Reifags, care to explain why this little shit was so evil in her first incarnation?

Reifags, care to explain why this little shit was so evil in her first incarnation?

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kids are evil

Rei is evil, she is only "good" when she doesn't have her complete soul.

Asukafags, care to explain why that little shit was so evil in all of her incarnations?

Pure, unfiltered exposure to Gendo.

>trying to separate good and evil in the evaverse

The absolute state of Reifags...


This, kids dont know whats bad and good so they are always evil and cruel

more like yui amirite?

evil? she just heard a bad thing and repeated it, kids do that, specially when they're jealous of the attention their parent's love interest get.

I'm pretty sure it was Yui getting back at Akagi for fucking Gendo behind her back while she was alive

>I'm pretty sure it was Yui getting back at Akagi for fucking Gendo behind her back while she was alive
Yui≠Rei Rei is built on Yui but is not actually her, does not know what Yui knows, does not feel what Yui would feel.

This. All she knew was Gendo operating at maximum selfish asshole.

no i dont

Don’t forget Akagi killed herself right after choking out bab-Rei because she realize do her actions were based on her own selfishness. Rei was literally just repeating what she heard from Gendo

It was all her parroting Gendo. She's a blank slate.

>This is the best that asukafags can do

She was based on Shinji's mom

aka the most evil bitch in the series

>aka the most evil bitch in the series
but that's not Asuka

Not true, user. Asuka is an example of not attributing malice to that which can be explained by stupidity.

>so many evil bitches in the series
>choose the one that literally done nothing wrong

at least choose Risuko

She wasn't evil. Just repeating what her father said. In the manga she's even trying to help Naoko.

Well I mean she's got the soul of Lilith. I don't visit /x/ often but I know that she ain't no good.

Asuka did shitloads wrong. Ritsuko is worse, but Asuka is a huge cunt.

People saying Rei did something wrong are just meming Asukafags.

>the one that literally done nothing wrong

I don’t remember the episode where Asuka let’s her three year old son watch her get killed by becoming one with a giant robot which caused her husband to scheme the end of the fucking world in order to bring her back and she’s like “nah mate I’m gonna be immortal and shit fuk the lives I’ve ruined.” And screws off into space.

>Repeatedly calling someone a hag who offers you help is okay

Fucking reifags

How was it stupidity when she was dancing in Shinji's Dirac grave?

WKs would defend ALL eva girls
I just Asuka, rest are garbage (save Misato)

This. People tend to think of Eva characters in absolutes, but they're really more complex than that.
Are you saying what happened to Yui was intentional on her part? I thought it was an accident

I haven't watch Eva in ages, I thought Gendo didn't start sleeping with Naoko till after Yui "died"

You're the exact kind of liberal faggot who would jump in to excuse asuka's failure because teh patriarchy and muh sexism. You're a faggot. Every woman, including Ritsuko, is better than Asuka, because Asuka is an incompetent moron who never once takes responsibility for her own actions.

It seems like Naoko heavily implies that there was something between her and Gendo before Yui died (which was her wish come true).

>Asuka did shitloads wrong.
What did she do wrong? She's just a kid and she's mentally ill for fuck's sake.

>let’s her three year old son watch her get killed
didn't die, became one with the robot as you recognize
>which caused her husband to scheme the end of the fucking world in order to bring her back
not part of her plan, in fact that would have gone very against her plan
>“nah mate I’m gonna be immortal and shit fuk the lives I’ve ruined.”
She only really Ruined 3 lives, and all three of them were kinda ok with it.


>muh mental illness


>Are you saying what happened to Yui was intentional on her part? I thought it was an accident
It was intentional, her hand might have been a forced a bit by Seele according to some, but it was her choice.

>graduated college before the age of thirteen
>is THE ace pilot until episode 17
>incompetent moron

The only thing Asuka's own actions ever did that would come to bite her in the ass was be a jerk towards Shinji, and even then she wasn't even that bad, being pretty friendly towards him during the second third of the show. He's just that much of a spineless wretch that all it takes is for someone to call him some names for him to be scared off.

