Will Ban end with Jericho?

Will Ban end with Jericho?

Ban with Elaine just feels fucking weird.


Does the 2nd season have Jericho shots?

She's been running around in short shorts.

Janko is his little sister's reincarnation, so no

hmmm might have to get around to watching it then

best girl

Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round table is the son of Ban and Elaine

doesn't seem like it since jericho vanished from the manga

why is she the only qt in this show?
Why are all other grills such shit compared to Diane?

>not qt

My man

The girls are for anal

A lot of the human characters did.
Nakaba probably realized he couldn't write power ups for the Sins as well as them.



>Wanting some slut to get inbetween Ban's true love

The blood lipstick was hot

Elaine is pedo bait.

Need more hmanga

>Janko is his little sister's reincarnation, so no


I hate her new outfit. Spanx, really Japan?

You are an animefag, right? No, he will stay with Elaine.
Sauce: Your ass. And a reincarnation would not mean it's impossible.

Season 2 already started ? Fuck, I might've been living under a rock.

>there're subhumans right now in this board that don't recognize Elaine and Ban mutual eternal love.

Ban is a loser who will stay with Elaine. Jericho is best girl and she's too good for him.