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Let's have a relaxed discussion about best girl.

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You may not like it, but this is what perfection look like.

Ichigo a shit

holy shit thats fucking hot

The weak should fear the strong.

Ichigo a loser

Why are Ichigotards so cacerous? Could it be because they're infected with her poison?

>Delphinium is a genus of about 300 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae. All members of theDelphiniumgenus are toxic to humans and livestock. The common name"larkspur"is shared between perennialDelphiniumspecies and annual species of the genusConsolida
>In general, larkspurs denote love, affection, and ardent attachment.
>While pink larkspurs represent fickleness, white ones denote happiness, and purple flowers mean first love.
>These flowers symbolize levity, lightness, pure heart, sweet disposition, desire for laughter, etc.
>According to some other versions, larkspur flowers may mean frivolity, haughtiness, and inconsistent loyalty.
>Almost all parts of the plant have poisonous alkaloids.

>frivolity, haughtiness, and inconsistent loyalty
>all parts of the plant have poisonous alkaloids

What does it mean

Will give you cacer

Dear Agony Sup Forumsnons,

Sorry for writing again so soon, I'm just really confused!

My friend has been sick lately, and I've been really worried for him. I'm sure it's that woman's fault, she must have given him some disease or something, but when I tried to tell him that, he just told me he didn't care! He doesn't care that she's making him sick!? I understand that Strelitzia symbolises optimism for the future, and joy through challenges, but that's too much surely!?

But before I could tell him this, SHE came in and interrupted! She told me she was here to "Nurse her darling back to health", but she was carrying a massive bag of these little balloon things?

What, she's going to make balloon animals for him? It didn't make any sense! He's not a child anymore, and he's sick, he needs medicine and care! Not anything like that. But, he looked so excited when he saw her, I couldn't even say anything, then I was called off for a briefing anyway.

And then, despite all her talk, I don't think she even did anything for him! By the time I got back he was fast asleep (he looked completely exhausted too, I don't think I've ever seen him so drained, it was scary...) but she still had the entire bag of the little balloons with her!

She told me that apparently "He prefers doing it without them", OF COURSE NOT! He's not a child! Why would he want to play with balloon animals!? Urgh, I don't understand her at all.

Anyway, she looked pretty worn out herself, so she just gave me the bag and left. I thought it'd be pointless to let them go to waste, so I've been sitting here since, blowing them up myself... They taste kind'a funny though.

But this is getting ridiculous, she's obviously no good for him! How can I help him? What should I do!?

Worried Strawberry

Ichigo Fag detected.

Do we really need 20 threads daily?

How can that AIDs killing 02 even compete?


Probably not.


002 was always, is, and will forever be the best girl and faithful to Darling. Both Hiro and 002 talk about the Jiān (鶼) bird in episode 1. It only has one eye and one wing. A pair of such birds is dependent on each other and inseparable. It represents the relationship between husband and wife. Furthermore, if you investigate the name of their mecha, Strelitzia, you will find that it is the name of a genus of flowering plants, the common name of which is "the bird of paradise flower", because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise. It represents faithfulness in romantic relationships, love, and thoughtfulness. It can also signify the 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple, freedom and the ability to travel (due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight), magnificence, excellence and success, joy through challenges and successes alike, and optimism towards the future.

002 understand Hiro like Ichigo can never even begin to. Ichigo is a selfish, jealous cunt who is scheming behind HIro's back trying to get him out of the robot or make 0ni go soft on him when that is the exact opposite of what Hiro wants.
Hiro strives from hardship. He's a beast of burden. He loves pain. He doesn't need to be sheltered. He needs to be thrown into the fire so he can become lit like a star. Hardship can break a man, but it can also make one. 002 wants Hiro to reach his true potential, all the while letting him make the decision to do it.

>56% human

What does 02 see in Hiro?

How is he different from her previous partners?

It's for self-insert purposes.

he cares for her as a person, not only as a weapon

what was she thinking Sup Forums? was it soemthing along hte lines of "lmao, who gives a fuck if hiro dies, it just means he's a worthless pussy" or something more serious?

The right chemistry.

Imagine how Ichigo will respond when Hiro starts visibly taking on 02's attributes.

Hopefully she'll be over Hiro by then, or she'll need to cope with the fact that 02 is literally engraving herself upon Hiro's DNA.


She was just talking shit to intimidate Ichigo. It backfired and she got what she deserved.

Her dino senses tell her more about a person than we are able to initially. After she smells and licks him, her attitude towards him changes, probably because she gets a sense that they are compatible, both in terms of personality and that he can survive piloting with her. She tates him to understand that he's not afraid of danger, willing to die and alone like she is. She also watches him train and comes to understand that he's an ace pilot, so he's not a scrub. There's also him not being afraid of her horns or treating her like a monster. After his confession, he outright says that he cares for her, not just using her as a means to pilot, which is probably different from her other partners, who just saw her as a necessary monster that was a means to an end.

