Hunter x Hunter

He with the greatest Will is fitting to be the King of Kakin.

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I want everyone to be happy. What girl can make Liorio happy?

Senritsu said he has the nicest heartbeat in all of Yorkshin. Cheadle is his sensei.

Reminder that getting caught was part of her plan

Let's all praise Cammy

Who's the guy wearing sunglasses next to Linsen?

Give the threads a break

Babymania in a cheap disguise

Ben seems to be very favored to win so far. He has a solid understanding of nen, and a large number of nen capable allies that he's using strategically. He also has a very good advisor. I'd have to see the full limits of his hatsu, enhancing abilities, and nen guardian beast to be sure, but he's shaping up to be very powerful. I can only imagine lots of different groups allying against him and the situation going to hell would cause him to be endangered, but that's pretty likely.

Random character

is benjamin vs tse the most anticipated fight in hunterxhunter now that kuroro and hisoka had their fight.

Tse is going to kill him for sure.

how strong is Gone?

Hisoka vs the samurai enlet

She has just been imprisoned for two counts of homicide and attempted fratricide. Whatever her plan is, it better be something that will make all of those charges go away, because otherwise she can never get the throne.

He's Uvo 2.0. Togashi cant do much with that character and he'll make him job to some other prince like Halkenburg or Zhang Lei.
The real big players are Tse and Cammy

Literally all others on these panels aren't random characters. He should be related to GI somehow

At the time it probably was but i'd assume togashi can change it if he wants since kakin is located to the east

He's alright but reeks of losing

She's getting cold sweat from how great her plan is working.

I don't know about that, I find it hard to care about any of the Princes.

Zhang Lei has an army of powerful fodder, would expect a prince to kill him to prove themselves a threat

True, but Hisoka is only interested in Machi in a sexual way, he just wants to impregnate her, that is all.

I'm angry that Togashi forgot this qt

We've already been over this. She was attacked first by one of Benjamin's man. She followed her attacker in Ben's room.
Two of Benjamin's guards pointed guns at her and she shot in self-defence in a preemptive way because she felt fear for her life.
Once in Benjamin's room, she was cornered by 5 burly and aggressive men, her only solution to get out of this situation was to shoot in self defence.
She is now restrained against the law, she deserves at least a fair trail and she deserves the same royal treatment they gave Seiko

she's done already. she attempted murder on Ben, there are many witnesses and her hatsu sucks.
Unless her beast is insanely powerful she's not leaving this situation fine.


Senritsu isn't hot enough. Chedel would be nice though

Who's the guy on the left again?

He picked up women for Tse to slaughter. I don't think it's the same person though.

tse's personal assistant

Tse's servant

once senritsu is hot again, she should be with pika

This guy:

>has a power that suits a real leader.
>already defeated the arrogant cat bitch.
>fit and reliable man.
I doubt he will win, but he would deserve it.

>I don't think it's the same person though.
Why? It makes sense for Tse to infiltrate his rivals and he has a good understanding of Tyson's personality

Come to think of it, are there any cameras?


>tfw tyson will die soon

How so she gonna become hot again?

what the hell was this guy problem? how do you go to sleep knowing you just lead defenseless women to there deaths.
pure evil

Leorio and Chedel have DEFINETLY fucked over the past year

Also, what do the different colors/boxes mean?

>how do you go to sleep knowing you just lead defenseless women to there deaths.
With a big bag of money.

He's gay for Tse, probably

Where's Leorio?

Read the filename - pink = normal love, purple = rape love. People who are boxed in are characters who are in love who aren't next to each other in the results.

All the bodyguards have been shown to be insanely loyal to the princes, also if he's part of the mafia tse is associated with then he's probably already fucked up

Just a few more chapters Leoribro

Taking that bitch over the table.

Nah, not because of what this guy said (the cast is surprising interesting if you don't speed read and the character build up has been steady and solid) but because this arc is mostly about using the men and the tools in the best way like it was a chess match, not about direct confrontation, it's not a case that the most useless skills so far have been the ones meant to gather information, while the bitch who tried a 100% direct approach got utterly humiliated because of a small nen owl. Even the fact that Benjamin has a collection of skills looks more related to the flexibility that this chess match requires more than to direct confrontations.

You're a sick man [with a shit taste/spoiler]

Reoriro deserves better than Cheadle's sloppy used up cunt.

Still, for Tse at least, Benjamin would like to kill him with his own hands. However Tse would probably find it much more fitting to humiliate Benjamin, for example via using one of his own men or some literally who to kill him).

oh, he's coming

It's a long shot, but the labyrinthine city has that panacea herb. Maybe it could even cure more abstract illnesses like the sonata's curse.

