Dragon Ball Super

How will Frieza redeem himself

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I wish I had a caring sibling like A18.

He was caught in 17s explosion. Maybe he’ll wake up in a new form

It's treason, then.

Hopefully by accepting he just isn't the strongest anymore, and swallow his spoiled brat "pride".

The only way is to go out in a blaze of glory, like a true samurai.

wakey wakey, Jirenfags

17-San, T-t-tasukete kudasai!

Master Roshi being as powerful as he was was even more bullshit than 17 being as powerful as he was

Just make F play, that will save Frieza and this arc.

He is getting a new form and beating Jiren at 60-70% power only for Jiren to go 100% and beat him again, then Goku is forced to go UI and while he is beating Jiren, he finds himself in a bad position, finally Freeza sets up for Goku to ring out Jiren, there

Samurai's dont go down in a blaze of glory, they cut each other down in a flash of steel.
or get beaten to death with a wooden oar

Do you love Vados?

>you will never hug her


By making us think he saved the day by dieing to a Jiren attack. But hes already dead so once again Jiren will receive a 3rd NO PENALTY.

I just want Frieza to land one hit on Jiren that actually means something. Even if its just a distraction for Goku.

Literally will out job anybody in the series

Why didn't 17 just allow Jiren to kill him with his ragebeam thus disqualifying Jiren from the tournament? There was no need to blow himself up.

Is the android saga separate from the Cell saga?

Freeza is going to be the first to make Jiren bleed and then he will go apeshit berserker on him and let him unconscious, then Goku sacrifices himself in mastered UI to beat Jiren and Freeza is still there


>DBS ending
>No fun filler arc
>No ultimate galactic showdown with the Angels and el Grande Padre

Please at least tell we're getting a cannon movie after this. Don't let the final boss of Dragon Ball be some literally who ayy lmao Superman ripoff. This is a terrible ending to what was an amazing series.

Because he was a retard.

>you will never service her massive dick

>Blood in DBS

Jiren is going to win. Face the facts now.

>caring about Super in the least
Best to forget it even happened. You'll be happier that way.

It's happened, albeit rarely

Nothing lasting either

When? It probably did, but I can't remember. Was it when Black stabbed Jobgeta?

I honestly hope he does. Break the formula for once.

>to what was an amazing series.
>amazing series


By winning the ToP

DB is one of the greatest, most influential shounen to date and even DBZ up to Cell wasn't bad either. These are facts.

all super arcs were pure trash
all of them


What would the remaining 4 going to wish for?


this is bad animation I mean it should look REAL not like rubber or a bird that just got shot.
tate sucks

>Tate animates only 3 seconds of the episode
>does a crazy stupid jump

I love this man


Did anyone notice that Frieza's body suddenly disappeared when it was about to get hit by Jiren's attack which forced 17 to sacrifice himself? Maybe he woke up and escaped, but I still don't understand why Frieza is still around if he isn't going to do anything at all. Even 17 was more useful than him.

I wanna drink her pee

>it should look REAL

I just wanted the ending of what might be the final canon DB arc to not be total shit.

I don't care how shit everything else was. Just give me a halfway decent ending pls.

what a fucking freak.

Goku would think about it when he wins
Vegeta will bring U6 back
Frieza will take over the multiverse
Jiren could be being stronger (is it unknown if he defeated the evildoer), revive everyone the evildoer killed, or travel to the past to stop the evildoer.

>t. ajay

ask namcha that

>Vegeta falls
Boy I sure love having the entire episode spoiled in the title, why the fuck do these retarded Japs do this?


Anons I’m making Gohan Blanco in xv2 but there are conflicting pictures of what his eye color is. Is it a Gray Blueish or just Gray?

It would just be going back to DB tournament formula.

that's like posting Roshi going WAKEY WAKEY GANOSFAGS

There’s a general on /vg/

This would legitimately be the best thing that could possibly happen to Buu's character at this point.

Mastar media traces everything

Why does Ajay like Manabe so much?

