How does he do it lads?

How does he do it lads?

We'll never know

>Likes Suu, Laura, Yami and Nadeko
did i fuck up?

I dunno man.

I'm watching Trinity Seven and that girl Lilith isn't that bad, MC is fine too.

That's one hot take senpai

I saved the updated version. That old copy is outdated.



>browses Sup Forums
>sees what characters are popular
>puts them on the list
That's how

You created that slander hater faggot pic and shows you as a Pathetic, Miserable, Unhappy, Stupid, Idiot, Autistic, Retarded, Ignorant, Hypocrite, Hater Faggot with Shit Taste
Don't matter how is the order because all these words describe you completely

Be popular doesn't mean be good, all of them are.
>Overrated, Mainstream "waifu" bait
>"best girls"
Look at the sarcasm between the quotation marks
>Worst girls
>Used Goods, Cunts, Sluts
>Autistic, Retards
>Huge and disgusting tits
Fuck you and eat shit you miserable, autistic, retarded.
You have shit taste like this shit

Learn English pls

Haha, you're here!

It's easy to make that when you have autism and you can't relate and empathize with opinions of people who disagree.

Signs of autism can include:

-trouble interacting, playing with, or relating to others
-having little or brief eye contact with others
not pointing to objects to call attention to them
unusual or repetitive movements, such as hand flapping, spinning, or tapping
-delays in developmental milestones or loss of milestones already achieved

This is the worst thread up right now, and i'm taking in count the pepe thread up right now.

No and fuck you
And you are an autistic retarded shit


Summarizing, you have a terrible shit taste


Incest is best

I do agree all the girls on the list are 100% pure shit. Well done OP.

I'd like to have a shit threesome with those idiots

Go away ESL

shitfag detected

looks like it needs to be updated then

I like only 2 characters there user. I actually dislike most of them. But it's ok,l see how offended you got just because I pointed those simple facts out! I don't want you to have a stroke out of sheer anger so I won't tease you anymore

Is ESL-kun just pretending?

Nothing wrong with Tats

(Wrong and officially you have a terrible shit taste)