ITT we reveal our irritation with [title] levels

The edginess just really grinds my fucking gears, it's just beyond tasteless in every single way.

did they have sex yet?

Why do people read this defile shit? I swear to god every single fucking manga is this pathetic shit. How can people not die from second-hand embarrassment reading this? It's not even hot as it's low-effort NtR shit.

Oh wait. The edge started. This might make for a good anime but as a manga it's completely boring the shit out of me.

I read it because I hate myself.

The mangaka has mental issues

>pick up manga where the whole point is being edgy
>the edginess is written into the premise itself
>it would be false advertisement if it weren't edgy
>complain that it's too edgy

Did you complain about the gore in Trash, too?

It's not bad because it's edgy, it's because the edginess present being extremely lazy and annoying.
I had no problems with Koroshiya Ichi, Shimauma, even Uziga's Cemented Girl didn't frustrate me as this garbage. All those fucking hurr-durr over the top faces and shit, fucking Deathtopia was better than that.

Crazy or not, I'd still fuck Mai.

>Why do people live in desolate areas, the city is better
>Why do people drink Coke when peeps is better
>Why do some people enjoy life no matter how shitty it is
If you can't understand Plato's theory of forms and why people crave things you don't then you're going to have a bad time bartering when the American economy finally crashes

They better not kill off Mr. Diligent

How did the author go from Banana no Nana to the most insufferably edgy shit

>it's just beyond tasteless in every single way.
That's why it's fun.

The worst for me is this page.
"We haven't been forced to put our lives in danger for days, so lame"
what kind of writing is that?

I never said anything along the lines "How can you like this shit", I'm just explaining why I don't like it personally.

This embodies everything I hate about Mirai Nikki. Is there even a genre for this type of story?

The edginess didn't bother me until it got in the way of the plot and made the entire premise seem incredulous.

The story seems to have to restart every arc since the author kills almost everyone that isn't in the MC's group. So there's basically no suspense and no emotion. Hell, the lazy ass author introduced the dad and sister in the same story he killed them off in. You don't have any connection to them so all the drama around them makes no sense.

The Delusion of the Japanese still Boggles my Mind to this very day.

I dropped it when they brutally killed the imouto, considering how interest pretty much died after that, I'd guess that I wasn't the only one.

They're japanese.

>food analogy

It boogles my mind that the same author for friends game also writes this edgefest.

Kanojo something. It's the one with the rental girlfriend. All the characters are fucking insufferable and I just want them to die. Normally this kind of thing is played up for laughs in a romcom sense but this isn't. They have zero reason to be in their situation. All the characters are fucking scum.

A lot of the twists can be entertaining, like who the actual crazy rascal they to film was.