Entire character based around teaching kids to google it, baka

>entire character based around teaching kids to google it, baka
She's beautiful.

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Meanwhile 40 years ago at Toei

Hime is the cure for blue ball.

building a lego town with Hime for the play doh family created with Hime

>learning how to be a mother from the internet instead of asking your own

What a dork

Such a cute dork.

That's nice and all but

I think of Toki everytime I see her.


It's already past noon, kids go to sleep.

God she's beautiful.

Don't google where babies come from though, kids!

It's adult time already?

dude looks like a lady


They come from storks.

What toku is this?

Sayaa isn't cute
She's beautiful

Correct, the dork stork is responsible for bringing babies.

That's not mutually exclusive

Cutely beautiful

Im going to marry Akira and theres nothing you can do to stop me.

Egret brings babies?

I mean, I agree. But when everyone including the school, her new friend and the hamster calls her cute, that means she is cute.

Saaya is a beautiful angel

>if enough people say garbage smells nice it must mean it does

I want Saaya to appear besides me like Gabriel did to Mary, but instead, announce that she is the one that had a miraculous pregnancy with my baby.

Himefags btfo

don't get angry just because no one has called you cute

What's a decent sub group that actually finished Yes! Precure 5?

I have the raws, but translated episodes aren't well-seeded. Just want to find some sub files that don't stop halfway through.

I want Cure Ange to breast feed me.

There was a torrent that was half arienai and half dmonhiro. You could look for that one. It also used to be on bakabt I think

Can we please start putting "Precure" or "Pretty Cure" in the thread titles?

The mods don't like it when you use the subject bar properly anymore. Sometimes they ignore it though.

I found it but the first half is hardsubs.

If the filename has it then you can still search from the catalog for it

Yeah, you have to deal with it.

So the actual subs just don't exist in .ass or .srt as far as anyone knows?

I don't think so. I hope you have fun watching Y5 it's one of the best.

Thanks, decided to go with it next because I was thinking the villains might be similar to Hugtto and I want to catch any comparisons people end up making.

If this wasn't precure, then this scene would've been Biker boyfriend leaves his underage girlfriend and child.


Is this ok?

>2 seeders
>63 gb

Mods don't like threads without a specific topic in the OP, the title has nothing to do with it. But having a thread for the entirety of a franchise as big as Precure is retarded and it's easy to find it from the filename if you're looking for precure discussion, so it doesn't really matter.

>"Are you my Precure?"

I might die and get abducted by cute ghost girls before it finishes, but thank you.

The same torrent is on Animebytes with more seeds, if you have an account. BBT might have it as well.



Her transformation should have ended here.

>he doesn't like big fluffy hair
Think about it, it must feel as soft and light as feathers

>>ED tells young girls to pursue their careers
>>Entire show/gimmick is about raising a baby

Which one is it Toei?

Being a mother is a job too

Both, the message is that you can increase japan's birthrates AND ALSO being whatever you want.


Pls delete the het shit.

The bluebird thing was probably very specifically the whole bluebird of happiness thing and always intended to be Hana (not Saaya), since she's the good omen.

Fuck off.

come again?

No you

Fuck off

No you. Do you feel insecure with >boys?

Go fuck a hamster





What is up with these pretty boys?

Nuts is a villain now

Love between girls can't save japan, I'm sorry.

I'm gonna guess it's an 80s sentai.

I'm sure there are plenty of orphans wishing they had 2 moms



If I stay on this season, this'll get fixed in the v2. These early episodes usually need a rework once the details of the show get clearer anyhow.

Being a mother should be your job.

I love this screenshot so much

What is this saying about that one bayonetta enemy

Look up 'science'

They're clearly pushing for little girls to pursue careers even after marriage and motherhood. I'm pretty sure the ratio of women who retire upon marriage only very recently passed 50%.

Not in Japan there aren't.

>I'm pretty sure the ratio of women who didn't retire upon marriage only very recently passed 50%.*
Holy fuck I need to get some sleep.

Girls can grow up to be anything! An air stewardess or a cheerleader or even a waitress!

Wow have you been up all night?

Why are blue cures always so fucking sexy.

Dress isn't going to make itself.

Cure Rhombus!

You are my hero!
Can you show your work?

I feel like I've seen this exact face several times before in Princess Tutu. Does Satojun like bird girls?




>male:"gender bender$"

I want to put a baby in Saaya-chan!

This is what happens if a hamster fucks you.

Futa confirmed

How did you get your friend into precure?



I would never ever try, I don't need him trying to shove his red pilled right winged shit into my Precure. I know he's love DokiDoki though.