Dragon Ball Super

>tfw Godhan sits comfortably in the stands, watching in sweet bliss as everyone in the ring is getting btfo

>falseflagging character fans for a show ending soon

what's the point?


>tfw jobhan remembers he got BTFO too

Says the Jobhan.

Jobhan tears.

>Jobhan is happy someone other than him is getting btfo.

Jobhan sounds like something you give someone for 20$

>Jobhan, being useless as always
>this is somehow good?

>3 simultaneous DBS threads
Can't you spics use the catalog?

Welcome to Sup Forums

no senior,but I'll mow your lawn for 2$

>sits confortably in the stands

lost it there

Jobhanfags getting to a point where they brag about being in the stands


What's Jiren's wish?

>It's a ''Jobhan sits in the stand and organizes his porn tabs on his smartphone while everyone is dying'' episode.

Reminder, If the Cell Saga wasn't rushed Vegeta defeats 18 in a rematch. But it was scraped last second.

>Jobgeta beating anyone.

I doubt it since Toriyama hates Vegeta, but that would have been nice to see. Even if he was so much stronger than her at that point that it would have only taken one punch.

He wants strong friends

El Slender

To bring back the killer of his friends and family so he can fight him
Then the wish brings King Kai to the arena

Something that lies beyond strength. Maybe to become a god that will surpass the 2 babby hitlers and rule the universe based on justice.


Not even a Gohan spic but he went out pretty well in retrospect. Vegeta beat Toppo but will likely be out next ep after being humiliated, 17 had some good moments but suicided himself for Goku/Vegeta which would have been a huge slap in the face to Gohan fans if it was him considering how much Goku/Vegeta fanboys have screwed him over in DBS, and Frieza jobbed to all 3 of the top U11 guys

Misconception, AT hated Vegeta on Namek but grew to like him as time went on. That's part of the reason Vegeta gets so much special treatment in DBS (well that and the fanboys)

We don't really know how strong the Androids were originally going to be before they made him switch to Cell. Honestly I don't even know if all that bullshit about his editors making him use Cell instead of the Androids is even true since I hear it about as often as that "he wanted to end it after Frieza!!!" shit.

>AT hated Vegeta on Namek
but that was the best vegeta
toriyama has shit taste

I miss that Vegeta

honestly, I think I miss Namek too

>pathetic loser cries himself to sleep on the stands

The show was better with Krillin around.

Jobillin was pretty useless as a character though. His greatest accomplishment was getting killed.

He's a pretty shit fighter, but he can drive a plot along pretty well
Imagine how fast they'd die if Tien was in Krillin's spot on Namek

Him being the only one afraid of death made his moments that much better.

Fuck that, Krillin is a great fighter, he's just only human

To find true love.

True. It was the best when Roshi was relevant though.

I like to think Tien would have gotten a lot out of having his potential unlocked, but he probably wouldn't have lived long enough to get that far

The Ginyu force would've recruited Tien probably. He can clone himself and grow more arms. His posing potential is unrivaled.

>Goku's primary foil after introduction
>makes a good showing in the Tenkaichi Budokais he's in
>drives the plot forward very well during the Namek arc
>has relevance during Android arc investigations

He falls off when Cell shows up proper, and is barely relevant for Buu, but the Tournament of Power threw him a few decent bones. Complaining about Krillin's relevance in this show is pointless since from Cell up until this arc anyone who isn't a Saiyan or an antagonist basically has bearing on the plot regardless.


I should correct myself - his power is pretty shit, but he's skilled enough to actually survive Nappa, Ginyu Force, etc.
Shame the series got so powercreeped after Freeza

He's definitely right up their alley

Fuck off, he wasn't "skilled enough" to "survive" Nappa. He was just lucky.

It's such a shame, the power creep could have been so easily avoided.

Just don't give Goku the insane Zenkai after Ginyu and lower the ceiling on Freeza. Easily done.

You know it to be true.


I think people often forget that if Krillin had gone first against the saibamen before Yamcha stepped in, he would've gotten blown up all the same. Any of the Z Fighters would have.

Is that really saying much when Nappa was strong enough to wreck each fighter individually who wasn't Goku.

Krillin and Piccolo have some good tactics against him, and if Gohan hadn't dropped the ball on the sneak attack they might have been able to make progress.

Also "luck" and circumstance is the only reason the entire Earth wasn't taken over as early as the King Piccolo arc.


dude power levels lmao

>Would've killed Nappa if it wasn't for Vegeta

Yeah luck and circumstance make shounen exciting, but it doesn't make krillin a more talented fighter than Tien by any means.

He would've also killed vegeta if Goku didn't stop him

This moment makes me wonder how Nappa even survived as long as he did.

Nice """animation""" you got there, Toeispics.

