskip and Scrapped Princess for everything after the amnesia arc.

I'm 29, person you responded to.

I can still marathon, I just can't follow daily.

Games? I won't touch for months, but play for 40+ hour sessions maybe pass out for 3-4 hours then continue.

Same with anime. Manga is different though.

I'm super excited for when my wife has her days off, we start boku no hero academia, and on her 7 days off we'll watch them all plus another 15 series.

i watched both seasons of stardust crusaders in one sitting while i was sick and couldnt get out of the bed. i think i passed out a few times but i had a good time

Watched both seasons of futari wa in one sitting.

The longest for me was the last 9 episodes of Madoks, so roughly 4 hours. Not really that much compared to some people. Books, though, I can read for 12 hours at a time if I get the chance.

This, apart from I watched it after it was finished. I marathoned it in about 4 or so days.

my longest marathon was watching gurren lagann, and maybe the movies afterwards, with a couple bathroom breaks. good times.

I got the last five volumes of the manga Et Cetera back in highschool and I stayed up all night to read them. That's the worst I can remember, I try to watch stuff so I can absorb it nowadays

four or five hours
I dont have that great of an attention span

Maybe like 20-26 episodes.

51 hours of dbz from somewhere around Cell's introduction to the end of the Buu saga.

25 episodes in one day and reading half of zetman probably

I used to be able to do 12 episode sessions when I graduated high school. Now I'm almost 30 and it's very rare for me to watch more than three episodes a day. I spend more time on Sup Forums than actually watching anime now.

I have a really shitty attention span. I think the longest was when I read all 100 chapters (at the time) of Komi-san in one sitting (started reading it after the hand rape meme). The chapters are pretty short though.

Can still marathon 50+ eps and i'm a old men
step the fuck up youngsters

About 15-20 minutes, maybe 30 max

I once spent an entire week reading FS/N with breaks only for sleep food and toilet.
This would be impossible for me now, my attention span is too shot.

I've read every chapter of Kokou no Hito in one sitting

6 episodes

I watched the first season of Haruhi Suzumiya in one sitting. That's the most that comes to mind. For manga, I read about half of Bokurano in one sitting, and then felt dead inside for the rest of the day after.

When moot quit, some user did a two-day-long stream of NGE (+ EoE, can't remember if he did Death and Rebirth or not), Geass (R1+R2), Planetes, and Bebop (+ Heaven's Door). I accidentally fell asleep during Bebop, I think, but it was close enough.

I have this problem with manga more than anime, probably because I wound up following so much shit that updates so infrequently that I just forget what the fuck is happening by the time they update and don't have the motivation to reread it all to remember.

I don't watch anime on-going because it's stupid, so my anime-marathons are usually 12-26 episodes in one sitting.

I think the longest binge I went on was 20 hours. I didn't fall asleep but my attention span crumbled completely and I didn't want to miss or rewatch anything.

Way back when, when I got into one piece I watched up to the marine ford arc nonstop to the point I fell asleep with my laptop and broke the screen
I think one time I lasted at least 30 hours marathoning it

I'll probably be called a speed reader but fuck AoT manga.

Stopped paying attention for a few months, went back and was like WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. Turns out I stopped the moment the time skip occurred.

Its not that hard to follow, the chapter states 4 years have passed, so yeah user, yer a speedreader

Whatever the chapter states doesn't matter.

"4 years pass"

Wait 6 months then pic series back up.


I mean I just went back and reread the entire manga 3 more times, but this happens all the time with series. I'll wait a year or half year then start again and be confused as fuck.

I watched all of gurren lagann in one sitting, progressively increasing my volume with every episode.
I have pretty bad tinnitus now.

Not anime, but i played Kingdom Hearts 2 for 32 hours straight once because i couldn't sleep.

Get the fuck out you type like a youtube commenter.

Maybe like 12 hours

8 hours maybe but with around 3 hours of pauses.