All Zhang Lei guards except Sakata look like bland uncharacterized fodder. Unfortunately, he might die very soon, probably due to Spider.

Tubeppa have better chances to be an ally who'll linger in this world for the time being

Tier 3, central pharmacy.
Kakin was very sloppy about planning out medical facilities on the lower level, so Leorio has his hands full.

What will be each prince's personal subplot?

What do y‘all think about HxH ending after the Dark Continent arc? There is a high chance imo

Is kurapica still mafia?
surely has the second head of the family he got to bang neon?I like the idea of kurapica been a boss

So far it seems that only Kachou and Fuu have a personal subplot

0% chance

He’s the head of the nostrade family now. Apparently they are now “legit and non-criminal” but who knows with the blonde boy out for eyes. And neon hasn’t been mentioned so most likely she’s not that important

Pitou is alive

More like the series ever getting to the DC within our lifetime is 0%

Why would HxH ever end? Whenever Togashi gets bored he just ends the current arc, and effectively starts a new manga. Does Dark continent share a single character with Chimera Ant?

We're going to get Gyro in some form after that. Once that's done, HxH will probably finish.

That’s probably if Togashi gets killed by nature or his own fault. After DC Gon will still have to me Gyro, but that’s probably going to be anti-climatic or something. We are reaching the continent but probably in 3 or 5 Years

>Does Dark continent share a single character with Chimera Ant?
Knov will partly handle logistics while Morel will handle the voyage to the sea border. They've been mentioned but have yet to appear.

I’m actually really interested to see what Halkenburg can do, since he opposed the bloodshed from the beginning. Tyson’s an odd one as well, possibly a cultist, but Izunavi might be able to keep her alive.

>Does Dark continent share a single character with Chimera Ant?
Yes. But not much more than a single character.

We're going to get Morel and Knov at the Fake DC. They shouldn't be doing much, but that's what is planned. And technically we saw some of the Spiders during their brief Meteor City POV.

I would kill Gon to bring Pitou back to life.

She was mentioned as one of the people Kurapica had to "negotiate" with to get the eyes.
Not really important, but I am curious how he got them back from a spoiled cunt who has a hardon for human body parts.

>Knov still En-raped
Thank God, we've got the pudge.

When Neon saw how sad Eliza was about Squala, she stopped being a cunt and followed her daddy's orders willingly. What could have happened is that Kurapika eventually told her his sob story and she legitimately felt bad enough to hand them over.

This. Gyro arc will very likely be the last arc and will be about Gon again.

Their nen beasts abilities probably
Lizardbro will be predictably betrayed by Tse
Druggy will do shit since his guards and mafia are shit
Tueppa has the book but seemingly adept guards
Halkenburg is a dark horse (King admired his beast and Pika's comments about it)
Sale-Sale will offically start the shitfest at the banquet


Unless Togashi get's to old and decides to retire then the chances are really low. Meteor City/Gyro arc has been getting build up for too long for him to give it up.
Also I don't think he'd endup the series on a non-Gon arc

The eyes she had were fakes made by Kortopi though. Presumably the Troupe sold the real ones.

Neon was surprisingly not that bad.

Will Kite, Colt and Koala be ever relevant again?

On gyro's arc, hopefully

Isn't Tse being able to see this proof that he already is a nen user? The fairy is very clearly made of nen and he very clearly is seeing it.

The only prince death that will truly make me sad is going to be Halkenburg

For the record, Togashi is in his early fifties now and has an easy workload. I think we'll do just fine unless he unexpected gets hit by a car or something.

At some point Kurapika became the head of the family.
His former boss Light Nostrade was last seen having a complete mental breakdown over Neon losing Lovely Ghost Writer. Wouldn't be surprised if they're both dead at this point. The Troupe would be too overpowered if Chrollo still has that hatsu.

It could be something like Conjuration, which normals can see.

nah he didn't see it. he said "is that it?" right afterwards like he expected something to happen.

He's clearly not seeing it. Even comments how nothing happened.

It definitely looks like he's reacting to it to me.

But he didn't see it.
Even if he was a nen user he probably couldn't. Princes can't see the guardian beasts, and I doubt the little fairy who hands out their eggs is an exception. Benjamin's a nen user, and if he saw the fairy he would have at least suspected the guardian beasts were a thing instead of being surprised they're present.


Do he see it? I thought it was more him reacting to something being shoved in his mouth

Isn't this gay?

That's father and his daughter mate.


It leaves some room for ambiguity but to me there wouldn't be all of those shots of his face seeming to look at the nen fairy if there wasn't some sort of implication.

He is licking the finger that he drew blood from.
He did not see anything coming out from the pot.

Does he become a spirit detective after becoming a hood ornament though?