Fate/Extra Last Encore

How the hell are secondaries even getting anything from this anime?

He probably tasted the semen of hundreds of men through that kiss.


Worst fate by far

Just watched it. Shinji once gain proves that he is the best boy.

>Nero just one shots Drake
That fight scene was fucking garbage.
Why is Shaft so incompetent?

And Rin is way too sexy.

>Grand Order OVA

Are you implying she wouldnt job in umu.


Thats prism illya

Anyone asked for your opinion? yeah thats right.

That is kind of a whores job


so what bodily fluids did he exchange this time?

>Thats prism illya
Nerofags keep proving to be the greatest cancer of Fate.

>he doesn’t like prism Illya
Fuck off quinary

At least they should've made the fight interesting.
Even Fate Apocrypha at least tried to do that

Prisma's great, though
Nerofag here. Love Prisma so much I read the manga and watch the anime

Drake is a shit tier servant though.

Single cour. No time for fights

We got 10 of exposition about Shinji being the keymaster and 30 seconds of Drake jobbing hard. I want my money back.

Second worst after prism shitlia.

Because no time for fights when you only have a single cour

Literally a new route/sequel to Extra with an edgy Hakuno.
I'm betting 80% of Sup Forums hasn't even played the game.

Disgusting taste

That doesn't mean the fight needs to be shit tier. This is a franchise founded upon weak or crippeled characters outperforming and beating their superiors

Nah. Action is very dissapointing. But everything else could turn out to be good.
Nero is fun as a main servant anyways, so it's already better than, say, Apo to me

We've got 13 or 14 episoes for prologue + 7 floors + Twice and Buddha+ main story and main cast development.
No time for fights

I wonder why this season had to suck so hard
>kyoani makes a 7/10 anime with forced animation
>madhouse makes an 7/10 anime about lizards and furry sex
>Shaft craps out Fate thats appeals to only fate fans, gintama anyone? Good job on making a 7/10 fate adaptation no one asked for.
>the most popular anime is some mecha nonsense with ntr and standard anime nudity
>pop team epic is the best anime of the season and even that is a 7/10 comedy
>mitsuboshi colors is budget as fuck and is a 7/10 cgdct anime
>gatsu no lion is on a "break"

Theres no Made in abyss or Houseki no kuni or Youjo senki or anything that stands out.

>People defending Shaft

This is the best season you ple-
>Made in Abyss,gemshit,Youjo Sneki as 'stands outs'
Oh wait you are just retarded. I am sorry for your condition.

The action has been better than the flashy nonsense in recent Fate adaptations though. Servant combat in Extra has been more grounded for most of the part, which is how it should be. Servants aren't supposed to move with superhuman strength and speed all the time.

Yes People can defend what you don't like
I asked for Last Encore or anything Extra related with Nero as main Servant and I'm very happy with this. I love Nero

>Servants aren't supposed to move with superhuman strength and speed all the time.
Just when they're fighting.

>7/10 is bad
Humble thyself, knave.

>Still shitposting
Well, might as well never come to these threads anymore. Fate has been this cancerous since Apocrypha it takes away the tiny enjoyment that is left.

It was Natsu that decided to change the whole story and Shaft is not the nest studio to animate action-packed scenes. This is all well-known and still people never tire out and learn.

Well, the thing with "flashiy nonsense" is because of the nonsense powers of some Servants, like Karna
The flashier Extra servants would be Buddha, Gawain, Tamamo and Drake

You're on Sup Forums. What did you expect of this shithole?

a busty blonde shortstack who communicates by UMUing is peak performance Fate. Mix in HATE lad and Rin looking slutty and you're going to have yourself a good time. Much better than Apocrypha, even if this one was based on some awful 3rd-rate Marvelous musou game.

>Servants aren't supposed to move with superhuman strength and speed all the time.
>Established in the VN that even shit tier servants move faster than humans can react

>even if this one was based on some awful 3rd-rate Marvelous musou game.
This is why these threads are so shit. It's full of people who know nothing, but think they know everything, trying to show off that knowledge and "superior opinions".

m8 I pretty distinctly those sprites bouncing around like pinballs in the VN


It's based on some awful 3rd rate Marvelous Rock Paper Scissors RPG trying to cash in with the Persona craze using an school setting and having you fight stuff in a weird dungeon periodically

>even if this one was based on some awful 3rd-rate Marvelous musou game.
>Extella is Extra

Umu smile is too cute


>Servants aren't supposed to move with superhuman strength and speed all the time.
Remember that part in the VN where Rider and Saber literally run up the side of building

>But muh OOMOO and Rin
Not an argument
It's worse than Apocrypha at this point.

Post y'alls faces when Rin is revealed to be Tamamo in disguise

tamamo is shinji girlfriend tho



My waifu now pleases old men for money


Nah, She probably still does it for free.

