I don't like KyoAni. They have a really good understanding of visual direction and anyone comes out of that studio is a quality staff, yet the studio itself usually adapts subpar works while failed to bring out any of their good points, failed to create an engaging adaptation. Sometimes a mediocre adaptation of other studios is actually more enjoyable than the bad but polished stuff Kyoani put out despite their high consistency in production value and overall thoughtful visual direction. They are kind of misguided when it comes to an overall vision or just anything not visual, really. In case of VEG, in many episodes the directors don't know when to NOT do things but just maximizing the impact of everything that's happening on screen. Also the Violet's narrative is boring as fuck. Autism can be made fun to watch but Violet is just your typical emotionless person narrative, which is nothing offensively bad but very bland and unintersting. Some people point out that's because most people can't relate with autism but that just plain isn't the main point. Being relatable is always a big plus but relatable is not the only way for audiences to enjoy a character, they can be charismatic, batshit insane, beautiful in ideals, strong, pitiful etc.. Violet is just empty and the show doesn't try to frame her emptiness in an interesting way either. Which brings us to the point that she should just take the sideline completely, I've heard ep 5 did that so prop to that one, 4 and 3 are kind of ok? At least in comparsion to 1 and especially 2.
Anyway, going back to Kyoani, the sameyness of the characters and art designs are really grating, maybe it's because I'm not a big fan of that style at the first place. Everytime I watch a Kyoani anime I go "Oh, it's a Kyoani anime". Maybe it's ridiculous of me to expect any difference but I want their anime to look different, Kyoani should use their knowledge to create something out of their style.

It's like in live action you have this great actor but he never play the role of his character in any movie he's in, instead he overwhelm those characters with his personality. Some people like that kind of stuff, particularly movie goers who watch a movie because their favorite actor is in it, I'm not one of those so sometimes I feel really sick of it. This is probably how I feel about the entirety of Kyoani in general.
Anyway, the biggest problem is their fans and anti-fans, or rather, the discussion surrounds KyoAni itself. Seldomly do we have a good discussion that isn't filled with either complete dicksucking while shitting on other anime or complete shitposting, disregarding any goodness Kyoani has. It really spoils my perception of the studio. I still watch their anime and even have some of them as my favorite (Eupho and Hyouka), but fuck, every time I see any KyoAni discussion or articles on the Internet I can't help but roll my eyes to the point of having a fucking seizure because oh god, which far end of the spectrum am I going to have today? Of course, this is not exclusive to Kyoani discourse and if I stand in the position of either the anti or the fan, I would probably feel really good that the discourse is one-sided. Still, I'm not those so I have to put it out there that you guys should tone it down. Can we all be reasonable people for once and instead of coming off like assholes, discuss and argue politely with respect?
>inb4 muh feeling
>inb4 where do you think you are
Even Sup Forums can have great discussion from time to time.
I don't have a point, really, just have some thoughts and want to put this out there.


It's not fair bro kyoni magnum opus is losing to a generic mechashit.

KyoAni makes pretty shows. That's their schtick.
These are the only shows I've seen from KyoAni that have had competent writing and direction:
>Haruhi (barely)
>Koe no Katachi

Everything else I've watched has been either bland or absolutely botched.
VEG currently is falling into the latter of that category.

VEG is the greatest pleb filter since Shinsekai Yori and the official winter AOTS.

>Comparing SY to VEG

How do you slip up this bad, user?

I watched Haruhi but that was so long ago I barely remember a thing about it. Probably was a good experience though.
You don't like either Eupho or Hyouka? Those 2 are probably their strongest work (haven't watched Koe no Katachi).

>KyoAni makes pretty shows. That's their schtick.
That's a good summary.


Haven't watched those two my interest is definitely piqued by Hyouka and I'll probably be picking it up within the next couple months.

I've watched K-on! and Clannad which seem to be their most acclaimed works and I thought they were both dumpster fires. K-on! a little less so.

Did I stutter motherfucker?
Both shows are nothing alike but both of them have a big filter that removes the shit eaters that can't handle slow burns.

>Comparing LITEREAL NOVEL with Kadokawa reject """"""LIGHT"""""" Novel.
VEG is shit. That's a fact.
It's not pleb filter, it's actually Patrician filter.

How do know after five eps that VEG is a slow burn and not just filtered trash heap?

>How do know

Kadokawa has no standards either, they literally think overlord and rokudenashi are good.

>They have a really good understanding of visual direction
>slap together some lens flare and filters and call it a day

Kadokawa is absolutely massive and trying to generalize them shows how retarded you are.

>m-mom I posted it again.

The standard for publishing companies is "will it sell?". If I, as a publisher, had to choose between a piece of crap that has a high potential for sales and something that has mediocre writing (better than crap) but has a smaller window for an income... I'd go with crap for money.

