How long until Muse is ressurected or remade?

It is obvious that sunshine aren't getting the same ammount of popularity.

If the next LL idol group is also a failure. I guess they will have to go back to Muse, right?

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They swore the voice actresses had permanently retired from the characters, so the possibility of Musa ever appearing again was nil. Then the voice actresses came back for the arcade game, so that was an obvious publicity lie. Expect them to return in a year or two.

>It is obvious that sunshine aren't getting the same ammount of popularity

One shitty joint performance with Muse will be enough to keep me satisfied. One song to blow everyone away and then they can do whatever they like with the replacements. New SiF is a good homage too. I bet the focus will be on the new groups, but just having them there is a relief for me. What is more, new Muse merch is still being made, their image is a big part of Love Live and the suits know that. They won't be forgotten so soon.

They can come back for the Olympics along with their 10 year Dengeki G anniversary founding anniversary if not then the 2013 for the 10 year anime anniversary along with a new movie of them reuniting after 10-20 years.

Olympics is too far fetched for this franchise, but surely they are planning something special for their 10th year anniversary.

>tfw Umi now has a BF

I would prefer a spin off focused on A-RISE.

Tsubasa retired from anime industry if I'm not mistaken.

The fact that Honk and co did not wear otonokizaka dresses on the Abema tv special should speak louder that any announcement.

Aqours is part of sounds of Japan which will be part of the Olympics, dud.

Fuck moose and their fanbase. You literally hold this franchise back.

How long till hagfags start to hate on the latest girls too?

After Aqours Final Live.

Are you crazy? LL is selling insanely well even after 4 seasons. Most big hits lose most sales after 2nd.

For your knowledge, most hagfags are very accepting of Nijigasaki girls because the way they are presented isn't forced like the "replacements" that came before.

Of course, because Aqours is not ded. Unlike hags.

SiFAS is coming out in a few months and Muse, like it or not, is a big part of it.

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Dumb phoneposter.

Muse seiyuu's will voice in the new Mai Hime/Otome projects

Just because I'm not a hagfag, it does not mean I don't like muse. It's only you hags only retards who see the world black and white.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

im waiting for the yazawa family spinoff

Muse makes music I actually listen to on a dailey basis
Awkwars doesnt come close

daily reminder solo live iii in just over a month

All past and future opinion discarded

Not going to happen after all of Sup Forums and 2chan literally bullied Honoka's VA into never getting work again.

its not really an opinion so much as a fact

>Episode 3 Nico gets her license

Im waiting for the spinoff where Maki and Nico start their own family

Good luck with that.

god i would watch all 24 minutes of that episode

is it forbidden love?

Sunshine didn't have Nozomi so that's why it wasn't as popular.

>episode 5 where nico goes to her mom's work

forgot to add this

>literally worst girl

You misspelled "best". Nice of you to post a picture of worst girl though.


to be fair, she is the softest of all the LL girls


>any girl worst
>when honk exists

Watanabe You!

It appears my superiority has led to some controversy


Shit taste, all of you.

>posting a Nozomi scat doujin

Can it, honk


alright, post em boys

They should do the same as Xenoglossia.

With different VA's, they should make all the Idols be giant robot pilots.

Bandai could pull a Love Live Gundam TV series. I would watch for sure!



You deserved to be in μ's.



what would Nico want for valentines day?


They are already coming back.



doki doki sunshine

I want to use Kotori-chan as my personnel bathroom

I want Maki-chan to use me as her personal bathroom

a nice summer vacation without tomatos

fuck love live. idolmaster is the best, but the real focus should be turning wake up girls into what they used to be before the newest season. no anime has ever made me this upset -- like legitimately upset and wanting to cry over the shit new season, but the tears just won't come. it was so good and they ruined it. THIS was supposed to the the next big thing. i'm talking BIG like im@s, LL, k-on

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Nozomi is ____

it only got 4 and a half stars

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WUG is best idols

the new season? that shit has to be rigged. even people who watch regular, american TELEVISION will know that it's bad once they watch it

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Mine is quite unbalanced.

Was it kino?

Aqours will become hags too, soon.


I don't get it.

Have you heard of All Stars? They already pretty much resurrected Muse.

Do you even watch LL-related TV broadcasts? Honoka's VA is still getting invited and still acts normally. Just watch the latest SIFAA show if you don't believe me.

To be quite honest, I don't think they'll be getting much focus in there either.

Muse are getting a decent amount of focus in the PV :
and in the special TV broadcasts :
Although we can only speculate how important are they going to be in the actual game.
I hope we can expect some All Stars Live Shows one day, with Muse performing in it, but that's just wishful thinking of a nostalgiafag.

one girl to rule them all

Latest TV broadcast was scripted as fuck and made specifically to promote the new game. Niconamas are just more viable.
>Although we can only speculate how important are they going to be in the actual game.
This is exactly what I've been thinking about. Having stories with three girls from each gen is incredibly superficial in my opinion. They better make a prologue where they meet for the first time. Also, do not forget the fact that there are those 9 newcomers, so focus on them is guaranteed and since Aquas are an active group you can bet they'll be more active and present in the stories.
>I hope we can expect some All Stars Live Shows one day
Just one performance is enough. Snow Halation or Bokura no Live on 10th Anniversary.

another day, another buttmad rehash fan. YOUR place will always be the 2nd. forever. lmao.

>Latest TV broadcast was scripted as fuck and made specifically to promote the new [game/CD/Live/BD]
Isn't that always the case?
>Snow Halation or Bokura no Live on 10th Anniversary.
This. This so much. I would die a happy man.



Well, yes, but they have more freedom to express themselves in Niconamas.


Mimorin has a chad boyfriend now and doesn't care about smelly otaku anymore

Implying Love Live isn't normalfag franchise.

God help all those innocent people.

They are fucked without a new mobile game, look at Idolm@ster. Cinderella Girls anime was shit and far worse received than Sunshine, yet Idolm@ster franchise has become far bigger than Love Live in Japan. Why? Because of Starlight Stage. Without a new mobile game run not by shit tier companies the Love Live franchise has nowhere to go but down, with or without Muse.

Idolm@ster started as an arcade game from the get go. It is much older franchise and they hired actual talented seiyuus for it. Love Live was always playing catch up with them. Original @mas anime was a big success and the thing that pretty much started this idol trend. What is more @mas never forgot about their original cast whereas LL execs are realizing it only now.