Kobayashi is underrated as fuck

Kobayashi is underrated as fuck.

I love her

Great minds think alike, user.

Would be perfect if she liked dick

Anime is overrated as fuck.

I like flat chests

why are you on Sup Forums then


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I hate her because she reminds me of my dyke of an ex gf

How many women have you driven to Lesbianism, user?

Kobayashi doesn't seem to like anything.

U mad weeb?

She reminds me of myself so I can't argue with that.

Kobayashi is some sort of unknown being.

You have good taste

She is bordeline asexual, but that seems to be because she has no experience with romance.

She seems just apathetic about 99% of things, dating included.

Well at least we know she has a sexual drive.

What's its 0-69 time?

I want to give a real life Kobayashi company.

You can give me company instead. I'll even pay you.

Where? The most I remember was when she had a dick.

You a cute girl or cute girl (male) or cute male?

Tohru pls.

Kobayashi was always the best. I wanna make her a real mother.

this show is cute, but she is the least cute thing about it. her emotional constipation is almost rage inducing. She clearly cares about the people around her, but she is just so... stuck

even omega-level tsundere Fafnir is more satisfying to watch than she is

Best girl

I really like Kobayashi because I empathize with her. It took me a really long time to make long-lasting friends, and I still have no idea how a relationship would work. I was quietly cheering on Kobayashi, hoping things would work out.

Dat episode 14 tho

None of the above.

it would have been amazing if they cut the cast in half.

Too many characters, or did you have specific ones in mind?

That's a really nice Kobayashi, but somehow I'm vaguely reminded of Yuuhi from Biscuit Hammer.

And the madman keeps adding more, but at least they're all directly involved in some sort of character-development scheme, so the additions are not particularly bad (Chloe's introduction was an excellent catalyst for Kanna). Moreover, at this point in the manga, a lot of the supporting cast are getting their own chapters time and again. The result, however, is less Kobayashi's Maidragon and more Kobayashi's Acquaintances and How They Tangentially Relate to Kobayashi's Daily Life. Regardless, all of the cast slowly developing together in their own way only makes the mama's little world that much richer, and each time a character takes a step forward with their persona, Kobayashi typically has a reaction which only further deepens her character as well. Not a bad system for a weird little SoL series.

>downloaded long ago and backlogged
>never realized MC was female until reading comments in this thread
Now wondering why would a girl want/need a dragon maid.
Comedy ensues, I guess.

It's honestly a little difficult to see who to cut at this point. All of the characters are pretty well folded into each other's lives such that we have them consistently asking each other for advice with oddball issues or performing unfamiliar or novel tasks together. Maybe Iruru could have been written out, but she sort of was the first inkling of a truly sustained story in the series (everyone else was pretty status-quo with their intros), so she's not at all unwelcome. The cast is getting a little unwieldy, though. Everyone needs development, but it's impeding more Kobayashi and Tohru time. Then again, the fact that those two seem to operate together so naturally by this point along with the relative popularity of their pairing is a testament to their dynamic being established and progressed enough that it seems to only deepen further from behind the scenes of other cast members' interactions. Yes, this is just a long, pathetic, rambling plea in hopes that Kobayashi just fucking kisses her maid at some point or something, but the two characters do have an admittedly charming dynamic.

Goddamnit, that should have said "manga's."

The typo was still fitting given Kobayashi's role.

Simple but amazing

It's the eyes.

Well I like Haruhi Fujioka and Kobayashi, so maybe I have a thing for tomboys?

>Shouta grows up to be a powerful wizard married to a dragon goddess

That's not what tomboy means.

Kobayashi is so out of place in the story given how strangely realistic she is as a character, not just from the pov of the story, but rather as an anime character. She's a codemonkey instead of an OL, and she isn't some overworldly beauty, but rather a mere body in the trenches.

Kobayashi is the salaryman born of the lost decade that's now in the workforce today, being cogs that function in this nearly rigid social arrangement and almost apathetic about everything save their immediate little world. That's really the Japanese rank and file white collars in their 30s that I am seeing today.

>Kobayashi's underrated ass fuck

No different to how a typical white collar's ass fuck would be like.
Then again, who am I kidding? user NEET loathe members of the wagecuck cohort as which is exactly what Kobayashi is.

>desirable state
I've been unemployed for weeks, and have been wrestling with insomnia, anxiety, and spiraling alcoholism.

