ReLIFE Report 218

It's available on Mangadex, but it's a little unstable today so I'll dump it anyways.


It's really strange seeing everyone as adults.

Thanks OP


No problem, I've done the last dozen or so and I'll try and finish out the manga now. Hopefully it'll catch some people scrolling past.




>newcomers welcome party
Well, this doesn't sound like the movie ending.



Is that pair of glasses the scientist from a while back when they were talking about trying to let subjects keep their memories of eachother?

Note the tie.




I fucking knew it, but I'm still smiling like an idiot.

What the fuck was her problem?


RElife clearly worked wonders, look at that confidence.

Kaizaki goofed, no bully the ex-autist.


ayy those crosses

Oh god, the smile.

I mean everyone saw this coming, but whatever, bring it on.


Go on, ask for her name.


4 chapters left.


t. Yoake


>that smile
Sasuga Hishiron

Good to know they're both catching on. I wonder if An was feeding her the same lines?

That's all folks, see you next week. They're adults, so it's totally kosher for the next chapter to be them stumbling home gently and falling asleep together.

Thanks for the dump user.

Actually, what's stopping them from saying "Yeah, you two were mad in love before we mindfucked you with our drugs, go finish where you left off"? Where's An-chan when you need her?

>older smartly dressed Hishiro

please let them remember each other... ;_;

I think they're going to try and set them up under the guise of "new employees getting to know eachother" and then it'll end it all off with them banging the shit out of eachother, taking youth pills and going off for their first year of training as an adorable third year couple.

They won't, but they'll still are going to end up married.


I can actually believe this might have a happy ending, now.

I'm surprised it took the author this long to adress the fact that Kaizaki and Hishiro must have some massive holes in their memories. Supposedly they still remember the lessons they learned from their experiences, but almost all of those experiences were happening because of their interactions with eachother. How could they've not immediately noticed something was very wrong (beyond the phone strap) when they woke up after the pill?

They've both been a bit distracted by work, presumably. This prompt is probably going to bring it all rushing back.

It was all set up to crush your heart in the next chapter.

Fuck off, don't you dare. They're going to get married and nothing you say will convince me otherwise.

Thinking about it some more I'd say it's quite likely that Hishiro suspected something went wrong right away (her waking up scene in 217 seems to hint at that too), and being the type to always search for the answer, is already assuming she forgot about someone important and has reached the conclusion that that person must've also been a subject, since that's the only logical reason for her to forget about someone.

So I predict that Hishiro will approach Kaizaki very soon to do some more digging, and by digging I mean she will be very direct about it.

I'll crush the mangaka's heart with my bare fucking hand if he does.


Another week, another Relife. Goddamnit we are so close.

>stopped my cursor right on her finger
>thought it was a wedding ring for a split second
>mfw I almost had a heart attack there

I want to put my dick into hichiron mouth

Autismoe still best moe.

>Top 10 Most Elaborate Suicide Schemes

I've heard two things so far. Neither are positive.

One is prepare to be depressed and the other is its a cliff-hanger.

I just want them to be happy together damn it.

Four chapters left, there's plenty of time.

>Where was your ReLIFE?

For fuck sakes, this better ends with her getting impregnated.

They're adults, so it'd be kosher.

De ja vu

Oh fuck I didn't catch that.

>this whole chapter

Thanks OP

Based OP


>everyone looks different grown up except kaizaki

>Sits right next to a mature looking OL when tons of empty seats are available.
What did he mean by this?

You delete that right now.

>end of the room
He might be reformed but he's still a bit of a sperg.

Why does everyone want them to get together so badly? She's human garbage and he just sorted out his life, what good would it be for him to take a socially retarded girl in?

Hishiron is beautiful.

Kaziaki is a man of refined taste.

They love each other and I want them to be happy.

No, he had a crush on the autistic schoolgirl. An adult woman with the same character is a different beast. She's not fit for an adult relationship, he'd basically have to act as her father and not her lover.

It's not like their personalities have drastically changed since ReLIFE ended.

That's the only thing that could save this bullshit ending.

I want to believe.

>it happened "again"
>you didn't catch it

Fuck hishiro, he should get together with the PE teacher.

>No, he had a crush on the autistic schoolgirl.
It wasn't a crush, they genuinely loved each other.
They went over that for so god damn long, this is an established fact at this point.

>An adult woman with the same character is a different beast.
They are literally the same two people, there's no "different beast", it's pretty much high school graduates moving their relationship forward after graduation. If they manage to get their memories back, that is.
Yes, she's an autist, so what? Should she go around looking for underaged boyfriends and accept only that?
That's ridiculous, as hot as it may be.

If Hishiron wasn't so good I'd agree with you.

Fuck you Yoake, why aren’t you playing matchmaker right now you little shit?

He is.

Not enough.

Look, he hasn't had a chance to slip the honesty pills into their drinks yet. Give him time.

Have we seen Hishiron drunk yet?

What about it?

>Fuck hishiro

Kaizaki has you covered pham.

It's fastened properly.
Was she drinking with Onoya a few chapters back?

>It's fastened properly.
Oh shit, it's true.

I want to be punished by her.

>This girl walks up to you and tajes yoyr cigarretes, what do?

Call an ambulance for your stroke and then, while she's distracted, steal them back.

user, are you ok?

Oh yeah, right, so we haven't seen any actual shenanigans with drunk Hishiron, right?

Phone posting. Im sorry.

>Dragging out the inevitable even more
>No time comfy chapters for after they start dating as adults

Why do authors do this

The worst part is that this is still resolving with more time left over than most manga. I'd kill for a few epilogue chapters though.

Not that I recall, no. I'm expecting that next chapter though.

We should be thankful that we’re getting an ending at all. Way too many manga series don’t know when to wrap it up.

>I'm a retard who can't proofread.

Surely there will be a office Rom-com sequel right?