Why was the opening for this show so good yet the show itself was so bad

Why was the opening for this show so good yet the show itself was so bad

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shit MC shit love interest








Dragonball GT is the same

the op is shit too, youre just confusing how much its been memed with how good it is

I couldn't stand three episodes of this shit. Maika-chan was hot though.


It was okay. Kaho best girl.
Also Kaho x Akizuki was the better pairing in this show.

why can't satania marry me already

I thought the mc and the love interest were okay. It's just too repetitive on the

>a-are we going on a date?! G-gotta confess!
>forced shipping

That could easily be accomplished by other shows. Should've focused more on the interesting cafe premise.


Italian stalker is shit and Maika has no personality. They dragged down every scene they were in. The writing for this show is atrocious.

Because it tried copying Working!! but had zero character development and was the same shit every episode.

reminder that spicaboos make shitposting better
inb4 DBS Pedro

Comparing it with the manga I wonder if making 24 short episodes (2 a week) or something similar would have worked better. The manga does have a good pace that makes most jokes land better. The filler and the cut scenes (which, yes, did include some characterization bits as well) that stemmed from having to fill a 24 minute slot really hurt the pacing, with some parts feeling too watered down and some feeling rushed.

OP wasnt even good, just exploitable

You're exploitable.

If they were all traps this anime would be a lot more watchable, waiting 8 eps just to see hidori was painful

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The trap was disappointing.


First half was decent. Then it started repeating itself.

Why do normalfags have to ruin everything I love with their unfunny uncreative attention whoring?

The only thing wrong with Hideri was the fact he came over halfway through the series and still got a disproportionately small amount of screentime post-introduction while somehow being the best character in the show.

oh he came alright.



Go home, Tok

What the hell?

>inb4 lol r they dabin! xd1

CUTE and this anime probably had the worst protagonist I have ever experienced

The show had to rely way too much on the gimmicks and therefore it got boring fast.

lol r they dabin! xd1

I generally prefer slice of life anime with cute girls but I loathed this. Is that normal?

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Just let me get the noose real quick...

>tfw you can't be maika's personal feet cleaner and toilet at once


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It was good, you pathetic little worm. Probably one of the best in the CGDCT genre. Stop pretending to have taste by being an insecure grognard.

Cherry Girls anime when?

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't wish for Maika to shit on my eyeballs.

>series about characters playing stereotypes
>they are stereotypes even outside their jobs

It's like the big bang theory all over again


you need to go back

Maybe if they gave it 3 seasons, BlendS could turn it around.
1st season of Working was meh due to Inami overload, but the side characters (i.e. Yamada & Takanashi sisters) stepped up to save it.

Oh shit, that's the reason I noticed some of my irl friendssaying they loved this.
One of them is now dating a drag queen, not trap at all, not even trans. Just a fag in drag.

is this a fancy way to sneeze?

Remove Dino and you get a massive jump in quality.

>maika will never remove what's left of your penis

Dropped Working because it was boring as fuck.
Btw, restaurant environment = coping? Are you retarded?

You might be right about this one. The anime covered the first 3 volumes, but I notice that on the whole there's a gradual shift from ensemble sitcom to character focused romcom. That is, character development and relationships between characters become more important whereas it was mostly comedy before. The latest chapter in Kirara seems to have introduced a possible love rival, so things migh get less straightforward. With all this stuff in mind the anime feels like one big introduction to the main cast. I think season 2 would feel pretty different. Provided that they don't screw it up like their work on volume 3.

You're not notmal.

Because you have no soul. Almost dropped this in the first 5 minutes glad I didnt.


cause shes taken bro

It was okay. Hideri though was annoying as fuck though, and that's ignoring the fact that he's a trap.

>A moe blob show expecting it to be above average
Why ask?

>tripfag hates one of the best characters
Sasuga da na

To be fair, he came in late, he didn't really do much, and he only really appeals to people who like him for fetishistic reasons (and even then he didn't really do much).

It was the best show of the season

He wasn't handled well, I'll give you that, but
>only really appeals to people who like him for fetishistic reasons
I'm afraid I disagree. I like him as a character and I assure you I don't want to fuck him. Proof of that is the episode 11 threads, where most agreed he was very likeable.
He's very abnormal as far as trap characters go, and the anime didn't exactly make him justice, so I'm not surprised most didn't "get" him. That's ok, but tripfags are still tripfags, and I had to call him/her out on his/her hateboner.

>the show itself was so bad
It wasn't.
Grow some taste you piece of shit.

In which episodes does he appear

Last seconds of 7 but gets introduced properly in 8.

If they wrote Dino like an actual italian it would have been so much better, but probably the show would have lasted 6 episodes less


This anime had more comedy focus than generic moe shows
Also there are actually male characters

You're afraid of strong, confident male figures. Your dad probably beats you up.

Are you Italian? How would Dino have acted if he were actually one?

around here people are not ashamed of their sexuality for one.
If he behaved like a more stereotypical italian he would have just confessed on day two

Dino is usually good with girls though. It's Maika that turns him into a beta retard.


I miss yamada

The trap was fine, but his fans literally ruined any possible discussion of the show

His Japanese fans are fine, but true, his Western fandom is fucking terrible.

How was it bad? The comedy and interactions of the characters is decent.

I wonder if they are secretly disgusted in doing this?

I was only in it for a trap gunning for the kinky onee-san. Most of them don't have such fine taste so it was nice getting something a bit different.

Who is Best Boy and why is it owner?

The dog was a piece of shit

He submits to the alpha male, though.