>graduated college before the age of thirteen
Is never once shown utilizing her degree, whatever it is (since it's never said)
>the ace pilot
Shinji and Rei both have better combat records than her even before ep 17. Asuka is in last place.

>and even then she wasn't even that bad, being pretty friendly towards him during the second third of the show
(You) are literally, unironically

Well that really casts her character in a different light then.

>muh mental illness
That's literally one of the main focus of this show. The children are all *severely* mentally ill.

Yeah, Yui wasn't as nice a person as she seems, not evil incarnate as some make her out to be, but like basically every eva character, she was complicated.

With respect; "I'm going to leave my kid(s?) behind so a bunch of megalomaniacs don't end up gods." is a pretty decent if sad reason for suicide by tang.

Even if it's not entirely clear if you're there for the good of your family or just so you get a say in the new universe.

Do you want to become one?

Shinji takes part in killing six Angels and directly kills five, Asuka with five and kills four (and the fact that she would have curbstomped the MPEVAs if Misato had bothered giving her proper intel.) Rei took part in five also, but generally had a support role and only killed two herself. Berserk Unit-01 killed more than that.

It should be noted that Asuka generally did the most shit in her outings while she was good, like killing Sandalphon in that retarded fatsuit and thinking up the Sahaquiel plan/tanking acid.

All the characters are, to varying degrees. It's just the children, particularly Shinji, that have the real focus on that.

Shinji kills Gaghiel and Sandphalon. Shinji forces asuka out of the way and takes over the controls against Gaghiel and Asuka would be dead in the magma without Shinji rescuing her. And tanking acid is no indicator of skill. This is the episode where asuka tried to 'lead' and only got the team so fucked up that Rei had to force herself in to take over to unfuck them.

She wasn't evil. She was just parroting what Gendo was saying behind Dr. Akagi's back. She didn't know any better.

She was blatantly antagonistic towards her. Like I get that Rei might not have understood certain social cues, but her words were pretty combative notwithstanding

Asuka looks adorable there.

Gendo might even have planned it. Now that Akagi had finished her work on the Magi, maybe he wanted to get rid of her.

That's implied how it went.

Yes, she looks nothing like her usual vapid, conceited self.

Gaghiel was a kill for both of them. They synchronized to generate enough power for 02 to open its mouth and get some warships shoved down its throat. 50-50 split all the way.

Asuka killed Sandalphon. She literally did everything in that fight herself. Bringing up Shinji saving her is commendable, but the wire getting cut was out of her control, so it shouldn't be negatively attributed to her.

Tanking acid is pretty fucking skillful considering how she didn't go into shock from the pain of having acid being dumped onto your back and firmly held her position. Also, Rei did nothing except what she was ordered to do; there is a clear entire sequence of Asuka mapping out the battle strategy, and the next scene is everyone participating in her plan, which goes off perfectly.

Sometimes you just have to put up with the crazy to get best girl. Misato is great, but she's used goods.

>Rei did nothing except
take over and unfuck the team after asuka spent the entire day wandering around nerv's ruins because she can't handle someone being better qualified than her.

you are also literally

She didn't unfuck anything, you bumbling retard. She tossed a pallet rifle to Shinji after being ordered to by her superior.

Go watch episode 15, you fucking moron.

How am I a white knight for wanting to make Aryan babies with Asuka?

Because Asuka is currently making shitskin babies with Abdul and Mohammed in Germany.

Asuka does get some stuff done, certainly. She's not the absolute deadweight people make her out to be, but she's still the least accomplished of the pilots. This is integral to her fucked-in-the-headedness; her fragile sense of self-worth is entirely reliant on her being an Eva pilot and saving the day all the time.

The episode where no Angels are fought? That one?

I don't think that's really in line with her temperament. If anything, she wants glorious Nippon cock-u.