It's called experience. I know most ironic weebshits nowadays don't know what that is and immediately trash slow burns as boring and "nothing happens" but thankfully some of us have seen this movie before.
If stuff like Mushishi were to air for the first time in 2018, it would get the same retarded treatment.

It's not a generalization, it's a statement. Large publishers lack consistency.

VEG is pretty much all the worst aspects of KyoAni rolled into one show.
Pretentious expositionary dialogue, visuals that only serve to distract the viewer rather than add to the scene in an organic way, music which feels like it comes in and out at random intervals, and character writing that doesn't seem to understand the concept of needing to be emotionally invested in the characters for the audience to care.
I didn't even like Maid Dragon all that much, but I vastly prefer that type of show to this pretentious snoozefest.

Says no one ever

Correct. They did not think the first VEG novel would sell and told the author to fuck off.
Said author redid the story and then showed to kyoto animation, getting their grand prize for it. Turns out it sold well, it forced kyoto animation to restock the novel twice last year due to it selling out.
This kind of stuff happens user.

The show is above you. People like you think Hibike is just yuribait and Hyouka is just boring.

This, why weebs can't undestarnd the superiority of kyoani

It could end up pretty good in the end but the episodic nature of VEG renders the argument about slowburn pointless. If it's one entire running narrative then yeah, ok, show can start slow and ramp up the speed later, I'll judge the episode as a part of a bigger structure. But if each episode is its own contained story then that's that. I can judge each episode as its own story and so far, VEG hasn't done anything impressive except trying to awe audience with its visual.

Slow burn and episodic stories do not oppose each other when every story is connected by the development of the main character and the progression of the overall plot.
The side characters might have their own little contained stories but the same is not true for the main character, the way this particular main character is growing is not only evident but also it's a preparation for the conflict(s) that will come later as she can't possibly hope to run from her past or run from whatever happened to the character that drives her forward. This is a slow burn.

Nice source.

I can't be bothered to search for the kyoani tweets apologizing for the books selling out. Sorry user, you'll have to take my word for it. Or not, works the same.

Lol now you're comparing VEG to fuckin Mushishi?

Mushishi is a well constructed and subtle episodic narrative that manages to develop better characters out of a single episode than most shows are able to do within 2 cours. No one would shit on this show at any point in time unless they were true sub-humans.

VEG is a pretty looking attempt to deliver a complex singular character journey with episodic subplots that end up being a pathetic, amplified, and bland presentation of forced drama. That ultimately leave me unable to give a shit about anything that's happening in the show.

You can like VEG, but Mushishi is far out of its league.

Except there's little to that main narrative in both substance and time attibuted. Sure, the final episodes can be good because it slowly build up from many episodes, but we don't judge the earlier episodes by the main narrative. If we do so then these episodes failed because Violet is pretty damn boring even after 1/3 of the show run time, even if she becomes better later on it still doesn't jusify boring portrayal of autism for such amount of screentime. On the other hand, don't do that then these episodes still worth something because of the side stories of other characters.

it's not a show for shitskin crossboarders so i understand your disdain

>Mushishi is a well constructed and subtle episodic narrative that manages to develop better characters out of a single episode than most shows are able to do within 2 cours.
Nice meme

>K-on! and Clannad which seem to be their most acclaimed works
>didn't know about Hyouka
You're sending some mixed signals on how long you've been watching anime.

Comparing? Not at all. I said Mushishi would get shit on if it first aired today, the entire fandom has gotten used to fast pace and all over your face kinds of stories.
You're also making a terrible exaggeration there, we both know the side characters from Mushishi don't develop that much at all. What makes Mushishi so good is the world around them.

It's not autism, her problems as a veteran that was used for murder since she was, what, 10 years old(?) is quite different from autism. In fact I'm kind of expecting a twist later on that she actually enjoys war and killing people because that's the only thing that gave her purpose and kept her close to the man she really cares about, and with it a great change in her character happens. That's just me thinking though.
If it boils down to buzzwords like autism to you then I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Just because you dont like something doesnt mean it has to change. You sound like a egotistical prick bothered by things not going your way. You stared out well with criticism but you derailed into focusing on how its not as great as you would life. Everyone else has their preferences but they either still watch or move on and dont put up much of a fuss.

I too agree. There's a reason why Mushishi was notorious for what it did.

I liked VEG but still thinks Hyouka is boring.

How can you "liked" something that is far from over?

Hear hear!

You have shit taste.

>visual direction
Stopped reading there.

What's wrong with those words?

Go back to MAL pretentious newfag

>disliking VEG is being pretentious
>liking VEG is being pretentious

Which is it?

>company that only publishes isekaishit and haremshit rejects mature high brow literature which has zero appeal to its neckbeard otaku and teenager base
Gee, color me surprised. Next you'll tell me Nickelodeon rejected Devilman Crybaby.