>"lmao, who gives a fuck if hiro dies, it just means he's a worthless pussy"

Is this bait? She was clearly assessing a threat to her relationship with Hiro. Goro was implying he shouldn't pilot with her.

I like this show and I don't hate any of the main characters except for Mitsuru.

He thinks her horns are cute and despite being inhuman she's just like him. She loves the fact that he sees her as she is and wants to be with her no matter how thorny the path. They literally heal each other's heart.

>02 hates the way she tastes
>Hiro, several episodes from now, loves it

Honestly, what I'd like to see is the rest of the group shine, because so far it's all been
>team goes to fight
>gets jobbed
>Strelizia saves the day
I'd like a couple episodes where the team as a whole works together. Nobody is "outshined", everyone contributes.
Right now, the plot is just Hiro 002 and Ichigo. Nobody knows or cares about the other characters. Let the rest of the team have some spotlight.

kokoro is perfect for NTR god I hope something happens to her she's too good for that fat fuck

I'm not sure what you're trying to say. That he's going to develop dino/oni blood and taste her later?

I hate literally none of the characters. I hate Ichigofags with the force of a thousand suns though.

Its a metaphor. 02 hates herself, but Hiro loves her for her, in doing so 02 will come to love herself.

I might be very late to this idea, but could what 02 be doing be just a big metaphor for STD's?

Ichigo, for all her slutlust for Hiro, never train together with Hiro.

Tells you a lot about her.

I bet Onifags are also Uenofags.

You lot make me sick

>I'd like a couple episodes where the team as a whole works together.
This is what episode 6 will be like.

Its literally the iconic kiss of death spot AIDS victims would get


Literally who?

>bird of paradise

None of those fuckers put in extra training. That's one of the most frustrating things about them. Shit on Hiro instead of training even though they would have died in every mission without help from 02.

>That he's going to develop dino/oni blood and taste her later?

Have you seen episode 5 yet?

>They literally heal each other's heart.
For fuck's sake.

I'd cut off my left arm to suck those nipples

I wasn't denying it. Was just confirming what he was trying to say.

Are you left-handed?

That diadem looks like the silhouette of a cat's head.

Fitting since the previous scenes is a catfight.

No, I'm not. You're right, I should sacrifice more for those tits. Right arm it is then.

Natural Law bitch. Ueno was right about everything. As a deaf person, Shouko had no business being in a normal class, let alone be in the fucking choir.

Holy fuck

There's no way that 02 and Hiro's relationship could have been setup by Dr. Franxx right?

I mean, the odds of the first episode alone would have been kind of nuts, from Hiro running across 02 skinny dipping, to 02's mech crashing into the walkway right in front of him.

There's pretty much a 100% chance that Ichigo loses

>There's no way that 02 and Hiro's relationship could have been setup by Dr. Franxx right?
It's plausible, but I think his involvement stops to the extent that he knew Hiro is at plantation 13 and took 002 with him hoping that she'd somehow bump into him, knowing how she's a curious cat that is bound to snoop around and all.

>There's no way that 02 and Hiro's relationship could have been setup by Dr. Franxx right?

I wouldn't doubt him. Maybe his intention was to have 016 and 02 meet and attempt to pilot together. Things didn't go exactly as planned but the results have been undeniable. Also, remember they say that Dr Franxx tends to spoil 02 so he must care about her on a personal level.

Holy cute!

>best girl thread
>no kokoro

Are they serializing a manga simultaneously with air dates?

The 4komas too.

Needs more screentime

Stop, my dick can't handle that much cuteness

Didn't Miku's ass get a fantastic close up in the manga too?

I just want more strawberry suffering, shit's boner inducing.



You be the judge.

did you watch episode 4? if anything they should be apologizing to us (which they did)

cant blame him desu

>she'll need to cope with the fact that 02 is literally engraving herself upon Hiro's DNA.

I think this will be one of the more interesting arcs in the series. Both because of Hiro's adaption and how the squad responds to it, will they start treating him differently because they don't consider him human anymore?

She’s so delicate and pristine, like a doll or something

Copy-paste posts like this should be bannable, like they did with template threads.


>Apologize when all they have done for Franxx is a rushed episode 4 full of QUALITY
A-1 is the backbone of the production.

I prefer the anime version, it looks softer.

>he still thinks it's a coincidence 02 crashed into him
That was planned. She set herself up to get knocked into him so she could force him in with no complaint by higher ups

Is there a page that show's glasses' breasts?


>tfw no pafu pafu

Was this the most kino scene in anime in the past six months?

Old doc has been playing matchmaker the entire time. How can a guy that barely shows up be so based?

no, we need 50

>Mitsuru's fucktoy
>best girl

I think so.

So megane will get killed off?

The AOTS deserves that and more.

user you shouldn't joke about that.

xth for best girl


Hiro isn't a girl, silly.

That fucking proud, lovey-dovey smile at the end of the sentence she gives is too much

>bitchy loli is best girl


she needs to be bullied more

It all makes sense now

This show doesn't have lolis dumbass

I'm pretty sure this is forshadowing to say that Hiro's going to take on Father.