Machi is Sup Forums's favorite JC

Machi is Sup Forums's favorite JC.

Isn't it kind of weird that Machi is already 14 and still isn't married yet?

My wife Machi is so cute.

Please don't lewd my daughter.

Your daughter is my wife

Made for molestation.

user, wasn't she fucked by a talking bear? How can you not lewd that?

Machi is the cutest aspie.

No one wants to marry a little girl.

Not anymore.

I don't have it in me to watch the last 3 episodes.

>No one wants to marry a little girl.

>imagine fucking up your anime original ending so hard even the author has to ask what the fuck you were thinking

>that doujin with her and the bear

Scriptwriter had to delete his twitter account over it. I think he took the show off his CV.

>Had to

He deleted all his social media accounts himself out of shame once the episode aired and japs got pissed. And at the same time "someone who just happened to be from the same area as him" also tried to remove it from his wiki profile.

Now that is some all out damage control.

>yuri bait girl
Meh, also you have garbage taste.

We all agree Yoshio did nothing wrong, yes?

How can she be yuri bait if I'm her boyfriend?


Yoshio pls

It was all to save the village

The end didn't justify the means.

Would Yoshio let me buy Machi if I was to invest in his crappy mountain village?

I'd honestly like to know what the fuck he was thinking.

How much would you be willing to invest?


First akari thread and now this one?

Maybe he just likes to see cute little girls bullied.

You cant complain about a Yuru Yuri thread having /u/ in it.

I was just posting JCs in a JC thread.

The Yuri Yuri thread has fan fiction in it?



I'm a newfag. What happened? I'm curious as to what kind of ending can destroy a career so badly when shit like pic related goes unpunished.

i haven't either, but merely by accident, I wanna know what's up, but never actually better to finish

NVM I think I found it. Apparently, the main girl loses all character development and becomes a fucked up mess worse than Shinji for no reason. Did I get that right?