Mahou shoujo madoka magica

what if instead of getting sad and suicidal about witches being magical girls mami just sucked it up?

what if she liked the idea (sexually or otherwise)?

what if mami was flat?

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There are just some lines you arent supposed to cross, motherfucker.

epic pedo tranny thread

>what if Miami was flat
Her tits are 95% of her character. Besides that she just exists to advance the plot.

if mami was flat she would be ___________good_____________


she isn't even that stacked in comparison to your average anime girl, and she did a good job story-wise, and lets be honest, Madoka became popular because of her death

I want to give Mami san breast implants!


Mami's look always gets me hard as rock.

I heard she's going to kick Homu's ass in the sequel, is this true?

Why do people like Mami when all she did was drink tea and eat cake and get her head chewed off

Why do people like kaworu the only thing he did was die and fujoshit

Ah, the daily thread to worship the drills.

>what if mami was flat?
Woah now kiddo, let's not loose our head

Mami-san pretends to be strong and put together but she's lonely and very sensitive. Because of this, her smile deserves to be protected.

Best theme, best weapon design

Was there ever a magica with a boyfriend to rely on? Most of them seem to go lone wolf after signing the contract. And no, that loser Sayaka doesn't count.

Mami didn't just get sad though, she took some rather cold and calculated actions.

Mami was tired.

Sometimes it's harder to fight for yourself and what you believe in, than it is to sacrifice yourself for someone else.

...I did not know there was a sequel in the works until just now. Thank you user, maybe this time Madoka can finally have a happy ending.

Reminder to worship our god Madoka.

How does it feel knowing you'll never wake up snuggling into Mami's chest every morning?

Scientists to this day are still trying to reverse-engineer Mami-san's perfection. I'm one of those scientists, and this is my story.

I wish Mami would give me a happy ending.

Should I watch this show? I have heard good things about it but I have also heard a lot of spoilers like how the tall girl gets her head bitten off, the white cat thing is an alien and turns out to be an asshole, all the magical girls turn into witches after a certain amount of time, and that Madoka ends up turning into the ultimate mommy gf. Should I still watch it though? I don't watch any anime. I've seen Eva and that was pretty good. Is this show a big time investment?

I only watched it recently and I really enjoyed it, despite spoilers.

is a very good show, excellent animation, direction and ost, plays with the tropes of the mahou shoujo and is probably the most important anime of the decade

I don't know what mahou shoujo is.

>I don't watch any anime. I've seen Eva
I almost, ALMOST took the bait

I should have said, "I don't watch any anime regularly, but I have seen Eva."

Magical girl, shows like sailor moon y sakura card captors

Jodete Pedro

I needed some serious convincing to watch it at the time but I am glad I did, it's one of the best ever made.

Miami is actually incredibly flat
most of Florida is too

If Mami was flat we'd be talking more about her character and people wouldn't be spamming "LOL TITTIES!"

A big sister figure to the girls and their mentor. A similar origin story to fucking Batman. So ronery. That's a few things.

I want to lobotomize Mami!


I was in the same boat, scared to watch it because idiots had spoiled it for me. Watch it anyway, you'll be surprised how much you still don't know. Plus the stuff you do know is executed so darn well it works regardless.

>what if mami was flat?
Doesn't matter, mami's wish would be having mummy mammaries

Ketchup and Mustard.

We're only 40 posts in and you already want to start the entertainment?

gonna summon he who must not be named somehow

Please don't. I like the rare good Madoka thread.

Why didn't madoka try calling the police or something

>implying these are crack
DramaCD pretty shows that they usd to have a intimate relationship between them.
It also applies to Madoka and Sayaka since they are childhood friends and Madoka mistook Sayaka for a boy

I know right!


>doing literally the one thing that turns these threads into unusable pieces of shit
literally why do you want this
I haven't gotten to have a real conversation about this show in a month because of Him

Why does Sup Forums hate madoka?

I dunno, but Mami sure loves Madoka

I want Mami to be the quintet's team mommy!