Achieve his 5th form and stack Golden on it to defeat Jiren

>it should look REAL

>kills himself
>doesn't survive

Go to his discord and ask him yourself.

Why do people complain about "no strong women" in shonen anime?

You never hear dudes complain about shit that happens in shojo

>Manga Jiren: "I must protect the weak!"
>Anime Jiren: "I must destroy the weak!"

>yfw freeza tries to blow up the ring

Distracting Jiren long enough to let Goku rest for 20 seconds so he can win

he tried that against toppo and it didn't turn out well for him


Reminder that broly is beautiful.

Never, he will become the new Yamcha if there is a new DB series

Frieza has unironically the best wish.

>Don't let the final boss of Dragon Ball be some literally who ayy lmao Kenshiro ripoff.

It's Big!

Stupid fucking MSPaint fag never drew Vegeta fucking Toppo with his massive cock after drawing pic related. MSPaint cuck is a U11 shill, and I can't wait to hear the news of his suicide once Goku kills Jiren therefore giving the win to Frieza.

>if manga and anime Jiren ever meet, they would probably fight eachother because one of them is a sociopath obsessed with being strong enough to abusse everyone he if wants so and the other one is a total moralfag superhero that values innocents more than his own life
I guess Toriyama clearly gives no shit about Toei anymore considering his outline is vague enough to allow this to happen

People actually watch this shit?

>Toppo isn't full Toppo Negro
>Vegeta isn't kawaii mode
>17 isn't spamming barriers
>Goku isn't spamming Kaioken
Come on

Goku would revive all the delet universes so he can have a chance to fight them again.

Looks pretty small to me, It doesn't matter since he's gay anyway.

Manga Jiren will probably have some character degredation as the tournament progresses. As in, he'll slowly abandon his morals as he gets closer to his wish.

You're a retard. The Ending of Z has to happen, and Jiren winning would prevent that from happening. Jiren is 100% focused on his own personal wish, and he doesn't give a fuck about U7 at this point.

Would Zeno allow that? Because those universes can be deleted again

Zeno also wants to see them all fight again.

Jiren's purpose is to have Goku beat someone who is stronger than a God of Destruction so that a Goku vs Beerus rematch doesn't happen. The series is going to end with Beerus admitting that Goku has surpassed him.

He'll leave the universes deleted but bring the people into U7

>jiren and gokek fight goes on
>jiren starts to slip
>gokek asks him whats wrong
>my stamina..i've been fighting non stop for too long now, i am tired
>okay i am gonna be fair and let you rest 30 seconds jiren

Kale would make a great wife

Caulifla would bang other men in your marital bed and force you to raise their love child

Pretty sure she is the older sibling by a few minutes.

She looks like a pregnant run away from spain.

Sounds like Goku is using 9D Chess strats against Jiren.
>Jiren wastes the second to last minute trying to knock Vegeta out of the ring.
>Goku makes Jiren look easy with the limit breaking UI.
>Lets Jiren rest for 30 seconds in the last minute of the tournament.
>This also allows Goku to rest for 30 seconds so he can continue spamming UI dodgehax.
>This also allows Frieza to find a good hiding spot.
>U7 wins because Jiren STILL can't knock out GODku, and Frieza is still in the ring.
Easy win for the Limit Breaker x Survivor. Jiren is shit and the worst final boss Goku has faced. Wow, Goku didn't give a shit about Jiren's back story and gave more respect to 17.

she wouldn't cuck you

Caulifla on the other hand has the typical overbearing feminist wife personality

>How will Frieza redeem himself
By winning the tournament of power with no survives

He goes Freeza Blanco

>Goku didn't give a shit about Jiren's back story
Jesus fuck Goku

>wake up in a new form
That writhing sounds bad enough to actually happen.

gokek was too beaten to pay attention to the clown

Last man standing after Goku and Jiren eliminate each other with a double ring out.

lol I know in your circle you guys praise that trash but among oridnary humans we call it "LAZY animation caused by a low budget"

> unironically using budget meme

This, I would love help her with her coloring book.