Boku No Hero Academia

Holy shit, why was Overhaul such a disappointing villain? How did he end up being a worse villain than the man-child he so confidently claimed to be better than?

Stop bullying Overhole, he doesn't have arms

By doing exactly the shit Shiggy did at his first attempt at USJ: Throw fodder (Precepts) at them as distraction while making a run for it for with his anti quirk bullets and then toying with the single guy that catched up. Overhaul was a overconfident idiot in hindsight.

>New thread while the old one is not even close to pg 10
>It’s a bait thread

>crying to mods

Extremely dull use of a potentially overpowered quirk, he could do anything if he touched someone but all the chose to do was make rock spikes and make himself a monster to punch people.

So, in the end, who overhaul sees as his mortal enemy? Deku or tintin?

Why didn't Overhaul use his powers to heal people? He could have made a fortune and restored the Yakuza's reputation to boot. And not just healing, his powers have tons of applications that the rich would pay billions for.
But nope, anti-Quirk drugs that get the attention of all of the heroes and cops is the way to go.

Probably Tintin. If he never showed up we probably would have been able to get away with with ease. Eri being comforted by his cape also ducked Overhaul over.

I too would like an extremely painful and violent death before i am healed.

If you would refuse, you're likely a do not resuscitate sort of faggot to begin with and don't really deserve or want any type of cure.

"I would have gotten away, if you damn kids wouldn´t have gotten in my way!

>Be dead for 3 seconds and comeback perfectly fine
>or spend months to years slowly dying of cancer.
This really isn't a hard choice.

the yakuza suck dick

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Thank you drawfag. It's a shame what the anime did to her healthy thighs.

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For what purpose do i continue to exist

He always create interesting villains and they go out like fucking pussies.

I thought Overhaul would be more difficult to defeat.

Fantastic work drawfag

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Too bad she'll never bear a child.

No, enemy can reliably stand up against wishing energy.

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Okay, designated bait thread is up, where’s the real one?

At first, I had hope because it seemed we were finally getting something the series had been sorely lacking: an ambitious villain motivated by power and greed, who views heroes as simply obstacles standing in the way of his master plan to take over. He felt more like an actual Super-Villain you would see in Western comics, like the Kingpin. Shiggy and the League of Villains feel more like butthurt losers with no real plan that just want to kill heroes because they blame them for their crappy lives or whatever.
But nope, it turns out Overhaul was just butthurt that society rejected the Yakuza and hates heroes and Quirks for being "a sickness". His motivatios were just dumb and confusing, especially when taking the old man who took him in into account, and his plan ended up not being that impressive, especially since he intentionally ditched most of his underlings.

Honestly this, I was fuckimg down for a young charismatic wakka-danna yakuza heir who was ready to make the nip mob great again and carry them to a new era, but what we actually got was kinda dissapointing.

A young wakadanna is a redudant nvm that

I liked it when he got outplayed by shiragaki

Damn those are some healthy thighs. How the fuck is she having a difficult time finding a boyfriend.

Can we all agree we would be pissed if this classy mofo Gentle got the Overhaul treatment?
He had a better introduction than Overhaul at least.

>Hates Quirks and heroes
>wants to drag people down by destroying their Quirks
>still is perfectly fine using his own Quirk
Honestly his entire motivation and plan would have been far more fitting for some Quirkless villain instead of a guy with an OP as fuck one.

Yeah, every villain in this series so far has at some point ranted about MUH SOCIETY.

I don't understand overhauls quirk

what other motives could they have beside money?

Overhaul had a good intro though, only ood thing he's done since then though is give the VA a clear direction

He basically has tactile telekinesis with a ridiculous range and precision.

remember alchemy in FMA?
something like that.

everything he touches is Lego, so he can rebuild and destroy it however he wants.

Youtube views.

Without the drawbacks of humans transmutation at that.

He is basically Ed from fma.

Yeah, it's kind of bullshit that Overhaul's Quirk doesn't seem to have any drawbacks or negative effects when far less powerful Quirks do.

I wouldn't mind having a criminal from a forgotten era who just wants to climb back into relevancy.

Disassemble-Reassemble with some rules

And even then he was kind of terrible at using it. The best he did was forming spikes from the ground and merging into Kaijuhaul. The guy could have created Chimeras for fucks sake!

>Ethnic cleansing
>Problems with society that have nothing to do with heroes or Quirks

He could also remotely activate and control the shape without actually touching anything

>doesn't seem to have any drawbacks or negative effects when far less powerful Quirks do
Happens a lot in this series. Just look at Satou, he needs to eat sugar to become 5 times stronger for 3 minutes, and if he uses his Quirk too much he goes mad. Shouji and a bunch of other characters are stronger than Satou without needing to do anything or getting brain damage from overuse.