Everybody talks about how boring and generic the first two episodes are, but I was hooked from the get-go with the witches' designs.

Mami expresses her love through ribbon bondage, so clearly she loves Homura the most.

I just finished Rebellion recently. I liked the movie for what it was but I just hate the ending so much. It felt like it was ham-fisted and forced into it. I enjoy the concept of Homura embodying the opposite of Madoka but the way they went about it felt like such a spit on Homura's character especially with her development in Wraith arc and after the anime with her supposedly accepting Madoka's choice, which redeemed her from her abusive and obsessive actions towards her during the anime, only to turn around and say "NO THESE WERE HER TRUE FEELINGS ALL ALONG". I think putting the 'yandere' trope to full force on Homura ruined her character and made into an unlikeable character. I also didn't like the forced yuri-bait shit with Sayaka and Kyoko but that was nothing compared to the scumbag of an ending just to insure more future films and merchandise.

Fuck you SHAFT for Rebellion's ending. You should've just had it end with Homura joining Madoka.

inu curry is the reason I watched the show.

Same, pretty much. Until they make a sequel I just pretend Rebellion never happened.

I don't. I hate a certain someone who derails threads with autistic screeching whenever you try to discuss things he doesn't like such as character relationships. Oh shit did I just summon him? Maybe he's asleep.

I seriously hope Madoka smacks some sense into Homura or she dies in the new movie. If it leads into something else after it I'm just gonna give up on Madoka in general. Some things should've ended while they were ahead and after rebellion I feel like Madoka should've stopped with the anime.

Honestly if meguca had boyfriends they could just fuck the negative emotions out of them to purify soul gems

that certain someone only hates certain character pairings, but he likes certain other character pairings.

>anime with her supposedly accepting Madoka's choice
Barely, she was ambivalent at best. She didn't have a choice. Why did she fall into despair in the first place?
The movie would've made no sense if she just gave up again at the end. It wasn't an ass-pull, you just had to pay attention.

I just wish there was some explanation for HOW Hameru was able to capture the whole universe in whatever it was.

She wished to be powerful enough to save Madoka.

Her witch barrier.
The immense magic she got from love (seeing madoka for real again)

She did give up in the end though. She wanted to die so she could protect Madoka from the Incubators in the first place after seeing her for the last time. If she died then her secret as to how the Law of Cycles works would be gone forever. That would've been a great sacrifice even if bitter sweet, but they ruined it so horribly by making her selfish as fuck out of nowhere and tearing her from the cycle, when she had the chance to just simply join her and escape with her. Rebellion rewrote Homura's character for worse.

It wasn't ambivalent either, Homura clearly accepts Madoka's wish and makes her own new wish, to fight those who hope to desecrate Madoka's wish.

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Because you have ruined threads and made the impossible to use. No one wants to wallow in your shit and deal with you constantly.

I think it’s still my favorite anime even now and I was one of those people who refused to watch it because of the character design. Because of my foolishness I didn’t watch it with everybody while it aired.

The Inu Curry stuff is the best. I’m with you all the way sir.

>I was one of those people who refused to watch it because of the character design
I hope you changed your mind because they're fucking great.

>what if she liked the idea

Mami's the most rooted to reality girl from the main cast. Becoming an orphan magical girl should've been enough for her to evaluate her life to a point where she feels condemned to emotionally commit to such an abrupt change in her lifestyle. If her wish was a swift, instinctive response to keep on living, now she lives with the survivor guilt of not saving her family too. Now take that away from her, and there's no way she won't emotionally collapse, as you're basically invalidating her reason to exist.

They grew on me real fast. I originally thought it was going to be a girly show about nothing in particular besides friendship.

You’ve got to remember this was the preview they gave everybody before it aired. It’s like showing the preview for Rambo as him having a tea party with Mary Poppins. It’s completely misleading.

>It's like showing the preview for Rambo as him having a tea party with Mary Poppins.
I would watch that desu.

Is there any chance for redemption for Homura at all? Can she snap out of her insanity?


