Author goes from NO KISS to full-blown incest

>author goes from NO KISS to full-blown incest
What other author does shit like this

So saying incest is bad?
What are gay?!

Mado goes from full-on cannibalism to the most vanilla cheesy shit

>ruins a manga with great potential with NO KISS and weekly 'this is my fetish' shit
>next manga is full-blown incest shit
lol fuck this author.

You know, maybe I've been here too long, but incest is supposed to be a bad thing right?

Don't care, never suffering through something like MGX again

>Josei with Yuri undertones between the senpai and her yuribait friend.
>The yuribait character has /ss/-lite in it's direct sequel.
Pretty wild ride.

Kissdere 2 fucking when?

manga went to shit quite fast but the anime is quite something.

Impressive quality for such a obscure work and Urabe´s seiyuu was bretty gud.

Yeah, the anime covers the best part of the manga anyway. It's pretty good if you just take it for what it is.

What kind of incest are talking about here?


Too bad she's not interested in doing other works. Really was a fan of her down to earth voice acting.

Don't be fooled, it's still the same shit. You're going to be blueballed until the very last chapter.

what anime is this?

Mysterious Girlfriend X

>Mado goes from full-on cannibalism to the most vanilla cheesy shit
>look it up

Sweet nigger jesus on a burning cross.

thanks dude

>he fall for it again

Why does this look so different from other anime?
Like a 80's anime with a warm glow.
they dont make it them like this anymore

Discommunication had a used goods heroine, so I don't really know what this guy's deal is.

Studio Hoods is special.


>mangaka went from melting girls to melting girls with full on intercourse sans birth control

This is horribly disappointing. She's easily the best modern seiyuu I've heard and I'd watch basically anything that had her act in it.

I know, it's really something else isn't it.

If it has ended in them fucking it would have been the most satisfying romance in anime.


what was the name of this series again? i dropped it after they introduced the rival

Fuck, I was about to pick this shit back up. Good thing I didn’t. Fuck MGX.

Shading style on the hair mainly. Tri tone and shaped to give the impression of strands rather than just being straight lines.

>incest is supposed to be a bad thing right?

MGX got better when Suwano showed up.

And new MC's obviously going to end up with the cute genki manga clubber.

The best kind then.

I've been here a long time and I can't remember either.

>Implying that /fit/ school girls aren't perfection.