Copyright industry are a bunch of idiots, they think 7.7billions of pirates watch anime

They also stated at first on their tweet that it-s actually 13billion, but removed the tweet this week.

That's pretty rich.

It's like another shoah.

I could somewhat see 7 billion illegally watched episodes being accurate but not individuals

>linking to reddit

>being this triggered by a site

Jokes on you nerd Sup Forums has been r*ddit for years smfh desu family

the fuck is this shit

>giving out free (you)s
thanks for the upvote dudester

Redditor meme.

Don't you know the media industry loses $6 trillion a year in piracy? Don't question it goy

If they would subtitle in english, get the fucking middlemens out of the way and fucking geoblocking, fucking 11 could swim in dosh.
But they don't and they won't. So they should stop crying like the little bitches they are.

>being a faggot

Fuck off grandpa

I remember when linking to reddit was a bannable offense, Sup Forums sure has changed.

posting before mods delete this thread

Mods realized they'd end up banning half of Sup Forums

Who the fuck is MUSO? Why is there a Re:ddit link in the op? Why is this faggot of op not banned already? So many questions...

Thats retarded but I always wondered if an anime streaming free on youtube could be profitable.

Whats youtubes CPM looking like these days?

>this thread still isn't deleted
Seriously? Fucking mods

And how is that a bad thing?

Lurk more.