Yeah. I really watch the show for Kobayashi. It's fun seeing her actually finding something that's worth her time when she's in this perpetual state of general apathy aka the modern Japanese work life, where people grow so detached that they don't even see a reason to pursue work-life balance.

She's clearly maid-sexual.

It's her fetish.

So is Kobayashi supposed to be into girls or did the author use that fucking stupid trope where girls gaining a dick in manga/doujins suddenly find girls attractive entirely because of the dick?

She didn't grow a dick, she turned into a male.
And men are attracted to women.
Pay attention.

No. Kobayashi is generally apathetic. She hit it off with the 'girl' of the story from a drunken bout where they rant about their respective misfortunes.

tl;dr: weirdly real-life like circumstances.

Kobayashi is so beautiful

I'm more talking about the chapters where Iruru gives Kobayashi a dick. Was she reacting to Tohru and Kanna because she's into girls or because the dick itself was into girls?

I think she's just been screwed up by hormones in that instance.

Just another slice of life that doesn't bring anything new to anime scene.


Why is Kobayashi's form of entertainment to sit in the floor and watch the night sky?


Something that extroverts will never ever understand. Seriously, don't you actually turn away from the computer and just sit by yourself without crap such as ambient noise and whatnot?

too boring

This post raised a dry smile

Wonder if I am weird. I actually hate people who insist on turning up a TV or a radio just so that there's some kind of noise in the room. Normally I don't put on any music unless I explicitly want to listen to stuff while working or using my pc at my own house.

>that fucking stupid trope where girls gaining a dick in manga/doujins suddenly find girls attractive entirely because of the dick
Why do you find it stupid? Is it because girls do not find boys attractive when granted dicks by magic spells in real life?

Ojojojo is better

>never understood MISS Kobayashi was female, from the show MISS Kobayashis Dragon Maid
You really aren't the sharpest pencil are you?

Cool's work are on the same level


Nah, I'm the same way. I live with people who are always listening to something but other than maybe a whirring fan I enjoy the peace and quiet.

She's a maid otaku, but she does't have a sexual bone in her body.
Unless one is given to her.

I think shes one of the only female anime characters that I can self insert with

I think it's because we're both cranky and old but have long since accepted it, while most old cranks have some sort of complex with it

Not for you to say when not even the boomers call themselves old


OK son

Kobayashi 2.0

y’know, at least Sup Forums is honest

and thats what counts the most

new chapter

>new chapter
thank you man

Funny how her character is completely different in Kanna´s spin off, she is pretty much that nice and kind generic adult with a smile in her face who doesn´t seems to have problems being social while in the actual manga she is pretty much indifferent and just smile from time to time

Imagine eating Kobayashi's pussy while she's doing her work!

I can see Tohru offering this to Kobayashi and her master actualy agrees but changing the pussy lick for back massages

Kanna's spin of is a high sugar content manga, she is her normal self in the Elma spin off

Yeah, she is still a bit popular here for someone so plain and lonely but is more accurate indeed

what is this guy hiding? criminal reports?

Why is Fafnir the best dragon?

>apathetic about everything save their immediate little world
Feels a little more universal than just a sentiment confined to Japan. The world is in a state of contraction due to reckless living styles over the past thirty years, and nobody with the power to change it seems concerned about doing so. We either get a quiet self-sufficiency through disenfranchisement or angry returns to hard-line conservatism through dissatisfaction. People born in the early to late 90s got fucked hard by prior generations. Kobayashi is at least lucky enough to have a fat dragon be her cute maid. I'd love to come home to Tohru.

Best girl by miles.

Concise character with a concise conflict (how to relate to his new situation and unfamiliar, unjustified curiosity in what he sees as an inferior society) which is resolved concisely and with very little words. It's told more through action and imagery rather than dialogue which is why it's so poignant.


Back rubs after a warm bath!

The spin off is viewed from Kanna's perception.

>Kobayashi is at least lucky enough to have a fat dragon be her cute maid. I'd love to come home to Tohru.
Wouldn't we all.

I want to take Elma on a date to a buffet and just watch her go nuts.

Tohru is automatically 2nd best girl by proxy by merit of her patrician fucking taste.

neethood is shit and drives you insane


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this seems from the author for a girl with her frame her legs aren't thin