She's evil, manipulative, and will betray our hero, Hiro

She's evil, manipulative, and will betray our hero, Hiro.

That really turns me on Tbh.

>Nephila clavata, also known as the Jor? spider
>Jor?gumo is a legendary creature in Japanese folklore. A Jor?gumo is a spider which can change its appearance into that of a beautiful woman. She seeks men to seduce, whom she then binds in her silk and devours.

it can't be helped

>evil, manipulative, and will betray our hero, Hiro.
That will be the people like Papa. It's always the people in power betraying their tools.


Nah, she's harsh but honest and respects Hiro's wishes. He told her he might as well be dead if he can't find his place and she's not going to pretend she's more qualified than he is to make decisions about his own life. If Hiro is fine with piloting even if it means death, that's entirely his decision to make.

This. Is this your first fucking anime OP?

not evil, but yea manipulative, im calling it plebs; she kills herself coz she really falls for hiro.

i'd watch out for ichigo. shes the type of character that brings out the worst in a person. well you'll see soon enough.

How does that make less worse than the adults? Hell, she was partnering well enough with Mitsuru until she decided to go overboard, she's probably sucking the life force out of her partners for her human vitality.



Ichigo, do you need to shitpost at all hours of the day? Get some rest.

>She's evil, manipulative, and will betray
I love her so much

I feel like there was an anime short about this

>evil, manipulative, and will betray our hero
>explicitly told him he could die if they ride together again
>hiro said he didn't care since he'd rather die than be a waste of space who can't pilot that'd probably get shipped off to die anyway like that girl from the first episode no one remembers
Sometimes I feel like half the people aren't actually watching the show but just saving pictures and picking up whatever plot points they can from shitposts. Besides, everything she said about leaving him behind only applies if he does die, and you'd have to be retarded to think he'll actually die next week. I shouldn't be surprised that people actually wanted her to be unconditionally in love with a boy she met a week ago like that's much better writing, but try paying attention.

>i will never make her cum screaming darling

did you know that the top tier of manipulation is making your victim think they're in control?
fun fact.

Did you know that he was saying he had no reason to live if he couldn't pilot before he even met her?
fun fact.

t. Ichigo

>implying the manipulation and brainwashing didn't start when he was born in a tube
i see...
so this is the power of onifags....

>She's good, manipulative and will marry our hero, Hiro

The anime is constantly implying that adults are shit and are the ones that ruined the planet. The kids will save it.

How can she betray him when she constantly has given him the option to walk away? She's not forcing him to be her partner.

Most people just aren't very smart user. I have a friend that I'm watching this show with over Skype and I literally have to explain most things that are happening to him, even though we're both watching at the same time.

>Unironically watching anime together with people


>The kids will save it.
I see you still have your optimism about you. I, at this point, expect age and experience to win out over youth and enthusiasm.

>and are the ones that ruined the planet
That one's kind of obvious, the planet didn't magma-mine itself and children generally aren't the ones deciding what available energy sources can sustain humanity.


Is this, dare I say it, the deepest lore ever?

>There are actually people that don't know that Hiro and Ichigo are siblings