>Why can't Eri just heal All Mi-


>shows up with a gang of literally whos, catch a bunch of literally who villains by surprise, clearly show his quirk, and ends his intro with "hurr durr society filth must be cleansed"

>Foreshadowed in the previous chapter, shows up by himself with just one trusty sidekick, kick ass of several heroes, leave suspense on the true nature of his quirks, has cool camera awareness, and ends his intro with "whassupp bitch ass next time we're going to taze Principal Nezu's dead body"

Also first villain to be 100% confirmed to be getting shortstack pussy

Some quicks don't have major drawbacks like Pixiebob earth flow quirk or 13 black hole quirk

So it is basically all fiction, that only works on humans.

>clearly show his quirk
Nope, at first we all thought his Quirk was the power to splatter anything he touches, kind of like Shiggy.
Later it turned out his Quirk was superior to Shigaraki's in every single way because he can do everything he can and lots more.

How is Pixie-Bob not ranked higher? She's even more OP than Cementos.

Pixie bob's quirk only works on natural ground soil while Cementos quirk works on cements. Both of them are OP in their own environment.

If Pixiebob hadn’t been immediately ambushed and knocked out first the villain attack would’ve gone a lot differently

>Comes in
>Kills a member of the VA
>Outclasses and outguns shiggy
>Actually brought forward the question of what the fuck shiggy was actually doing
It was a good intro but it was obvious that no one liked the arc and hori rushed it because he made such a mess, shit like chrono getting offed in one chapter was a joke

that is why they targeted her first

Yeah, but that wasn't Overhaul's intro.
Overhaul's intro was so forgettable, you forgot it.

She didn't rewind Deku's quirk.
She rewound his injuries.
So you're full of shit.

Reminder that Bakugou already claimed Kirishima

>obvious that no one liked the arc
Jesus Christ dude don't tell you are in a echo chamber.

I’m feeling generous today, so I’ll write it down again, just for you
1. Activated through fingers-hands
2. Target must be a single entity
3. There’s a size/range limitation for how large the target can be
4. Can disassemble and reassemble target
4.5.1 Reassembly can only done immediately following a Disassembly
4.5.2 Disassembly and Reassembly is one single command and will execute once the command is sent even if hands are lifted
4.5.3 Can Reassemble two (possibly more) targets into one Can Disassemble-Reassemble Fused targets back into separate entities
5. Drawbacks and limitation may include germaphobia, profuse sweating that may lead to unknown side effect, and knowledge of target’s structure

>His motivatios were just dumb and confusing
More and more proof that the only people who hated this arc were brainlets
Its almost like the whole basis of being a villain in the manga is to break the mold of society not because you're bad for the sake of it or misunderstood.

It's also a stupid explanation because there's no reversion going on. Everyone with a quirk has it because it was built into their genetics. There was never a time when they wouldn't have manifested it.

She didn't heal him either

>There was never a time when they wouldn't have manifested it.
Deku says hi dumbfuck and that was the entire basis of using Eri's blood.


Except in the manga it's also said she could probably rewind evolution, according to Overhaul at least.
Maybe if you'd stop speedreading you'd realize that Ochako is saying that because she wasn't there for the exposition of Eri's powers or for the middle part of the fight where she was reversing his injuries specifically. Or maybe you know that damn well and posted this anyways because your headcanon is more important to you than what the author wrote.

Not sure what you think Deku has to do with anything.

>an extremely painful and violent death
Violent yes. Painful? Not really if he obliterates you instantly. You're there then just not there.

You might feel a lot of temporary aches when restored, but otherwise the actual procedure would involve very little amount of pain.

>Manga literally says that she isn't healing
>No its just your headcanon
Go be stupid somewhere else. I bet you were among the idiots who said she'll heal Nighteye and give Mirio his quirk back too

Shut up rappa

>ones OP in cities but useless in nature
>other is OP outside but useless in cities
They must breed together.

Stop lying, faggot.

His quirk didn't manifest so you explanation is just pure headacanon

The thing is, he is better than that man child he claimed to be better than.

That should tell you how bad this manga is.

>she'll heal Nighteye and give Mirio his quirk back too
Or heal Deku’s arm to pre-sports fest

I really want to fuck this dwarf

>he didn't manifest something he's not genetically built for

To create the strong hero who can't manipulate either and is entirely useless.


Nigger, overhaul himself says its painful as fuck.

Don’t say such things about Mineta’s mother.

>Being ripped cell by cell
I share your grief, mortal

Friendly reminder that shortstacks are S L U T S

Fuck that. I want a villain who decided to see if he could defeat and rape a superhero (female).

>be smarterest ever
>"a clock without a creator lol"
what did he meme by this

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>Who is this+where is she from?
The absolute state of bait threads

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