17 is the best age for female characters

17 is the best age for female characters.

Yeah, probably.


If you like old hags, sure.


I remember hearing one time that new born is 1 year old in Japanese so an 18 year old would be 17 in Japan

Nana deserves happiness.

17 is prime

Upgrade to a JD?


JD are too old. JS/JC only please.

I can't wait for Nana to lose the Cinderella election this year.

She agrees.


Bitch 14 is PRIME!!!

....but 13 is prime, not 14.

Nobody cares, pedofag.

WOW literally perfect. pls post more


A JD is fine every now and then.


is it okay to play a video game as minami and anya?

Just use booru sites and Pixiv.