Berserk Manga

I just finished up the Conviction Arc, is it worth continuing or should I read something else?

Read something else manga is going to shit. Turns out that Miura is just another pedophile

Miura always draws the most unsettling rape face of any mangaka

hmmmm I wonder why..

honestly the loli moth arc is the only thing that's worth your time. The golden age arc was performed better by the 1997 anime anyways.

Read all of it and join us in hiatus purgatory

Sure. What the fuck else are you going to do?

Continue on.

Keep going if you like it

Thank you, I think I just might.

Golden age and conviction are the only ones are the only arcs worth reading imo, the rest is methodical shounen shit. But you might as well finish it.

But that's wrong nigger.

>the rest is methodical shounen shit
Have you even read the manga?

>he doesn’t like the lost children arc
Shit taste

Just read it people will say it gets worse as it goes on but it's goes from like a 9/10 to a 7/10 back to 9/10 then slowly starts to drop down to a 6/10.
It's still worth reading. Better then a lot of stuff out there.
Also you might like "claymore" if you like the monster fights.

Lost Children is Conviction.

Conviction is the tower, lost children is a separate arc.

Your mum is conviction-.

>People bitching about Berserk
It's still the top three ongoing manga currently. Miura is a lazy bastard, that I agree.

No it isn't.

Whatever, as long as you agree lost children was good.

I didn't say it wasn't.

I wish we had that scene. Curious to know how far he went with this

Wrong. Conviction is the name of the overall arc that Lost Children, Holy Evil War, etc., takes place in. Tower stuff is part of this but referred to as Birth Ceremony.

Conviction is one of the peaks
The manga still godtier until the fantasia arc where it drops off a bit

The Black Swordsman, specifically the Slug Baron part is great though.

Is Berserk actually getting worse?
Given how slowly Miura dripfeeds new chapters I really don't know. I don't think shit actually happens to be able to evaluate it.

Fantasia is the most interesting arc.

I don't think it's getting worse, but it is changing/has changed genre. If you got into Berserk for dark and grittiness, I can understand why the Fantasia arc would put a bad taste in your mouth. I'm still enjoying it overall, and want to keep reading to see where things go from here after they fix or break Caska's mind.

They will fix it but she wont leave the island.

I wish the movies covered each arc as its own story and didn't skip over anything

I doubt it.
I think if she ever is fixed she will join Griffith and Guts will need to kill her too.
The "good things" will end soon and the suffering will start again.

>Turns out that Miura is just another pedophile
Wtf, I love Miura now!

I'd say that all the arcs past conviction is still "good" especially compared to all shonen mangas and then some.
It's change in tone that really fucked me up though, even if the ending of conviction arc and the events that ended the ganishka's war justifies it.
Although what they do to Puck is fucking unforgivable, zero fucking reasons why he has to turn into lolpopculturereference yoda. It's like Miura lost his fucking marbles. Also I find myself rather fucking bored, troll part was boring, the sea god part was surprisingly fucking boring. Pretty sure it's because of Gut's stupid fucking armor. The fight scenes will never be as thrilling as the Slug Baron and Rosine fight.
Honestly, I can't even remember much about those arcs. The best Berserk chapter was the one about his past where he met flower spirit.


guts x schierke when!

when is guts going to destroy her?

If you don't think the current chapters are the hypest shit, I'm sad for you.

10 years getting something like 3 chapters a year killed everyone's hype. Who could have guessed?

my favorite arc
RIP Vargas

>when is guts going to destroy her?

What the hell is wrong with you sick lolicon bastards

Blame miura, she clearly wants the guts D

>literally drew that panel where she is naked on top of a wounded Guts
Gee I wonder

>he say's this as posting that image

well ok,but really what's with the "honey" dream

Idk why but I feel like farnese looks like sydney cole.


Please don't compare my waifu to a 3dpd

I interpreted that honey dream to be her child like innocence. Not the honey itself but the act of stealing the "sweets." Like she wants to seem to be more mature but she's still a child. But I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. It could be Guts' dick

The peak of the series is really right before they get on the boat.

It's kinda the reason why the boat was such a cruel thing for readers "ah! Guts and Nosferatu teamed up and did a bad ass thing! This manga still has awesome moments! I can't wait for..." and 2 decades passed.

well both are massive sluts so...

Wasn't there a bad translation of his motto that became a meme for a while?

>The peak of the series is really right before they get on the boat.
>A team-up match is the peak of the series

When the fuck was this?

Most Berserk fans are Tits&Gore teens or people who never stopped being teens.

It's the most recent chapters man...going into Casca's dream. Literally right before that, Schierke is experiencing her dream and Farnese is experiencing hers

Haven't caught up in a year. I should really read this again.

That's sad. But the same can be said about most things to be honest. Normie, lack of a better term, fans are fucking terrible.

