Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

Just got around to watching this today, and I loved it. I missed out on all the hype when it first released, and I wanted to know what Sup Forums thought of it.

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6/10 looked fantastic but the "plot" was horseshit.


I like Suzumiya Haruhi. That's my thought on this anime

10/10 amazing movie, loved every minute of it and it made me cry like 4 times during the second half.

I liked it but I didn't think it was amazing. I watched In this corner of the world a month or so after I watched Your Name and enjoyed it much more.

I thought it was pretty great

absolutely loved it. It got me screaming at the end when they duped us into thinking they won't meet.

Seems we have this thread every other day. Are people just getting their BDs or something?

Anyway yeah it's a great movie. Sup Forums likes to bitch about how it's not high art but who the hell cares? Mitsuha was so precious. I hope she cameos in Shinkai's next movie.

Anyone who thinks it's better than a 6 or 7 is definitely a redditor. The movie was okay but it struck a cord with the newfags on Sup Forums.
It's like the Re-zero of anime movies.

>this entire post
Nothing screams Reddit louder than a FOB Redditor who knows what they like

I really liked the choo choo train part. 11/10

The greatest anime film of all time.

Undeserving of it's success. Looks great, with some good sound design but that's about it.
Only thing that makes me feel better is that discussion for it will die down over time because there's nothing worth discussing (besides it's obnoxious box office pull).

It was ok, but Garden of Words is superior in every way

9/10, made me tear up when she disappeared writing on his hand or whatever and he began to forget.

Would be 8/10 if not for that awesome soundtrack.

Just watched it with a friend..although it could be improved in some ways, it is amazingly beautiful

the premise bored me quickly, didn't finish it

Really liked it. I remember I had some criticism after watching but can't remember exactly what it was.

>Only thing that makes me feel better is that discussion for it will die down over time
Didn't this movie release in 2016? Japan might do an annual roadshow screening of this like they do with Summer Wars

It was so bad that I consider it a marketing achievement rather than an artistic one.


I just watched it too, is it ok to call it a meh movie? I don't want to be contrarian but the movie was bad, especially the first 15 minutes of the movie, and 15 minutes is a long time, the relationship wasn't that meaningful, the plot didn't made any sense, which it wouldn't have been any problem if everything else would have been better, it was visually amazing though, but everything else was average at best.

It was a solid 9/10 for me.

7/10, didn't care much about the story but looked nice and was overall well constructed

link for a rapidgator english dub of it? I am only finding subs

Your scoring's doesn't make sense.

I thought the sections that were basically music videos were very weird and shouldn't have been in the movie.

It was so out of place, it was screamer tier, I had to google if it was some sort of John Cena meme and I downloaded a joke file.

You're trying too hard lad

The one at the beginning was basically a trailer, like why even put that in? I'm already watching the movie.

It's literally the industry festival tho. Many bigname animators worked on it.

Not really, took me 2 seconds to think in that reply, but I did exaggerate a little, sorry.

Post stills. Every shot of this movie was fucking gorgeous.

Reminder that the story was stolen from korean movie Il Mare.

Only one I got






Literally just watched it earlier today too. A bit tropey and I felt it drew a lot from 5cm per second, but what it goes out to do it does spot on. Best film I've seen so far this year, and probably 2017 too. By a third in I knew for sure that I was strapped in for another one of Shinkai's wild rides.

Also this





I like to think that those two had some of the hottest, steamiest, most awkward virgin sex imaginable when they got back inside and let their carnal desires take over.

Post yfw pic

A Silent Voice was better.

Made me cry.





All I got.

Loved it, one of my all time favorite movies.

beautiful visuals, with nice catharsis, especially if you've watched previous shinkai movies. but because it has some heavy ties with specific japanese culture and recent events, namely the recent earthquake, western viewers will miss that meaningful aspect of it, and dismiss it as just a boring romance spectacle.

>wait, she doesn't have his name
>but aaaawww

How could any male be just friends with two qt's like them?

He seals the deal with the one on the right near the end

its implied he has a crush on mitsuha

It's my favourite piece of animation I've seen thus far. Breath taking visuals, God-Tier OST and amazing dialogue/story.

>ranking things out of 10
>accusing other people of being redditors
Pick one.

Too much hype affected my enjoyment I guess. I thought I was about to watch a masterpiece but the plot wasn't really original, it was another "boy saves girl" story, the romance was nothing great either. It didn't really moved me to tears, but I really wanted everything to go well, so it's okay. But even Shikai said it was overrated. I did like it, it was good, but it wasn't nearly what I thought it was supposed to be.

