You now remember Karin, the cute vampire girl . Have a good night

You now remember Karin, the cute vampire girl . Have a good night.

this is the only vampire I need in my life

Of course I remember her. I've watched Karin like 5 times.

Karin is cuuuuuute.

The manga has a pretty interesting storyline actually. Shame the anime was so short in comparison.

At least the anime kept the eight mood from start to finish and not have random bitter sweet ending out of nowhere

You now remember the manga's crappy ending.

Well yeah I do.

I can't ever forget her because this was my first shoujo that didn't start with 'Mahou'.

Karin is too pure for this world.


The boy was more pure.

>tfw the mom had overeactive phermomones

How could the ending be improved?
In b4 "anything but what we got"

Uishi wasn't pure, he was just dense.
Karin was the single purest thing in the series.

I wish the ending wasn't so bad.

Oh I'm on volume 7 now actually shame to hear the ending well be bad...

But I liked the ending.

Uh oh.
it really isn't as bad as you think, its overplayed for laughs

Karin ended up living a happy life thanks to her loving family. Why don't people like the ending?

The dude barely knew what was sex.

He knew about the idea. Karin, on the other hand, didn't even consider the act.

Neither did him.

That's why they were made for each other

Agreed. Two pure lifeforms creating a lewd lifeform.

Is it lewd if it's toward her father?

But did she ended with Usui? What about her imouto? I never read the manga and I doubt I'll read it one day.

I love the good bittersweet ending the manga had

Yes. They have a daughter together.

What about her imouto? She's watching over Karin's new family from afar.

I read the manga after watching the anime and I liked both. But that was years ago so I don't remember the details.