Ryuuou no Oshigoto

13 hours until new episode, enjoy our Queen for the time being.

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Ginko a shit.

Ginko a slut.

Will this perfection get any more screentime?

It's like the author mixed Origami from Date a Live and the hag from loliball to create the quintessential worst girl.

Ai best

This arc. Prepare your bodies.

Where's the shogi?

Reminder that Red Ai is a homewrecker and Master is a baka idjit for falling for this bitch's tricks.

Red or Blue Sup Forums?

You're just mad you lost, Ai.


She's worst than your standard homewrecker, she's a generic tsundereshit.


Red Ai superior Ai

Ginko a Best

Cute cold flattie is cute and hot.

Red. Bratty tsundere lolis are the best.

Ginko a shit.

JCs really are the best.

Ginko is my favorite loli.

Can you just fuck off and let me like what I like

What time will you go to sleep, LRD? I need to know for research purposes.

Ginkoshitters, everyone.

Nothing wrong with liking shit, but don't be surprised of being reminded of it.

Just ignore him. People should know this by now.

Ginko is thrash.

Same for JC loli.

Shitty Origami clone.

Ginko is a shitposter.

Requseting the bingo list for LRD's shitposting.

Is LRD a Blue Aifag?

Stop spamming scat.


No. He's a normalfag who likes to stir up shit and ruin everyone's fun by instigating fanbase wars.

The Best

Yes, because everyone is secretly a Blue Aifag.

The worst girl.

I got you, bro.
>fuck off
>loli hater
>loli hating
>Ginko a shit
>old hag
>fuck off
>I'd rather this cow
>shitters, everyone

The girl who probably will win the bowl unless there's a timeskip.

The icy mistress to wife Ais.


Red is such a shit. Ginko is better than that garbage.

If I had a dollar for every shitpost LRD makes, I'd be rich by now

Nice falseflag LRD.


Stop pretending to be another person, LRD.

>muh boogeyman

Don't forget he started falseflagging Red and Blue out of nowhere in last week's threads.

I'm not LRD and I hate Shitko.

>Sup Forums can't appreciate JCs anymore

What happened?

i need tyhis guys

LRD pls


Ginko is just an insult to good JCs.


Fixed it.

My wife Ginko has very cute feet.

>if you hate Shitko you're LRD
>if you like Shitko you're LRD
>someone will call me LRD for this post
Are there any more LRDs I should know about

We're all LRD here.


LRD pls. We aren't idiots. That's another item that should be added to the list.


LRD isn't Sup Forums, bro. Just hell no.


>LRD gets a new IP to a meme out of himself

Fuck off, Ginkoshitters.

LRD a shit.


Nah.It's mostly one autist who can't control his rage and asspain.

>LRD replies to himself

The truth has been revealed

Instead of ignoring him, you guys are letting him win by feeding and derailing the thread, which is exactly what he wants.

Why is Blue Ai so perfect? She improved the whole shogisode!


remove the eyesore on the right and it's perfect.

>yandere trash

Much more perfect than shitty Ginko.

Fuck off, LRD.

>annoying and clingy, possessive brat

>putting shitty and Ginko in the same sentence

>ginkotard hating on loli

Red Ai is superior though.

>putting shitty and shit in the same sentence
Makes sense.

>LRD hating lolis
Absolute cancer.

>hurr durr just because she's a loli i'll excuse her garbage personality
The absolute state of Blue Aifags

>implying Ginko is shit

Are Ginkofags and Red Aifags bros? Because I feel like only Blue Aifags hate Ginko

Retarded ginkotards everyone

>garbage personality
We aren't talking about Ginko though

>ginkofags accusing other characters of having garbage personalities

Make a poll.

calm down and worship our Queen.

>implying she's not

The false flag floodgate is opened, I see. And people are triggering the shitposter while the shitposter trolls back. Great thread, Sup Forums.


>garbage personality
Are you just pretending to be retarded? Or are you really just retarded?


>not having a garbage personality
Are you just pretending to be retarded? Or are you really just retarded?

>prime undeveloped and smol 14 JC
>not loli
I want cancer to go.

Ai's tiny feet!