Why is fate zero considered to be the best fate?

Why is fate zero considered to be the best fate?

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Because secondaries haven’t watched Carnival Phantasm.

it's not seconday and now fuck off

because urobuchi is a better writer than Nasu

Only secondaries think its the best Fate.

It doesn't have scenes like this where the weak human puts down the strongest servant with bare hand.

>Carnival Phantasm
You are the secondary. It's called Take Moon.

To be fair, Kuzuki was buffed by Caster.

But enough of that. Archer vs Berserker and Shirou vs Gilgamesh and Gilgamesh vs Berserker is where Nasu can suck my balls.

Shirou vs Gilgamesh: Shirou beats Gilgamesh because UBW has a faster rate of fire (or equal rate of fire) compared to GoB. However, UBW's weapons are all a grade lower than the originals.
The reason Shirou states that his UBW is equal to GoB is because Gilgamesh hasn't mastered any of the weapons.
Now hang on, that shouldn't mean shit. These weapons are objectively better than Shirous and should just pierce through. "Mastery" of one weapon? That's just how skilled you are with a sword. Unless he's talking about some mana or some shit.
But that leaves: Archer vs Berseker and Gilgamesh vs Berserker.

To kill Berserker, your weapons should be grade A or more (though I might be wrong on this). You have to kill him 12 times in 12 different places. Gilgamesh destroyed Berserker.
Archer lost to Berserker. Why? Weren't Shirou's weapons with UBW on par with Gilgamesh's? How did Shirou's weapons go on par with Gilgamesh's but Shirou couldn't beat Berserker?

Couldn't Archer have spammed UBW as well? Or did he not have enough mana? Anyways, thankfully there's this thing called "headcanon". I consider Archer and Gilgamesh the coolest, so I will say Archer lost to Berserker because he didn't want to hurt Illya. Gilgamesh of course, as everyone knows, lost because of his pride.

Yes, Zero holds it better. All powerlevels are at least comparable.

Because secondaries have not seen Heaven's Feel.


A mess of a route, I sure enjoyed the non-stop cooking scenes. UBW was better, but all the routes in F/SN were ultimately disappointing.

It's not.

The way I understood it was that while UBW's swords were inferior, they were able to block their counterparts, but get destroyed in the process. Since Gil had never faced anyone that could even manage that, it created enough of an opening for Shirou to take him down. As for Berserker, the rank downgrade of Archer's projections comes into play. Presumably he has no EX rank weapons, so he can only take one of Berserker's lives by breaking his weapons. And since broken phantasms are costly in terms of prana, Archer eventually just ran out of steam.

UBW is the best fate route.

Apoc/Zero were about equal

Extra is the worst so far.

Because it's canon


I liked it the most because MC was assasin and not suicidal idiot like Shirou. Most of them were adult people not some kid Grail War. Also Alexander was a great guy.

Yeah that seems about right

Synergy to Heaven's Feel

i like how this leaves out the fact that 90% of each day in heavens feel is cooking

Because is a somewhat coherent Urobuchi story. It has a solid range of interesting characters with a series of good small stories. It has an overarching plot that -even if flawed and 'jumpy'- works at making the elements bounce off each other and builds up to a high-stakes ending. It has a lot of interesting bites of reflection inbetween and, also, a solid core message about 'end justify all means' ideology. It is very good looking.
It also avoids some of the catastrophic idiocies Nasu puts in his stories: the dialogue isn't filled with stupid 15-year-old one liners and phylosophy, the overall architecture of the show is vastly different(ie. not self insert harem), and the actual stories per se are not pure abstractions one over another.

>muh cooking

Is because the rest of fate is just dumb fanservice

>why does a servant (a being created with magic no longer possible) lose to a human buffed with magic from the age of the gods (magic no longer possible)?
its almost like thats a large part of Medea's powers or something

fuck off retard

Because it's not waifubait trash with a shit protag and Iskandar

>It has a solid range of interesting characters with a series of good small stories
It has about five interesting characters and half of them were written by Nasu.
>a solid core message about 'end justify all means' ideology
About how it's inherently flawed and self-destructive?
F/SN drove that point home pretty clearly without having to resort to a ridiculous strawman, told by an evil monster for no apparent reason other than to turn the only person who could stop its birth against it.
>the dialogue isn't filled with stupid 15-year-old one liners and phylosophy
Did you forget Team Caster's monologues about their "God" (Urobuchi)
Nevermind the LN's narration, Kiritsugu "mechanically shoveling nutrients in his mouth", relishing "the taste of slaughter" in a hamburger