Well Sup Forums?

Well Sup Forums?

Anyone who doesn't choose Inaban is literally gay.



Is that even a question? Right of course.


You're going to jail.

wasnt left one of the bullies

Inaban of course.


Inaban, of course.

Bitch thinks she can suggest this because she knows I'd pick the more attractive one so she's safe? Tough shit, I choose left.

I don't remember this scene.

I think once they turn from kids to teens her clothes burst

I should really get around to clearing this from by backlog.

Left because being a contrarian makes me hard.

Loli Inaban is so fucking cute.

join our pain of s2 never, never, NEVER ever

The best girl of course.


Same here, got maybe halfway through it back when it was airing. From what I remember they did a surprisingly good job with the characters but the drama got to be too much for me.

Do normal people actually masturbate to people they know?
How does that even happen? Do they have images of each other? How do you masturbate to a non-lewd picture of your friend?
How people manage to fap to 3D is already confusing to me but how do you fap to people you know without any content to fap to? Do you go off of memory?


when I was much younger I fapped to hot classmates
Id visualise their face in my head and then imaginged that on my crotch, sucking dick

But their faces have blemishes and dead skin and pores. Some of them even have pimples or moles.
How can you masturbate to that?

How do I get my own loli Inaban?

Is the question hypothetical or practical?

If they have enough blemishes to look ugly then they don't fall under "hot classmates".
Just think about that for a second.

they sent me a few seconds long topless video. think of it as a joke or a meme.

your head has built-in photoshop
you dont remember imperfections

also the arousal comes less from perfect visual stimulation and more from the fact that the cute, normal classmate is on your dick

But they have blemishes PERIOD, and their eyes secrete actual crust and their noses are full of actual snot. Their mouths are full of actual saliva, and NONE of this is in a gap moe way either. It's just constantly there as a problem.
3D is beyond redemption I don't know how anyone can think of it and stay hard.

Is it worth finishing? I made it 6 episodes in, thought it was interesting when they were switching personalities. But then they switched the forced drama plot device and didn't think it worth going through

I see it posted from time to time so maybe I was in the wrong. Animation was good at least.

Deus ex machina

I dropped it while it was airing. Not even alien ghost memes and forced drama arguments could get me to finish it.

Same situation but I finished it later.
The rest is just depressing crap until the end. your call.

Hmm yeah, that was the direction it seemed to be heading. Not even a happy ending? The first arc was already pretty sad, I didn't want to get jerked around for 11 more episodes.

Well just spoil me this, which of those 2 girls end up with MC? Or is it all drama with no satisfying end in sight?

Inaban wins a comeback victory in a happy end to a great drama series. Should've just spent a few hours watching the rest of the episodes, mate.

It was fucking garbage, only popular because of some dumb bullying "scandal"

it was popular before that m8

TL: Inaban means best girl

You obviously didn't watch it with Sup Forums, as the threads were popular before the incident came to light near the end of the TV serialization.

Does anyone have that image of Squidgirl pointing at the tv and laughing, and on the tv is said bullying incident? I lost it years ago in a hdd crash but we must never forget that shitstorm.

Before porn was easily accessible and hyper sexual media wasn't everywhere, it was easy to just sit down in an dark room, close your eyes, and think sexy thoughts and be able to get off.

There was probably a decent chance this would have gotten a season 2, but that scandal. Episodes were cut, no chance of S2, and the perps enjoy great careers while the victim still gets shitty roles.



I thought the victim wasnt even an actor

Inaba is the most perfect best girl and I love her

In the end Inaba won in romance?

I'd honestly pick left despite not remembering her name. Inaban already exuded sex, it felt like she was naked all the time anyway.

Yes, a crushing victory with no chance of comeback for Iori

But Iori rejected the faggot twice and Taichi rejected Inaba once.

I want to marry inaban in a small church in the french countryside and have two beautiful children with her, and also rawdog nagase in a reasonably priced hotel room while away on business.

what episode of K-ON is that

>millennial humor


If you don't know please don't reply me


God Kokoro Connect was so fucking shit. I watched it before I realized that I didn't like romance/drama anime. Never again.

Romance stories are fun, man
It's nice to see an idealized version of something I'll never have. It makes me feel less lonely

The male characters are always such fucking pushover losers that don't deserve female attention. I can't.


That tends to be a bigger problem in shounen or seinen romance stuff. Shojo and josei tend to be better when they're not about NTR and rape, which josei has a substantial problem with

Oh sweet youth, not knowing of a time before smartphones, or even social media for that matter...

Isn't this the show about bullying a newbie VA?

Is this a shitpost? She was fucking mental.


I love it

It is.

The anime wasn't much, but the reason why it was cancelled is more entertaining.

I can still do that now in the shower so that’s not always true

l e w d

inaban is for anal


>all the forced drama with Iori in the last arc

Jesus that made my skin crawl.

Are you actually unironically autistic?

You are the sweetest summer child I've seen in months.

Google aphantasia if you're what I'm thinking of

Get out underage.


>not knowing how to masturbate without porn
this generation sure is fucked

Inban because she is cute

If you are a girl in middle or high-school, or if you are a woman, at least one of your peers/coworkers has masturbated to you at least once. This is a fact.

nigga just use your imagination holy shit millennials are fucking retard

Almos fapped during this episode


Girls do it too.

this, except I actually fapped

I’ve seen so much porn and nude bodies, I can piece together what most people look like naked. From there it’s just imagining what there faces/body language is during sex, which I can also imagine due to above. Honestly if your semi attractive you’ve probably been fapped to at least once.

Are you insane, knowing a person makes it way hotter