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>go find your waifu
>tell her you love her
>post results

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>talk to a picture
>nothing happens

Yea. Everytime I do it they reply, you might be broken.

I feel sorry for you

Turn off your computer and turn it up again.

>30 year old man tells 15 year old girl he loves her.

if he's wealthy he could be her "sponsor"

>gets embarrassed
>hits me (though it doesn't hurt)
I-I think my waifu broke

She just hit me after I told her.

I wonder if some anons really talk to them and pretend to have a conversation.

my mom pushed me down the stairs

i bet my mom could beat up your mom

I bet I could beat off to you mum beating his mum.

She called the police :(

She's just being tsundere.

I do. You don't?

No. I'm not insane.

My condolences.

Impossible. I am the police. She was joking with you

>having a waifu


>not having a waifu

She said she loves me too!


Best Katawa

the police haven't been together since 2008

She stopped being tsuntsun. Yokatta.

I'm not at that point yet. Ask me again in a year or two.

How long have you been together with her?

I talk to her in my head but not out loud

>tfw got album from her mobage

>finished painting her 3D model

We're getting married user!

>he has to pretend

You're lucky, my mom forced me to suck her penis

She just kept going on about random stuff

I just talk to her when we we have sex on AA2 or CM3D like "you like that you dirty slut, don't you"

I can't believe I still don't have a waifu yet. How can you guys find one so easily? I'm pretty sure most anons break up every season though. So I guess I don't have to worry about that.

You'll find the right girl eventually.
>break up every season

You don't find a waifu
your waifu founds you

You watch Anime that has your archetype fetish, for me it was one with a gothic lolita

when will the wanting to pretend your dating Japanese cartoon characters because I'm lonely meme end, its 2018.

This app has potential if it adds more waifu's with their personality traits, only problem so far is that not everyones waifu is Kurisu

some people here are married or engaged and still have waifus they long for

Seasonal manwhores don't count. This is prostitution, not holy union.

End? This won't end until art itself dies.

never, fuck off to r/cringe or something normie

What does it mean when she makes this face?

That app is based off something in S;G0. It's not meant to be general purpose.

When will faggots stop assuming that people fall in love because they are feeling lonely? It's 2018.
Married like married to a 3DPD girl and still saying you have a waifu? Disgusting.

that's a story, this is real life people obsessing and hallucinating about drawings on a piece of per.

make your jokes and even say you wanna fuck x character, but it goes too far when you make a pillow its own plate and talk to it.

>drawings on a piece of per.
Except they aren't just drawings. You're ignoring other dimensions of human reality. Sad.
>but it goes too far when you make a pillow its own plate and talk to it.
And you're saying this is bad? People are not living their lives correctly? You're assuming there's only one way to see the world and living lives? How ingenuous can you be, user?

the thing is your aren't seeing the world, youre just seeing whats stuck in youre head, a hallucination.

you can keep talking to the pillow or monitor, but that wont change what it is, and what youre doing.

>You're ignoring other dimensions of human reality
Not that user, but are you unironically mentally ill?

That's because you're ignoring subjectivity and are assuming that there is only one reality. If you're ignoring people's values, singularities and interests, you're the one that is not seeing the world.
And what would mean a change? If it provoques a change to this individual, let's say at an emotional level, or a cognitive level, for example, how can you say there is not change? Just because the consequences of some actions cannot be measured and/or observed directly by senses by a third, doesn't mean there is no change. We are constantly changing, and even that relationship of one individual with and object includes some level of another reality that is also part of this reality, of this world: a psychic reality.
Define illness.

Who cares? We'll both be dead in 60 years and nothing either of us did or didn't do will be worth anything.

I went to find Mai Waifu right now but she was fucking her boyfriend so I didn't bother her.


hi cuckfag, how is it going?



oh fuck that's probably the oldest one here, props to you for keeping it classic.

Pretty well. Mai Waifu is being loved gently!

It seems as if you have read too many books about parallel worlds just to support the fact that you don't have what it takes to have a stable, common relationship with a person from this reality.


poor guy, hope he'll grow up someday



I pity you as well. I guess we are even.

