Violet Evergarden

So, the prince fucked a 14 years old girl in a garden. I would like to be born in war times.

Deflowered is the Kosher term

Shinpei Sawa was a perfect choice to direct Yamada's storyboards. Also I think it's very necessary to note how visually similar a lot of episode 5 is to Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. What a beautiful episode, this show has been very good so far.

I really don't want it to go into arc-based storytelling though, I want more Mushishi letter writing iyashikei but hopefully the thing with Dietfried won't take up much time.

No way creep you've got to marry that post wall 28 year old single mother who has had over 3 dozen dicks inside her

>Having underaged sex

Wow, this is surely uncommon nowadays.

Dietfried is one of the best parts of the anime thus far.

So Violet can't count past 14? Did she forget that she grew up since Major found her?

Everything is pedobait and/or moeshit for you, snobs.

>13 - 18 years old
The only patrician age choice.

I feel so dumb and illiterate when people post actual discussion or personal findings.

the fuck are you talking about?


18 is too old.

That's legal here though and we're not at war.



Marriage for “love” was a mistake


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>am I fitting in yet guise
Learn how to read, autismo.