No one was saying that. Anyone who watched since Dragonball or even during the Saiyan stuff probably likes both. I've only ever seen Tien vs Krillin shitposting here, or on literal autism forums. Both characters have their time, get to effect the plot, and then get ditched so it can become the Super Saiyan show.

I love these.

So this... is the power... of QUALITY... whoa...

considering Tien had his back turned to the Saibaman that Vegeta blew up, you have a pretty good point there
all of them could've gotten fucked up hard

>posts inbetweens
No one here is defending the animation on the majority of the episodes, but this is low quality bait.

>posts 1 frame
user, how retarded are you?

The original poster implied that if it had been Tien on namek instead of krillin they would've lost, which implies krillin is a better fighter.

You're right though, this is dangerously close to talking about power levels.

why did 17 kms just to stop one attack. Can't they just let down their defence completely, get killed by jiren and win?

I mean once they knew they could blow up like that it wouldn't have worked again, but SOMEBODY was eating that L

Bugs me that it became so defining of Yamcha as some kind of loser when it would've happened to whoever went first

It's over, Cuckhanfaggot. Stop trying.

this last episode was terrible and you know it

>Can't they just let down their defence completely, get killed by jiren and win?
Try not to dwell on it.

tien probably would've just kikoho'd himself to death on namek desu

It never pays to go first in dragon ball. The only reason Goku had a better showing against Hit than Vegeta was because he was able to watch vegetas fight and figure out the time skip.

I think the point is that Krillin knew when to run the fuck away and hide. Tien is too prideful and would've gotten himself stomped by Dodoria or something.

Reminder Freeza is a fucking faggot!

It's not just that, it's getting his leg broken, jobbing to the Mummy man, not getting to cut Goku's tail the second time, and then immediately following getting cucked and nearly killed by Gero.

It's the same thing with Raditz, power scaling and dumbass memes color the perception of a cool character. My one consolation is getting good with him on Fighterz and trashing on people playing other characters.

>It never pays to go first in dragon ball
True that. There's some poetry here that Yamcha always had to fight the tournament arcs final bosses first in Dragonball.

Doesn't mean that posting inbetweens isn't a dumbass argument.

A faggot outlasted 17. That's how pathetic 17 is.

That's not true, he got beat by Kami in the third one, although I guess having to literally fight God isn't really a great bracket pull either.

3rd tourney was Krillin's time to fight the final boss, actually

its suicide either way

>mfw QUALITY last episode was for GODetas episode coming up.

Difference is Krillin actually got to put in a good performance, with Piccolo remarking that taking over the world might not be as easy as he thought.

Yes I'm sure his loss will be very well animated. You'll have some very pretty shots of him in pain as Jiren kicks his ass and shreds his pride.

Yes but one version of that suicide would result in Jiren being DQ'd and ending the tournament with a U7 victory. That's an important detail don't you think.

Glad you are back, comicfag.

I think it's pretty headcanon that it would go that way. Grande Padre could just as easily say he intentionally got himself killed instead of fighting so Jiren is safe.

>and you know it
Post invalidated.

>Grande Padre could just as easily say he intentionally got himself killed instead of fighting so Jiren is safe
Fuck you're right that's exactly what would've happened. Intentional suicide, no penalties.

But that was established since his introduction in the original manga and It's what makes him charming

How many "minutes" are even left in this shit show.

Least he won't go out like a bitch ass nigga like Jobhan.

3 minutes
4 episodes

>be a known character for nearly an entire IRL year
>_absolutely zero_ personality or character development or backstory in all that time
>almost no spoken lines
>99% of screen time consists of silently standing still looking pissed
>a couple episodes left before getting defeated and the series ending
>"Umm, yeah, baddies killed his parents so he went full-Batman or something"

wtf is this shit?

Yeah fuck his promise to Cabba right I guess it doesn't matter if Goku has to clean up for him again

why are vegeta haters so malicious and salty?
it borders on mental illness.

This is Broly's best look.
You cannot argue this.

>audience introduced to jiren as an overwhelmingly powerful person whose personality is being a stoic idealized looking superhero who says little
>once the actual fight with him begins its revealed that he is actually very selfish, rude, and conceited, subverting his image from the rest of the arc
why are these cartoons written for children so hard for people to keep up with

toei can't into writing
wait for toyo to fix it

You know what? The CHADforce never really had a problem with 17. He was pretty composed throughout the tournament, and even had a smart moment with GODhan when they tried to knock Toppo off with the shield + Kamehameha trick. And for the record, I accept that neither one was really at fault for the plan failing. But overall, the two of them were solid, dependable team players who went out like champs, sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the team. What do you say, CHADforce? Do you think we should support 17 as well?

el ayylmao