And who is there to say that someone does not have what it takes to do or make something? And why are you assuming everyone must desire what you or other people want? And why must that way be the only way of living that must be desired? Ask yourself those questions.
There is no need to read about parallel worlds, dear Positivist-kun. Just stop for a moment and think about all you believe.

I believe in myself, in my loved ones and in what is within my reach. I don't care about other realities, everything I want and need to be happy is here. You can do with your life what you want. It's just curiosity what makes me talk to you.

Everyone here could say the same. The thing is that, obviously you won't get the love of user for his waifu (the ones that are serious) if you are not open to take interest for other people's realities.
And curiosity about what, exactly? I would like to know your objective as specifically as possible. If it's simple curiosity, just ask and you shall receive an answer. Maybe.

I hugged her then told her.

About you and your way to love, I simply don't get you. In my eyes, loving something that doesn't exist is pointless and impossible. There's has to be a reason, some kind of insecurity, fear, guilt, disability or resentment that makes you choose a drawing instead of someone with flesh, and a part of me wish that you could be able to leave it behind someday and be truly happy with someone who can answer you back for real.

The reason is simple: a real person cannot fulfill the emotional needs of such an user.

Everything in excess is bad, even fantasies. If you spend all your time living a fantasy instead of your own life things are not going to end well for you, and a true relationship is much stronger than a fake/imaginary one. A fantasy can't beat reality.

I'm not claiming it's healthy. But a failing real relationship can cause far more damage than any imaginary one.

>But a failing real relationship can cause far more damage than any imaginary one.
not him, but this is me right now. I wish I can go back

That's the point of growing up, user. We were all hurt once. It's normal, but you have to keep going. We are all different, not everyone is going to hurt you.

They were older when they met, but that's the age difference of my parents.


Oh, but fantasies are also part of our realities.
And you're assuming that one is just there, imaging 24/7 non-stop. It's not like that.
You are still doing things to live and have your own projects. Having a waifu doesn't ruin your life in any way, necessarily.

Of course, but you can be hurt even by good people through no fault of either party. Relationships confer various benefits at various costs. Engaging in them should be in accordance with the needs of the individual. If a relationship leaves needs unfulfilled, then that causes problems.

Fuck, now I'm blogging. Great.

Back to Undertale you go

Even your best friend can hurt you though. Unintentional hurt is still hurt caused. If someone wants to live in their own head, and it's not drastically effecting their lives, what exactly is the problem? Some people just don't like other people, you can't change that and you shouldn't try.

Do you realize that you are infatuated with a character created inside the mind of a real person? You can say they are only a small part of someone else, just an idea of love or a wish, but what about the whole person? If something so small can make you happy, imagine what you can find in someone else?

You're right, we all have a false vision of the person we love whether we like it or not, that's how it works. I just can't get how can love be born without any type of real connection.

Yes, but you don't have to hide, but face the problem. If the person is worth it, everything will be fixed, and if not goodbye. Someone better will appear if you look for them.

It's not about a person being good or bad, it's about fulfilling a specific need. Depending on the nature of those needs and the idiosyncrasies of the person holding them, some problems simply can't be solved with compromise because it's a case of square peg in round hole.

>created inside the mind of a real person?
When you're loving anyone, independently of his/her nature, you're still seeing that person through an image that you're building through your interaction with said person. You build this person, you think you know him/her. When you love her, you're loving the image that you see of her from your perspective. When the other individual acts differently from what you have built in your own phantasmatic reality, anger/confusion appears.
We could say, based on this, that when you love someone, you are loving the character of said person that you build inside your mind. It's not so different from what you're saying that my adored is.
And you explained the same thing I just said. I'll cite you:
>You're right, we all have a false vision of the person we love whether we like it or not, that's how it works.
And the other part of what you said is interesting, too.
> I just can't get how can love be born without any type of real connection.
Maybe because you're trying to understand it from reason, logic. But I was just thinking this: maybe reason can not really apprehend reality. Maybe logic can not really aprehend reality.

Some people are not meant for each other.

I understand you, but not really, dunno if makes sense. All feelings are inside our minds and, in your case, because your love exist there in the form of your ideal person you don't feel alone. I guess I see it kinda like a waste from you to not keep looking and deciding that is comfy enough to be were you are now, but that's your decision. Bye user, it was interesting.