I always liked Berserk because it felt like I was thrusted into a genuine, horrid, dark-fantasy world. Lost Child is the peak of Berserk, not a fucking fight scene.

What chapter?

Also, the honey is obviously gut's seamen.

Imagine if he took that loli from the moth girl arc with him. She really wanted Gut's dick. It's should be considered a crime that there isn't any art of those two fucking.

I hope she's alive and meets Guts again.

I hope they ntr Schierke. If only for a chapter.

chapter 347
You're a faggot for wanting me to spoonfeed your dumb little ass instead of just reading the fucking thing. But I shall abide.

I'm trying to catch up friend. Just wanted to know the specific chapter.

This was a glaring problem for me when the shift in tone happened. The final moment between them was of the most tragic and beautiful thing in Berserk.
>There's no paradise for you to escape
Oh I'm sorry Guts, but there is. There's a fucking literal paradise filled with faggy elves, centaurs and magicians

>gets betrayed by the man she risked her life for and planned to rescue for a year
>gets all her men slaughtered before her eyes
>gets branded and sentenced to eternal damnation
>gets raped by the man she dedicated her life to
>has the man she loves disfigured/crippled in front of her
>has her sanity and control over her life stolen away from her for years because of trauma
>has her baby corrupted by the seed of the man who raped her
>has her baby irremediably taken away from her because her rapist fusioned with his body
>joins the one asshole responsible for the whole thing

How retarded can someone be? Or maybe you're just projecting your own insecurities about females onto your moronic thinking.

That actually doesn't sound far off. You have to remember, she's permanently fucked in the head.

This panel was beautiful.

There's a reason why Puck only suddenly remembered his home place past conviction arc. Miura making it a lolPuckYouAreSoRandom!-moment does not cover it.
>Oh yeah my home is a literal demon-free and man-free safe haven that Casca can go to
Removes so much sense of agency and the dark hopeless mood of the world. Along with lolimagic painting a talisman to weaken Guts brand, making the whole cursed omen theme null and void.
I know there is at least one guy in Berserk threads saying that people like me are dumb and "edgy" for preferring the older arcs. But how the fuck can you justify shit like that. Especially Chestnut Puck.

Imagine him picking her up and fucking the shit out of her and using her as a living onahole.

Fucking this.

chestnut puck is unjustifiable

Sick lolicon bastard.
Jill is not an onahole. She is meant to be loved

Oh god. I'm going spend the night punishing my dick to this.

I'm going to respond to my own post and say that the talisman painting can be justified because it can represent Guts growth from being haunted by his "dark omen" birth and upbringing to a person who is now accepting of help from others. I don't know. I don't know how you could have done it better. Everything that transpired in Black Swordsman->Lost Child makes it hard to believe.

the brand-weakening sigil gets rubbed off before the end of the troll arc

what are you even talking about

Oh yeah. Completely forgot. Is that why the Sea God attacked them? It just doesn't feel anything like that scene in the Carriage story where the little girl gets fucking skewered out of nowhere by skelly. I know people don't care much about that part but introducing concept like that and having it gone in recent chapters seems like a cop out. Especially since it's not like anyone important dies

He went back to normal when we found out about his "brothers' being a thing

>dl the doujin were schierke gets raped by the trolls
>page 8 is curropted

I forgot how much I wanted to fuck Jill.

she qt

You are sick

she looks like farnese, what a hack.

Rank the Berserk arcs

>Black Swordsman
>Golden Age

I still remember the day I first read this chapter. It was on a day off while on deployment in Iraq. Fapped so much I decided to skip going to the gym because I lost so much sweat.

No bitch, Farnese looks like Jill

Am I the only one that doesn't like Golden Age?

why not?

I prefer Lost Child any fucking day to Golden Age arc but I still like it.
The weakest part for me was the out-of-nowhere fight between Guts group and the arab assassins. Made me feel like I was reading a fucking shonen. Other than that it was pretty solid. What's your gripe with it?

The setting, desu.

I prefer the supernatural, spooky aspect of Berserk.

Guys. I am sure Jill will return and guts puck and Jill will travel together

I do to. But it's good on its own right. I liked seeing a more grounded, still pretty schlocky, setting before shit really hit the fan. It made the Zodd encounter, Wyald, and Eclipse much more menacing. They wouldn't have been nearly as impactful.

Farnese became a shell of her former self after cutting her hair


It's worth catching up, it's still very good. And don't listen to people when they talk about "the tone shift", every arc in Berserk is a different tone from the rest and the tone of each arc kinda reflects where Guts is as a character most of the time.

>The peak of the series is really right before they get on the boat.
>Not lost children
Honestly these people are worse then Griffith

I'm sure Miura already forgot about her.

>every arc in Berserk is a different tone from the rest and the tone of each arc kinda reflects where Guts is as a character most of the time.



each arc is basically just a vehicle for Guts' character development