Forgot to mention animation was fucking flawless, the best part of the movie by far.

There are better movies but it's still a good movie nonetheless.
>Ranking things out of 10
>Making comparisons with Re:Zero because its cool.
Nice try pretending not to be a fucking newfag, lurk at least 2 years more before posting.

I think I've watched the movie 3 times by now. Shitty rip, good rip and nip tv premiere. Looks fucking beautiful, music is very good and the rest is tolerable/good. Would have probably enjoyed the movie more if I was ~10 years younger since it's more or less aimed at young teenager.

It was one of my most favorite releases the past decade. Glad to have watched it.

You got to keep in mind the Japanese context; Shinkai was really affected by the 2011 earthquake, and a lot of the movie ins influenced by that. Then there's the whole urban-rural divide. And the movie apparently really resonated with the younger generation in Japan. To us it might be a basic romance movie, but it means more to the Nips

It actually hit me so fucking hard. It was so obvious and i don't know how i didn't see it coming but it got me so good.


Perfect movie desu they really could not have done it better

>Then there's the whole urban-rural divide. And the movie apparently really resonated with the younger generation in Japan
I think having one of the main characters from the outer regions (not just Tokyo) made it relatable for a wider audience. That part where some of Mitsuha's friends speculate that they'll live out their life in the tiny hick town after graduating school for instance.
I figure this was also key to Summer Wars' success. Just acknowledging other parts of Japan and the beauty of what's taken for granted or usually seen as mundane.


pretty damn good but i'd have to watch again to rate it

Didn't think much of the plot but I'm a sucker for romance stories and the animation was nice (outside of the CG in the dance and cars). RADWIMPS for the music was a great choice. I'm just glad we didn't get another 5cm/s with the many opportunities for it throughout the film.

You could see the "I love you" written on Mitsuha's hand a mile away but it still made me tear up.

you know, I think the best way to describe the movie is that it was so gorgeous it made me feel "nostalgia" for experiences I've never even lived through, i.e. the rural japanese life and city high school life.

Plot and characterizations weren't that great, tho. the guy was the blankest of blank slates.

to be fair you can only fit so much character development into a movie with a complex plot



Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子


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Meme magic is amazing.


there's nobody on Sup Forums that "just got around to watching this"

what are you on about

Pretty damn good. Using a rom com as a bait and switch for a disaster movie but then also having the movie not as someone trying to survive the disaster (which is most if not all of them) but instead someone who lost someone in the disaster was genius. Think about it, seeing the town you knew so well absolutely destroyed, finding the names of friends and loved ones in a ledger of victims, calling out to them desperately in a dream like state to leave and save themselves before it hit.

Honestly brilliant, brought a unique perspective to western audiences that they aren't used to (normally we don't experience disaster but see it on the news and self insert, thinking how we'd survive and pop culture reflects this) and really hit home to the Japanese who are familiar with natural disaster.

To go full autistic I think there is another major point of the movie which draws people in. Dichotomy is everywhere in the film (male/female, city/town, modern/traditional, technology/mythology, life/death) but the most important was is the contrast of being destined for something but also being able to control fate. Wanting a soul mate, wanting to be destined for something greater, but at the same time being able to change fate, being able to change your own life.

In the movie it's always uncertain which is being played. The movie let us be selfish and wish to have our cake and eat it too (both protagonists fated to meet and be together but at the same time rewrite time itself and change fate) and it gave us that wish.

Plus it ties in really well with the desire that we can avert or at least delay natural disaster. Which we all have. Because even if mother nature hasn't personally fucked you over, we all experience the inevitable natural disaster of death. Friends will die, your pet will die, your family members will die, you will die, and avoiding or delaying that is what we desire most.

I still havent watched it lol

Me too, lmao.

I just watched it a few days ago for the first time.

>neither this nor a silent voice got nominated for the oscars
when are we getting #oscarssowhite, except from asians

Post more your rope

Have you found your happiness yet?

But there wasn't any hype, Sup Forums only laughed about how inferior to Koe no Katachi by based Kyoani it was.

God forbid an user holds off on watching something

its a pretty valid point that the plot was meh but it still drew me in.
All the other stuff going on in the movie basically distracted me from realizing its not really too interesting


Surprisingly high quality post, I've been thinking about it for a few minutes now. Thanks