>Nu/a/ is this dumb


>takes a mana pot
>gives it to Nero
>gives mana crystals to MC
>drinks the same type of mana pot she gave Nero
>Tamamo sticker

Shit, might be onto something

Nero and Rin are better than any of Apo's cast
So, to me it's better. And that isn't changing
Sorry if it's not an argument for you, but I don't have to pander to you.
If I love Nero and Rin and watching a show where both or just one of them is in the spotlight more than Apo, you can't do anything about it

you know all of LE's audience has no idea where things are going, right

Now that I think about it, why does a Roman Emperor (female) look identical to King Arthur? Also how does her ahoge stay up even when underwater?

I mean this barely has anything to do with Extra.
Like what the hell is up with Rin

7/10 is 7/10
8/10 is more than 7/10
9/10 is more than 8/10
10/10 is more than 10/10

now we all understand scores and their relation to other scores.

saber is a dominate allele and provides incredible ahoge strength

It’s a (shitty) tradition at this point that you have to have a saberface for every fate.

That is absolutely retarded as she acts nothing like Tamamo

You dissin' the actual AOTY?

Why did Sup Forums the UBW route adaption, again?

It was much better than Last Encore.

Does Nasu not have it in him anymore?

Speedwatcher here. So Rin lost her servant? How the hell did she beat those lackeys? It can't be magic because apparently this isn't the Fuyuki Grail War, but a fake one.

She looks so much better with different hairstyles, just changing her hair makes her look a lot better than arturia

Apocrypha had two random people look exactly like Jeanne. Saberface is a widespread condition even amongst commoners at this point.

nasu explained it's because all the inbreeding which cases Seiba genes to be so pronounced in Europa's rulers.

also servants erect a mana barrier which prevents them from getting wet underwater.

Kill yourself

Hacking is not that different from magic, but she drank the same potion she gave to umu, so who knows what's happening
I want to erect something inside of umu

>Nasu wrote the script
>It's somehow Shaft's fault

I like Rin too, not the biggest fan of Nero though.
Anyways the anime fails at establishing the setting and plot properly unless you've played the game(I have). Apocrypha at least did that in the first few episodes and A1 actually put some effort into the fights unlike Shaft.

The whole Fate fandom is now agaisnt us.

>Apocfags now labeling LE as the worst fate becuase muh animation isn't good, everybody knows Shaft can't do action, so what's the big news here?
>/u/fags constantly coming here to shitpost.
>fgogfags complaining that their servants didn't receive their well deserved introduction.
>Foxfags still at it.
>Praetorfags not happy with anything.
>Nerofags are now being called the cancer of the Fate comunity becuase this adaptation happens to be centrated on her.
>And now to add fuel to the fire we have Illyafags showing us the figer as well.

Does anyone realize how we are standing on an unequal ground here? It's like everyone suddenly decided to team up just to bring shitposting to its maximum. I'm a Nerofag but I've never wished ill towards anyone else. How am I supposed to react to this shit when most of Nerofags haven't done anything to anyone else. Following this mindset, if this was an adaptation centrated on fox, would she and foxfags get this level of shitposting too or what?

So is this really a 1-cour or are people just doomposting? I can't find anything about it being a 1-cour anywhere.

I liked it a lot

Secondary here: This shit is fun as fuck.
And what's so hard to get? Things got explained pretty clearly by Rin in this ep.

It's 1-cour, and there's only 6 BD volumes

Koi wa Ameagari is better than all three of those 'standout' anime you mentioned, you're just too much of a fucking bandwagon faggot to actually try out anything that's off the radar.

Here's non secondary trash answer.
Nero's legend actually inspired King Arthur's legends in the nasuverse.
That's why they look alike.

>Rin didn't walk in circles while expositioning

It’s just a meme bro, calm down.

Jesus Christ user post more emperor.

>slightly above average shoujo
>better than Gemshit and Abyss

You care too much about what other people think.
Stop. It doesn't matter. I love LE and Violet Evergarden and hate FranXX, and I don't care if most of Sup Forums disagree.

The setting has been properly stablished in episodes 2 and 3.
A1 had 2 cours, so more time for fights. This only has 1 cour ,so no time for fights
You can also get more fights when your setting allows for multiple match ups that aren't Mc tea m vs enemy team of the week.

>Emperor Nero burns down Rome
>Saber ruins England

You know the answer most Nerofags don't even participate in shitpost, we only got a little bit of umu posting last week when threads were civil, hope threads get better again after good subs and we can discuss again

Ok then answer me this secondary fag.
>What is the moon cell?

I played Fate/Extra and I still have no idea what's going on.

wew you fuck yourself over without my having to do anything.

It's like a supercomputer on the Moon or something

Prismafag here. Because of the fanservice and different characterization of Illya, we have to suffer shitposting from Fatefags who don't like it. Also, lolifags who dislike the Alternate Shirou flashback arc and mahou shoujo fags who dislike the dark turn the series took in 3rei
And of course, /u/fags angry about Shirou and the jokes about his harem and Illya and Kuro wanting his dick

How a roman emperor can look this good in a kimono

technically Seiba built up England and his son ruined it because his dad had become a feeble cuckold yet refused to pass his crown to another.

What the fuck is her problem? Her face looks like she's making fun of me for something but won't tell me what it is.