Amano Megumi 109



the best time of the week








They can't be this retarded holy shit.

it's a japanese thing.


This fucking guy.





it's only downhill from here.

It really is.


I can't tell who is imaginary NTRing who anymore.


We are being ntred, user, we are. Take that however you like.

On the bright side, i guess this qualifies as something approaching progress.

Wew, I was expecting much worse.

Sure she might not be the smartest but Amano is a super sweet and caring girl and she's like 100 times hotter than this other bitch. This dense motherfucker doesn't know what he's missing out on.

Don't she have female friends?

Why she always with that shitty midget?

How can no Chad hitting on her?

And thats why he gets NTR in every doujin

Same. "W-we can't hang out anymore"

What're you talking about? She has other friends, check the double spread. And if anything most of the time she's with Misawa.

Does a non NTR doujin even exist?

>Don't she have female friends?
She does.
>Why she always with that shitty midget?
Cause childhood friend crush.
>How can no Chad hitting on her?
Cause she's so hot most guys can't work up the courage to try with her.

Nope, even image set has pictures of her getting fucked by niggers. Disgusting.

I don't like NTR, but if a manga screams NTR, is this one.

How does it scream NTR?

I hope we get oyakodon

Oh that's not right for a manga like this.


Why doesn't Megumi just give Manabu more hints? She gives him little to go on.

you retard cause she knows he likes his waifu and she doesnt want to get rejected probably.

She wants to date him though

Thank you for translations.

This chapter was fucking shit, not even any good fanservice to make this shit more tolerable

God I hate this cliché.

It's up on dex.
Also, v10 comes out in March.

baka is there any of these cute vanilla manga where the MC isn't a 100% beta boy

No, I think she's just squatting.

Very funny.

>I have Mikawa-san

Ha ha. No you don't.

The guy is deluaional.

gook scans of 110 are out Anyone able to translate?

If anyone deserves to have this cliche happen to them, it's this MC. There's a reason every doujin is NTR

Fuck why now?


What if he actually gets close to her but for some odd reason starts to feel empty around her? That'd be some good development.

>this is what passes for athletic in the new millenium

where are her delts?

No one said it was

Why does this manga have so many NTR doujins.

Never read the manga, just asking.

Lots of situations where the girl is doing something and dudes are leering at her so the MC gets in the way of them leering n shit, Im guessing the doujins are where she gives into the random dudes.

Bland as fuck MC has an 11/10 girl within his reach and she might be kind of interested in him but won't go for it because he has a crush on another girl. So doujinshi creators make the main super hot girl get the dicking she deserves from elsewhere.

I'd like to see him go full tsundere

this arc better end with him realizing something

Manabu isn't as bad as most MCs (he actually has goals, has a reason to not just immediately fuck Megumi, has relatable flaws) but this was my same outlook like 60 chapters ago and the manga has done nothing but spin its wheels since then. The author is REALLY doing their best to drag this shit out, and every chapter he does, Manabu's character gets a little more tiresome. Megumi too, really, but she gets a pass for having a fat ass and fat tits.

Imagine a NTR manga with a childhood friend that's stuck in the beginning before the NTR starts. That's this manga.

Misunderstandings aside, I'm happy for her

Agreed. She's cute and nice and deserves happiness. All of Amano's friends do.

Except for the midget tit fondler. God she's annoying.

>MC gets in the way of them leering n shit

That's so retarded for any author to do that. He deserves what's coming to him.