I think there is if Madoka can regain her true form and reason with her or even smack her around a bit, it was already pretty much implied they're gonna fight eventually. I hope they can manage to redeem her after Rebellion, because up until that ending-sequence she was doing pretty good.

Then you would have been the type to watch Madoka as it aired unlike me.

Do you still not understand why Homura did that?

They're going to fight, but I think whatever the outcome of the fight is, Madoka isn't going to go back to being a goddess.

Episode ten is the goat in all anime. I’d watch it just for that.

This thread still needs more Mami.

She went from 'I want to see Madoka' to 'I want to die to keep her safe' to suddenly 'I want to keep Madoka all to myself and spit on her wish'.

It's not the fact that I don't understand, it's that it's an insult to Homura's character to just randomly go psycho like that and it turned her into an obsessive scumbag. I understand why, but I think it was stupid and ham-fisted when all she wanted in the first place was to see Madoka again and be with her, and she could've if she retreated to the Law of Cycles with her.

Not that guy, but Homura became pure evil to prevent Kyubey from controlling Madoka. Homura is obsessed with being protective of her, its causing her to go insane.

She's always singularly focused on her goal, taking the best option as they come. Once the barrier was broken and the Incubators knew the secret (she tried to die to prevent this) it was a matter of time.

>selfish as fuck out of nowhere
She was never a great person - her wish in the first place wasn't to just save Madoka or bring her back to life, but to play God and get a turn at being the hero. She views everyone in her way as disposable.

>It wasn't ambivalent either, Homura clearly accepts Madoka's wish and makes her own new wish, to fight those who hope to desecrate Madoka's wish.
Nothing about episode 12 suggests she's happy about the outcome at all, only that she's determined to keep fighting anyway and try to make the best of it.
This eventually stops working (again), starting the events of Rebellion. The first two thirds of the movie is filled with negative imagery - escapism, power fantasies, alienation, self-hatred, suicide - re-trading old failures which she never got over.

Homura was always an obsessive scumbag, and has viewed others as disposable when they got in her way, but she has good intentions and you could always still sympathize her. This holds true even after Rebellion. She genuinely wants Madoka to be happy.

They’re not going to fight because Madoka doesn’t like Homura because she loves her. There’s an equal opposite reaction for everything is this series. They’re enemies because Homura is trying to save Madoka but in doing so she’s undone what Madoka has accomplished and doomed all the past magical girls and taken their savior away. Imagine if you were a magical from ancient Egypt and before you fell into despair Madoka came and saved you. You’d spend all that time with her among tons of others and you'd love her and she’d probably tell you the story of her very best friend. It would seem very messed up to you when she went down to finally get her so you can all meet this girl only for her so called best friend to essentially kill her. To us however as watchers who know the whole story we know she only did it because she loves Modoka more than any of them.

>They’re not going to fight because Madoka doesn’t like Homura because she loves her.
Say again, please, but in English.

They’re not going to fight because Madoka doesn’t like Homura but because Homura loves her.*

Pretty much Madoka fights for everybody and disregards herself while Homura fights for Madoka and disregards everybody else. They’re both selfless and selfish in opposing ways.

They’re lesbians you fucking idiot

>I want to keep Madoka all to myself and spit on her wish'.

She loath herself more than anyone for intervening in Madoka's wish. And she didn't keep Madoka all to herself, did you happen to miss all the blatant imagery and symbolism at the end?

I get the latter part, but are you saying that Madoka doesn't like Homura?


only 1 out of the 2 of them, silly yurifag.

No they both love each other but kind of in the same way god and saten live each other. Although they have no problem with the individual person Madoka will not be able to tolerate what Homura did in the end and will have to cast her out unless Homura changes her stance but we all know Homura will not do that no matter what.

Dream on, faggot

>mami thread
>homutards show up and start circlejerking over rebellion

every time

>says the person believing a fantasy


In the end Homura is just keeping her promise.

When put that way Madoka seems very selfish but then again Madoka isn’t the type to let herself be saved while others suffer.