What if mangas and animes were all released after completion? for example...

what if mangas and animes were all released after completion? for example, one piece is released when all 1000+ chapters are done and the binge starts


One Piece sure, but I don't think every manga in existence have an arabian prince sponsoring their work.

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Would be just as shit as Netflix releasing every episode at once. There'd be no discussion because everyone would read at their own pace and not want to discuss until they were done for fear of getting spoiled. It's nice to think about but it wouldn't be good in practice.

And that's only if the mangaka could sit down for several years and write the whole series at once, which probably also wouldn't work because people typically don't like to invest in something they don't know will give them some return. Imagine if all those canceled manga were completed only to be canceled after 10 chapters with the other however many never being released.

That's like writing an entire series instead of releasing book by book. It'd make more sense for manga to be released as complete volumes comprised of 10 or so chapters, enough for an arc/mini-arc to take place.

>There'd be no discussion

implying there's "discussion".
> "muh waifu is best girl. hehehe xDDD"

> Imagine if all those canceled manga were completed only to be canceled after 10 chapters with the other however many never being released.

this one is kind of funny lol. it goes on for 300 chapters but no one actually continues reading after the first vol. mangaka then an heroes

what incentive would there be to draw 1000+ chapters if you don't know how much money it would make and you don't get paid regularly

They would lose a lot of money because lots of flop wouldn't be cancelled early.

That would suck, Netflix. Thanks for asking.

Some are.

idk what would happen but i would like for it to get another adaptation after this one

of all the shonens one piece probably has the most shit adaptation in contrast to how good the source material was, which is a shame

As a consumer it would be ideal. I binge watch most things after they air anyway.
I also find weekly discussions for the most part insufferable. Any theorizing you do will be null and void for the most part until the series ends. If nothing particularly amazing happens in the current episode, people will remember it for being boring for the week even if it was setting up something good. No one has all of the data to make meaningful evaluations of the series holistically, and they might even lose sight of that since they've had to wait so long.
But I guess the rivalry and comradery of "Who's best girl?" and "Who will win the Xbowl?" discussions make it worth it.

I would immediately read the last chapter.

bad, speculation gives time for fanbases to grow

>mangaka forced to work in the rice mines to pay back the publishing company's costs

If there is no discussion, why are you on Sup Forums?

to shitpost of course


>read last chapter of One Piece
>Spoil to everyone what the One Piece is

onepiece will be bad no matter how it’s released

>one piece
Let me guess, another salty Hiatusfag


Joke's on you. The One Piece IS the journey of reading the whole manga

I wonder how many stupid questions could be prevented if people finally understood that anime and manga is business, not art.

one piece was inside you all along!

>AOTS ammi rite? xDDD.

manga update threads are kind of comfy on Sup Forums. like the houseki no kuni ones. but mostly non-seasonal related threads or just fun question threads "like this one, ammi rite" are the good ones on Sup Forums.

I don't see how writing 1000 chapters before cashing any of it in for money or finding out if you just wasted 20 years of your life writing shit no one wants to read is a bad idea or bad business idea. xDD

by volume might be the better format as opposed to monthly/weekly releases but that would completely mess with the current business model/magazine model. It would give authors more time to work ahead/review shit. i think...

As for a full season unleashed i one go... I wonder if they can make it profitable somehow.