Time for some intelectual discussion lads

Time for some intelectual discussion lads

Who draws the best titties? Pic related

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Mori has a nice realistic feel to her art.

Kenetsu Satou.


Any anime annoucement?
I want more doujins of Megumi


They're all netorare though

Literally who

Strong contender right here

Asses are better than tits, please discuss


>Literally who

Artist of Qwaser and Nectar series.

Nothing wrong with NTR as the Mc is a soyboy

Yabuki is the only correct answer.

is good too though.


if you can't draw big tits, you can't be called the best tit drawer

Absolutely disgusting

He doesn't even draw them that well, they look like implants

He is very aware of the point at which boobs become disgustingly large. He approaches that point occasionally.


Muronaga Chaashuu


Then post examples because i haven't seen anything to write home about from Yabuki

size doesn't mean quality



Kenichi Sonoda

Big fan of Akio Takami

Like i said, sure he's great and all, but with no variety it gets really stale.

Akio Watanabe draws the best.

Define "best". Can't judge if we don't set some criterias first

Hamada Yoshikazu. From flat to budding to normal to cowtits, the man makes the female chest an artform.

Not trying to be contrarian but neither of those look that great

Someone should post the Ladies X Buttlers specials. Do we have those in webm?

You're all wrong.
Higenamuchi draws the softest bodies and the best tits.
If you don't think so then you probably haven't seen many of his works.

>user chooses best tiddy artist
>they only draw cowtits


Post examples

Are you blind? The OP has 3 ranges of breast sizes

If your chosen artist can't draw a desirable flat chest, how can you call them the best?

You can find tiddies like this in hentai. Yabuki isn't special.

post more

I'm phoneposting right now so I'd rather not.

This guy gets it


Cut numbers into your stomach you philistine swine

Nigger if you want the original go find it yourself

Flat chests aren't desirable though.

i really like pochi

Plebeian maximus

thats just objectively false.


choosing only one is unfair but him comes to mind
everything drawn by him should get animated

nakamura regura

Yeah, his and Nidy-2D-'s tits are great.
Although I'm a bit biased since I can't help but appreciate other aspects as well, like the eyes.

>Although I'm a bit biased since I can't help but appreciate other aspects as well
i thought it was supposed to work like that for everyone
while breasts are the absolute best, they look even better with a good container
eyes are really important, they need to be bright and irradiate life, same with hair, it needs to be long and so beautiful that you can almost smell it just from looking at it

Muronaga draws huge tits and draws them with sag, weight, and movement that tits would actually have. They are great tits.

>brown girl
>pink nips

yamatogawa's pretty fucking fresh

I don't read NTR

What happened to him? Is he dead?

A true man of culture is one who can apreciate both atributes and is not limited to like/dislike any of them true beauty comes from the whole picture.

you need to widen your mind son.

>the best combo

I see a book on panda from this month with him as the headline.

This, honestly

Why /ourguy/ Raita of course.

Stand aside

And by best I mean worst.


now it's a party.


Starting appreciating pija recently, so I'll speak up for him.


Bobobo is also a true enthusiast.

>No Satoshi Urushihara mentioned
The lack of taste in this thread is baffling

Will never understand the appeal of this guy.

Bankrupting one ero studio at a time.

Is this series still ongoing?

I miss Lala being the main girl.

Momo was a mistake.

Susuki kenya is not afraid to draw large areolae and fat nipples in non hentai works.



episode 2 never

>time for some intellectual discussion
stopped reading there

Also great range.


a man of taste


Otako is best girl and I want to die whilst diving into her thick muff

I don't remember this scene.

Yoshikazu. Great variety too.

Sakurako Gokurakuin, for me.

I like Domestic Kanojo, where Momo the bimbo is very hot half naked


I'm a fan of clover from Hi-Per Pinch myself


Wish someone would translate his Mucchiri Sukebe tank and his new chapter releases too.


>equating "best tits" with "big tits"
What is wrong with people?

>equating "best tits" with no tits
What is wrong with YOU?

They should be nice and small. It's perfect if they fit into your palm nicely. It's so comfy to feel the body warmth and heartbeat through them.

Tawawa guy but only on the condition that they the girl is wearing clothes.


Well there's a blast from the past, source on this? Or do we need carbon dating on this relic?

Huh. He actually drew galko's nipples. That's rare!

>no ishikei

Best dfc, best small, best medium, best cow tits. Also best dicks and asses. Do yourselves a favour and look him up on booru or panda.

>posting ANYTHING gunsmith cats.
You can stay

Nobody can stop Ritz of Saki