>Rei did nothing except what she was ordered to do
>after being ordered to by her superior.
jesus christ, Rei literally treated Asuka like a parent letting their child steer the cart in the supermarket when it doesn't matter, but every time the have to make the correct move you just steer them back in the right direction and let them keep thinking they're leading.
It's the one episode where 'Asuka the natural leader' got the most BTFO

Gendo projected insanely hard on her and the balance between Yui and Lilith was pretty much equal.

Matarael. The 15th Angel. Nerv blacks out, asuka wastes so much time the angel almost makes it in unimpeded before Rei takes over and forces them to intercept it.

Sup Forums gets baited into colorwars every single time, it's not even funny. And I'm sure it's a single autistic poster starting the shit flinging every time.

>you just steer them back in the right direction and let them keep thinking they're leading.

Asukafags are so dumb they can't see Rei was just humoring Asuka that whole blackout episode.

What fucks Asuka up in the head is that she stops being the ace after Leliel; it's just a downward spiral where Rei or Unit-01 ends up saving her ass. Her degeneration in piloting correlates to her general state; starts out in the best condition out of the three protagonists before going to shit in the last third.

OP is literally a butthurt asukafag being butthurt, but you don't like it when we discuss the Final Solution to the Asukafag Question.

I'm not falling for it senpai.

Exactly this. Rei is just humoring Asuka for the majority of the series in itself.

I don't know what you guys are on thinking that Rei is human enough to understand what the concept of humoring or condescension is desu

I'm not even an Asukafag. I think Rei 2 is great. It's just that her malice in that episode seems really out of character to her live and let live attitude. She's never confrontational anywhere else in the series.

I don't know how Rei goes through the day without choking the shit out of Asuka.

That's Rei I not Rei II. Rei II was the best but she's dead like her sister, if you can call her that.

Because Rei 1 was literally raised from birth by Gendo. He explicitly molded her to be like that. Rei 2 was born after Naoko died, so the attitude was no longer needed.


The actual explanation is she saw the affair Gendo was having with Ikagi and the remnant of Yui in her became jealous of that. Yui didn't really "love" Gendo but she was possessive and territorial with other women and considered him "hers"


If anything he was projecting his guilt and self-hatred for having cheated on Yui onto Naoko. The series implies that he married her out of self-interest, so it wouldn't surprise me if he was sleeping with her before Yui disappeared (plus he's sort of an all-around scumbag).

There is no remnant of yui in Rei, you mongoloid. Yui's DNA was used to clone Rei's body, but you get DNA from blood or hair. You do not copy somenone's memories with a fucking hair lock, retard.

Rei is Lillith. she has Lillith's soul. Yui is still alive inside Unit-01. Rei has no memories of Yui to envy Naoko from.

God, did you miss the whole point of the show? Speaking in cold absolutes like that is exactly what caused the second impact in the first place. Lots of things happen in Eva that defy logical explanation.

>Lights go out
>Asuka declares herself leader
>Rei doesn't mind
>they wander around everywhere because Asuka doesn't know what she's doing
>They realize there's an actual Emergency
>Rei takes over
>Turns out she knew her way all along because it's basically her real house.
>Emergency solved
please explain Rei's actions in that episode if she wasn't humoring Asuka

Yui's mind in not in fucking Rei

>Denying literal middle school biology because i'm a butthurt asukafag

Kill yourself. You don't know shit.

And asukafags have yet again been reduced to autistic screeching. Like clockwork.

I'm not an Asukafag, you're just a retard.

In what part of Biology did you read about a "soul"? Hence the whole Lilith soul part...

>The asukafag is immunized against all dangers. Call them waifushits, cuckolds, betas, and weeaboos, it all rolls off their back like droplets of water off a goose's down. But call them an asukafag, and see how they reel back in pain, as if to say 'I've been found out'.


>being a Sup Forumsnigger and literally hating the only white woman in the show

really makes you think

You are mixing up Biology with Psychology

>the absolute state of germany
germans are shitskins, faggot