Dragon Ball Super

Who is this guy?

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He knew that his universe may eventually be erased, so he groomed someone who could be strong enough to stand against Zeno and El Grande Padre.

El Abuelo

Regla de Todos (Sombra)

El Hermano, who killed everyone except Jiren so that his brother could become stronger

La Sombra

Blue Demon

Goten (rose)


I really hope Jiren wins so at least there's some major TWEEST to this dogshit series and caca arc.

A lazily drawn ambiguous bad guy.

Why wasn't he used in the ToP instead of whatever weak shit Pride Trooper#30 that went in his place?

Black. Jiren is actually from a different timeline - the guy who saved him was a time traveller that Gowasu was talking about.

So Jiren is Sasuke? That would explain the eye powers

El sombre de purpura

El Hermano Negro

Yeah thats what I thought too.


Anyone pulling for PHY Super Vegito?

Time Patrol Trunks.

>yfw Jiren's wish is for all of the Gods and Angels, including Zeno, to die

Name my band.

Fighting Dreamers

Jiren presumably killed him. We'll find out next episode.

Do you love Vados

Illegal Aliens

Los Diablos


El Abominación

>no girls
Was smol jiren sexist?


The Big Bad of the sequel series.

No, he just wanted strong people.

Come fuck my wife, I want to raise your superior breed seeds.

Tell me about Jiren. Why does he wear the suit?

Vegeta should be on the cover of Bo-Flex and Men's Fitness.

Black when he was time traveling and kill all other kaioshins

Esto es el fin, Belmod!

Would be interesting if that guy was actually in some way related to the current characters (something like Black, or U11 version of a U7 character) instead of a brand new character, but it probably won't be.

There's two ways this goes: Jiren already defeated him and that's that, or Jiren can't defeat him yet and he wishes to use the wish to become (beyond) strong enough to defeat him.

Everyone sees Jiren as Sasuke now. Bravo Toei, you turned the ultimate chad into an insecure beta in a single episode.



At least Jiren's backstory explains why he never saved his teammates.

They were weak so they deserved to get eliminated, simple but effective

Scooby Azul when?

Is 127 worth watching? Was it better than the previous 2 episodes

>he's not incompetent, he just gives no shit about being erased!
Come on Toei

What's about these brazilian names for characters meme?

You mean Toei turned the worst character in the show into the worst character in the show?
Wow, how could Jiren fall this low?

Saddest moment in all of dragon ball?


>Freeza just randomly shows up to save them at the last second
>doesn't do anything else of note
>sporadically goes Gold for a punch
>gets knocked down but not out again

Who writes this shit?

No and yes respectively

You wa shock.


Marcianitos 100% reales no fakes

Krillin's death


this and maybe
his first death


El Destructo

The GT ending

GT sucked hard, but those last moments with flashbacks from all the series was perfect.


This sad, pathetic looking fuck

So he won't wish everyone back if he wins ?

potaras meeting the same fate as 17, turning into dust.

I'm pretty sure this isn't it but I want to remind people of it.

Resurrection of F but Jiren is the MC instead of Goku

The only good Gohan drowning in a puddle.

I love vados!



that is la luz extinguida you scrub

It's Belmond and now he wears a clown costume because he's afraid Jiren might find out it was him.


Foolish Ed boy, you are no match for the son of a shepard.

>died smiling because she finally saw her best friend face again after all those years

>Frieza does push ups while Jiren and Goku/vegeta are fighting
>Jiren knocks out both Goku/vegeta
>Frieza gets up transforms into his new form and beats Jiren
That would be hilarious


what does Belmod look like without the makeup

Only the most powerful neck can survive


because if he didn't it would be extremely painful

Raped again.

Cell Caducado¬°


Ahaha nice joke


Could Android 17 have beaten Buu if he trained in the hyperbolic time chamber multiple times in the lead up to the Buu saga?

I'm really starting to think Android 17 is the strongest character in terms of age vs power level.

Android 17 could have also beaten Goku Black if he invaded that timeline.

>implying hes wearing makeup
he was born like that, tragic story. dont laugh at the clown that intended to be one.

Jiren from a future timeline ensuring that he will become the strongest by killing his own parents in the past.

Reminder broly is beautiful.

Kid Goku meeting Grandpa Gohan


What could happen in the next episode that will make you drop Super, no questions asked?

Yeah but it was still pretty rad.

Can cell go ultra instinct thanks to goku ?


17 pretty much didnt train whatsoever in the past decade.
He was worried about harming the island he never leaves and only needed to fight human poachers non-lethaly anyway, so at best he did a lot of squats when nobody was looking.
17 seriously training in the time chamber with a super saiyan would probably one shot Beerus when he showed up, his gains are retarded.

Of course not, he either wants to fight the guy that killed his entire race, or he will wish to be the strongest in the multiverse