Slow Start

>Still uses a GBA SP
Tama!! is GOTS

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Purityfags are the worst.

>Blooo.. ping!

Were there any VNs on the GB Advance?


Aside from Phoenix Wright and a Silent Hill game, there weren't any. Visual Novels were basically completely nonexistent on any Nintendo handheld until the DS.

Also, if you want to know about the history of VNs, this blog is nothing short of amazing. It covers 1983-1990 VNs on a yearly basis, and breaks down 1991-1999 releases by month. I'm not sure if the 2000s and 2010s will be covered or not.

I want to give Tama a slow start if you know what I mean.

You sick fuck

Shion and Tama both confess to be in love with you. They won't accept polyamory, you must commit to one and only one. What do you do?

I'm gay for Eiko.

Marry Shion and become Hana's substitute father.

Probably Japanese only titles.
I remember being surprised by some of the shit it got that was Asian only.

>she so noisy it's seems her options are the options of the majority

Cry and complain it isn't fair and I want everything nice until I get my way.
It worked once in a Josei manga I read so apparently women like that kinda thing.

When are the better subs out?

Tama-chan. Shion is a disgusting cow, why would I ever want her?

For the milk.

You're a disgusting cow. Shion is a beautiful milkbag.

Tama is literally me. LITERALLY.

Marry me Tama-chan